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About Us

We are leaders in analytics, research, and advisory services for Fortune 500 companies, scores of high potential startups, and financial institutions. Our success stories have proven why we are a preeminent provider of cutting-edge syndicated and customized research services. Leverage the best of our seasoned research analysts who hold a keen interest and enviable expertise of almost 4 million hours in global, regional, and local market intelligence.

Our decision engineers empower your decision makers with valuable insights and intelligence to decide what's best for your business. We deliver premier market research services that cover all industry verticals, including consumer goods, food and beverages, technology and media, chemicals, and materials and pharmaceuticals. With us, you will learn to shun cookie-cutter processes, uninspired inputs, ordinary methods, and rote research. With us, you will learn to decide fearlessly. We make sense of pitfalls, opportunities, situations, opinions, and information using our experienced skills and verified methodologies.

We take utmost pride in the fact that we publish over 1,500 quality market intelligence reports every year. We keep our clients satisfied with our unbeaten talent, proven methodologies, and authentic data. We assure you that with our strategic recommendations and valuable insights on important trends, segmentation, competitive landscape and statistical forecasts, your company will outshine its toughest competitors. Our analysts help you execute better strategies with unbiased insights and conclusions, reliable facts, and right answers to all the questions you may have. Get a 360-degree view of each of your markets as we shed light on factors that significantly matter to you.

Our approach is unique

TMR Vision


We aim to achieve the pinnacle in qualitative market research and business intelligence

TMR Mission


Our mission is to become the staunchest decision support system for our clients

TMR Values


We believe in the leading principles of integrity, security, and excellence

TMR Excellence


Our agile processes are designed to keep pace with evolving business trends

TMR Integrity


We ensure confidentiality of your data and keep your identity well protected

Satisfied Employees, Satisfied Clients

To present such wide-ranging information, we have a team of well-trained, able researchers who bank upon their thorough knowledge of specific sectors and exhaustive research. Since we provide cross-industry market research, we also have the advantage of in-house collaboration. Our ultimate aim is to collate and offer useful information in different formats to enable agile business decisions by companies – big and small.

This unique approach has won us several accolades, such as being ranked among the 'Top 5 Most Promising Market Research Companies' in India.

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