Global Specialty Fertilizer Market to Witness Rapid Growth with Better Irrigation Techniques

Published On : Nov 22, 2018 | Category : Chemicals & Materials

Specialty fertilizers are tiny grain-like particles that does not allow moisture contact and gradually releases fertilizer nutrients within the time period of a few weeks or a few months. The rise in demand for food and food products for feeding the continuously growing population has increased both necessity and demand for crop yields with the help of modern practices of farming like chemical pest control, bibliography, using synthetic fertilizers, irrigation technologies, and monoculture. Since land is limited and the number of mouths to feed is increasing by the day, there is the need to use innovative techniques for production of food crops in bulk amount.

The fact that pollution have brought a lot of environmental changes has surged the requirement for expanding the efficiency of yield in the arable and limited land. The introduction of specialty fertilizers is like a boon for agricultural farmers so that they can multiply their crop production and provide important nutrients during off seasons where there is low groundwater. Specialty fertilizers are mainly used for protecting crops like maize, wheat, and maize along with others. Variety of crops may differ from turf and ornamentals to fruits and vegetables t cereals and oilseeds along with other crops like that of plantation crops, sugar crops, fiber crops or even pulses.

High Cost of Fertilizers to Hamper Market Growth

Factors like the lack of awareness of farmers for using specialty fertilizers to protect their crop production may act as a hindrance to the market, especially in the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific countries like China and India. Other factors that may arrest the market growth for specialty fertilizers are surge in the prices of natural gas. Adding to this misery, is the fact that the prices of good quality fertilizers are increasing day by day and because of their high prices, farmers do not opt for such high rated fertilizers. This in turn may cause a hindrance to the market in the long run.

However, efforts are being made by the government of these nations in the form of agriculture schools to provide proper training and education to farmers regarding their crop care. Use of technology is also helping government to lend their helping hand to the crop growers in the form of farming applications in smartphones and tablets.

Introduction of Drones in Agriculture to Boost Market Growth

Another unique method of taking care of the crops without actually having to walk all the miles is the new drone technique. Now it is possible to use drones not only for having check on the crops from time to time in order to scare away crows and rodents but also for irrigation and fertilizing purposes. This new technique is already popular in New Jersey and is being adopted by other nations too.

Additionally, rapid industrialization and growth of agricultural organizations have added as an advantage both to farmers as well as to the industry in order to produce better quality and larger quantity of food products. Out of all the major regions of the world, North America is projected to be dominating the market for specialty fertilizers because of the easy availability of advanced farming techniques and fertilizers in the region.