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About Transparency Market Research

Who are we?

We are the ‘difference’ between success and failure in business. It can’t get simpler than this in explaining what we are. A market research company, our reports and expertise into and outside your business circles is the guideline to success. And this is not what we claim, but this is what our clients tell about us and our reports. We are leaders in providing cutting-edge market intelligence reports that are brought out of more than 5 million hours of expertize in market intelligence at the global, national, and local levels. Not just that, our niche lies in delivering tailored business intelligence that is exclusive for the specific client.

What we do?

Prominent or young player, business intelligence is never a cakewalk for any company. While ground-level understanding of the business through your sales force or knowledge experts might help to an extent, nothing can match the quality of a business intelligence report that not only knows you, but all your competitors. That’s not all. It is practically impossible for a company to understand the dynamics of a market across regions without the help of a market intelligence company that has its foot strong in the region you name. This is why our reports help companies lay down the roadmap for tomorrow carefully minding every trend/ driver that would create an opportunity for growth and every restraint that could bring the company down to rubbles.

We are leaders in healthcare, ICT, food and beverages, chemical, materials and energy. With us, you will experience that there is nothing stale or obsolete. You will learn to shun cookie-cutter process and say no to rote research.

Our Approach

There is no one standard approach to building a report that is succinct and detailed. And, for a company that deals with 13 industry verticals, relying on one approach isn’t often futile. In fact, we believe that the process of curating and developing business intelligence for each market has to be unique. Simply because the drivers, trends, restraints, competition dynamics and regional aspects are unique to an extent. This brings us to chalking out a research methodology that is built based on past experience, current standard protocols, and more importantly from a combination of expert advice and profound data analysis.

Our approach is unique

TMR Vision


We aim to achieve the pinnacle in qualitative market research and business intelligence

TMR Mission


Our mission is to become the staunchest decision support system for our clients

TMR Values


We believe in the leading principles of integrity, security, and excellence

TMR Excellence


Our agile processes are designed to keep pace with evolving business trends

TMR Integrity


We ensure confidentiality of your data and keep your identity well protected

Our Experienced Consultants: Your Knowledge Partners

At TMR, our experienced consulting team is always willing to go above and beyond to address client requirements. It is their mettle and attitude towards providing the best to our clients that makes our reports stand out. Our research teams are a combination of astute experience and young exuberance that reflects in the quality of our work.

This very attitude and approach towards winning accolades has brought TMR to the helm of success. While awards are just another addition to TMR’s glory, the company believes in impacting more businesses and winning more hearts.

We Build Relationships for the Long Run

At a time when success in business revolves around customer satisfaction, TMR is a doyen in maintaining and bettering customer relations. It is prudent to state here that 90% of TMR’s clients are existing customers or their references. Hear what our customers speak about us and our reports here

This unique approach has won us several accolades, such as being ranked among the 'Top 5 Most Promising Market Research Companies' in India.

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