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Hemoglobin A1c Testing Devices Market

Rise in diabetes prevalence, surge in awareness of diabetes management, and advancements in diagnostic technologies are expected to drive the hemoglobin A1c testing devices market growth. Attention is now focused on the early and precise diagnosis of this disease to avoid complications.

Rep Id : TMRGL1620 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

On-body Drug Delivery Devices Market

Rise in incidence of chronic diseases followed by patients’ shift toward advanced delivery systems are the factors basically responsible for the growth of on-body drug delivery devices market. On-body drug delivery devices help in determining more predictable drug levels along with reduction in variability in response to the treatment.

Rep Id : TMRGL84069 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

Heart Valve Devices Market

Rise in global geriatric population, surge in prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, increase in investments in R&D activities, and advent of innovative minimally invasive heart valve repair procedures are driving the heart valve devices market growth.

Rep Id : TMRGL486 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

Microwave Ablation Devices Market

Rise in incidences of kidney, lung, and bone cancer is the factor majorly holding the responsibility of growth of microwave ablation devices market. Microwave ablation is being preferred to radiofrequency ablation as the former one creates bigger ablations, thereby resulting in quicker removal of tumor.

Rep Id : TMRGL64883 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

Micropump Market

The global micropump market is expanding based on the consumers preferring point-of-care (PoC) testing and growing wearable medical devices sector. Micropumps are the small pumps used for transporting gases or liquids in laboratory, medical, and industrial applications. Precise administration of these liquids or gases is one of the advantages offered

Rep Id : TMRGL83929 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

Medical Spa Market

Preference for medical aesthetics coupled with acceptance of cosmetic medical procedures is responsible for the growth of medical spa market. A medical spa is an amalgamation of a conventional day spa and a medical clinic.

Rep Id : TMRGL48492 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

Patient Monitoring and Ultrasound Devices Display Market

The surge in demand for advanced diagnostic technology with high contrast and the best resolution display is predicted to fuel the patient monitoring and ultrasound devices display market size.

Rep Id : TMRGL37934 | Published | Healthcare | July 2024

Laser Capture Microdissection Market

Increase in R&D spending is the factor basically augmenting the laser capture microdissection market. Laser capture microdissection (LCM) is referred to as an automated sample preparation technique facilitating isolation of the targeted cells to enable microscopic viewing.

Rep Id : TMRGL7682 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Kidney Stone Retrieval Devices Market

Rise in incidence of kidney stone diseases along with preference for minimally-invasive surgical procedures are responsible for the expansion of kidney stone retrieval devices market. A kidney stone retrieval device is generally used with a digital ureteroscope and compliant with stone retrieval baskets.

Rep Id : TMRGL60444 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Healthcare Supply Chain Management Market

Growing adoption of advanced supply chain solutions and cloud-based solutions are the factors responsible for the augmentation of healthcare supply chain management market.

Rep Id : TMRGL62058 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Electrosurgical Devices Market

Increase in number of minimally invasive surgeries is one of the primary factors that is driving the global electrosurgical devices market growth. Scientific innovations and technological advancements in surgery have enabled the development of new minimally invasive procedures.

Rep Id : TMRGL449 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

U.K. Surgical Pledgets Market

Increase in prevalence of cardiovascular disorders, rise in geriatric population, growth in investments in healthcare infrastructure, and advancements in surgical technologies are primarily boosting the U.K. surgical pledgets market size.

Rep Id : TMRGL86191 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Disposable Incontinence Products Market

The global disposable incontinence products market is slated to grow due to rising cases of urinary and bowel disorders. Disposable incontinence products help in saving the patient from embarrassment on the account of uncontrollable urination or defecation.

Rep Id : TMRGL50532 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Venous Stents Market

Increase in incidence of venous obstructive disorders, surge in global geriatric population, rise in popularity of minimally invasive procedures, and remarkable advancements in stenting technology are fueling the venous stents market size.

Rep Id : TMRGL34877 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Disposable Medical Sensors Market

Rise in frequency of chronic diseases is responsible for the expansion of disposable medical sensors market. Single-use medical sensors help in keeping away from contamination, apart from proving to be a cost-effective mode of diagnosis and therapeutics. This affordability is bound to prompt healthcare providers in the developing countries to

Rep Id : TMRGL7679 | Published | Healthcare | June 2024

Cryotherapy Market

Increase in incidence of dermatological disorders and cancers is responsible for the cryotherapy market expansion. Cryotherapy eliminates diseased or damaged tissue resulting out of several medical conditions. The doctors also prefer cryotherapy in order to provide a painless experience to the patients.

Rep Id : TMRGL44781 | Published | Healthcare | May 2024

Thermal Cycler Market

Increase in investments in research and development, escalation in applications of DNA sequencing and gene expression patterns, and surge in technological advancements are fueling the thermal cycler market size.

Rep Id : TMRGL35873 | Published | Healthcare | May 2024

Cervical Dilator Market

The global cervical dilator market size is expanding due to increase in frequency of fertility treatments and extra precautions taken by the modern-day women during childbirth. Cervical dilation means opening the cervix, i.e. entrance to uterus during induced abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, or any gynecological surgery.

Rep Id : TMRGL43529 | Published | Healthcare | May 2024

Punctal Plug Devices Market

Rise in global prevalence of dry eye conditions, surge in geriatric population, lifestyle factors contributing to increased screen time, and environmental conditions are driving the punctal plug devices market demand.

Rep Id : TMRGL32195 | Published | Healthcare | May 2024

3D Bioprinting Market

Shortage of organs for transplants holds the responsibility of boosting the 3D bioprinting market revenue. 3D bioprinting plays a vital role in tissue engineering, which means fabricating functional tissue for applications in drug testing and regenerative medicine.

Rep Id : TMRGL11657 | Published | Healthcare | April 2024

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