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Curcumin Market

Curcumin is a bioactive compound found in the rhizomes of the turmeric plant. It is responsible for the bright yellow color and several health benefits attributed to turmeric. Usage of curcumin as a yellow food colorant and food additive is well-known in cultures across Southeast Asia and the Far East.

Rep Id : TMRGL6481 | Published | Food and Beverages | December 2023

Biological Seed Treatment Market

Biological seed treatment consists of active ingredients that include fungi, bacteria, plant extracts, and algae extracts. Biological formulations are applied to the seed in a liquid or powder form. Seed disinfection, seed disinfestation, and seed protection are various types of biological seed treatment.

Rep Id : TMRGL5123 | Published | Food and Beverages | December 2023

Carotenoids Market

Carotenoids are generally found in plants, algae, and also in some animal species. Carotenoids provide bright yellow, red, and orange color and are majorly used as food coloring agents.

Rep Id : TMRGL1090 | Published | Food and Beverages | November 2023

Bottled Water Market

Bottled water is purified packaged drinking water. It is bought for several reasons including poor tap water quality, taste, safety concerns, convenience, and unavailability of drinking water. Bottled water comes in different packaging such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and cans.

Rep Id : TMRGL658 | Published | Food and Beverages | November 2023

Probiotics Market

Probiotics are foods or supplements containing live microorganisms, usually bacteria or yeast. These microbiota supplements help maintain or improve the gut-friendly bacteria (normal microflora) in the body. Probiotics are found in various forms such as yogurt, fermented foods, and probiotic supplements.

Rep Id : TMRGL386 | Published | Food and Beverages | November 2023

Energy Balls Market

Evolving lifestyles, behavioral changes, as well as mounting consumer sophistication and awareness, have all made a profound impact on people’s eating habits. Moreover, busy lifestyles and hectic personal & professional obligations are some of the major factors influencing the demand for the inclusion of convenience snacks in the everyday diets

Rep Id : TMRGL85285 | Published | Food and Beverages | December 2022

Mechanically Separated Meat Market

The substantial growth in the demand from the meat industry, increasing production capacity, and high capital investments contribute to filling the supply & demand gap. Some of the major driving factors for the mechanically separated meat market includes high nutritional value, minimal space requirements, and low environmental impact, due to

Rep Id : TMRGL79301 | Published | Food and Beverages | December 2022

Xylose Market

Plant-based food and beverages are becoming more popular in every region across the globe. Products that are made up of natural components derived from plants and plant parts such as flowers, stems, roots, and buds are an ideal option for health-conscious consumers. Sweeteners are derived from plant extracts such as

Rep Id : TMRGL14354 | Published | Food and Beverages | December 2022

Astaxanthin Market

Organic ingredients and products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers due to the numerous health benefits they provide, and manufacturers have started to consider this as a serious opportunity to increase their market presence. The demand for organic ingredients-based products is significant and is, in turn, influencing the demand forecast

Rep Id : TMRGL16172 | Published | Food and Beverages | December 2022

Low-calorie Food Market

Low-calorie food substances are sweeteners used to replace sugar. Due to the concentrated sweetening power present in low-calorie food substances, these products are consumed in small amounts to develop the same extent of sweetness.

Rep Id : TMRGL1871 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

APAC Pet Food Market

Pet food manufacturers are using a wide range of agricultural ingredients that are carefully chosen based on the breed, nutrient profiles, and functional contribution. This is expected to drive the market growth for APAC pet food market in the next few years. Ingredients for pet food include meat, meat byproducts,

Rep Id : TMRGL4306 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

GCC Condiment Sauces (for Hospitality Sector) Market

Condiments sauces have been an integral part of Middle Eastern diets, and the demand for condiment sauces has been growing year after year. Increased penetration of Indian, Italy, Chinese and other cuisines in the GCC region, coupled with the rising popularity of various international food chains are expected to augment

Rep Id : TMRGL84868 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

Waxy Maize Starch Market

Consumption of waxy corn starch has been rising significantly in the food industry, as it is used as a thickening agent in soups & gravies, pie fillings, stews & casseroles, and sauces due to its high water absorption capacity. Furthermore, demand for processed and packaged food products is expected to

Rep Id : TMRGL84866 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

North America Potato Protein Market

Potato protein is a plant-based protein derived from the protein-rich liquid extracted from potatoes during the starch extraction process. It is highly nutritious. Hence, it is widely used in various food products. Potato protein isolates are also used in sports nutrition and supplements to support muscle synthesis. Potato protein-rich juice

Rep Id : TMRGL81656 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

Millet Based Packaged Food Market

Millets are good sources of compounds with protein composition, and antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Millet based food is beneficial for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Millet based functional food can help address the increasing burden on the health care system by

Rep Id : TMRGL84859 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

Ready-to-Drink Beverages Market

Ready-to-drink beverages are packaged flavored/carbonated drinks, which are available for direct consumption in the market. The convenience and instant nature offered by ready-to-drink beverages are some of the key drivers for the ready-to-drink beverages market globally.

Rep Id : TMRGL84856 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

Edible Insects for Animal Feed Market

Substantial growth in demand for edible insects in poultry and aquaculture industries, increase in production capacity, and high rate of investments are boosting the edible insects for animal feed market. High nutritional value, minimal space requirements, and low environmental impact are some of the other key factors driving the market.

Rep Id : TMRGL78554 | Published | Food and Beverages | July 2022

Spring Water Market

Spring water comes from an underground aquifer. It comes from a subterranean source from which water naturally rises to the surface. Spring water varies in terms of mineral content and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels; both of these are impacted by the location. Demand for nutrient-fortified water has been increasing

Rep Id : TMRGL84849 | Published | Food and Beverages | June 2022

Vegan Chocolate Market

Veganism is defined as consumption of plant-based products. Thus, vegan chocolate is considered dairy-free. Veganism opposes the consumption of animal products and by-products, particularly dairy products such as cow milk.

Rep Id : TMRGL21725 | Published | Food and Beverages | June 2022

Basil Essential Oil Market

Basil essential oil is generally obtained from basil leaves and flowering tops. Basil essential oil is sometimes referred to as sweet basil, European or French basil. The essential oil has a watery viscosity and a faint greenish-yellow color. The aroma is peppery, distinct, and light, and it adds a lovely

Rep Id : TMRGL28817 | Published | Food and Beverages | May 2022

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