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Dermal Fillers Market

The global dermal fillers market growth is driven by the rise in acceptance of anti-aging treatment by the elderly people. Dermal fillers can be defined as soft tissue fillers injected into the skin for the restoration of a smoother appearance and reduction of wrinkles and signs of aging. Regions with

Rep Id : TMRGL26816 | Published | Healthcare | August 2022

Interspinous Spacers Market

Interspinous spacer is a device implanted between two interspinous processes to create space between nerve channels. This procedure is used as a minimally invasive surgery alternative to surgical procedures used to decompress the spinal canal. Spinal stenosis is most commonly caused by wear and tear in the spine due to

Rep Id : TMRGL16439 | Published | Healthcare | August 2022

Orthopedic Fracture Repairing Implants for Osteoporosis Market

Orthopedic implants are devices that can be put or placed into the body through surgical procedures. Implants are designed such that they can provide and restore functions of the damaged part of the body. Recent trends suggest that bisphosphonates and biodegradable implants are gaining traction in the market.

Rep Id : TMRGL84889 | Published | Healthcare | August 2022

Collagen Dressings Market

Animal-based wound care dressings, including collagen dressings, are gaining traction across the world. High production costs and complexities involved in storing collagen dressings are expected to hamper the global collagen dressings market. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the global collagen dressings market. Lockdown and stay-at-home orders

Rep Id : TMRGL41996 | Published | Healthcare | August 2022

Mass Spectrometer Market

Mass spectrometer is an instrument used to identify unknown compounds via molecular weight determination to quantify or identify the known compounds from a given sample and determine the structure and chemical properties of molecules. The particles are ionized and beamed through electromagnetic fields and the way they are reflected indicates

Rep Id : TMRGL18917 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Protein Analyzers Market

Protein analyzer is a laboratory tool used to detect the amount of protein in a sample. This tool is commonly found in food and beverage laboratories, where it is used to evaluate the nutritional value of meat, dairy products, and other foods.

Rep Id : TMRGL4315 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Label-free Array Systems Market

Transparency Market Research (TMR), in its recent study, offers key insights into the label-free array systems market. The research report aims at providing distinguished information to aid the decision-making process of stakeholders of the label-free array systems market. The research report traces the key trends and notable developments that are

Rep Id : TMRGL17225 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Prefilled Syringes Market

Prefilled syringe is a disposable syringe that already contains the substance to be injected. Prefilled syringe has emerged as one of the most convenient drug delivery methods in the last few years. It is one of the rapidly growing options for unit dose delivery.

Rep Id : TMRGL1131 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Digital Dose Inhalers Market

Digital dose inhalers are advanced, smart devices intended to treat and manage drug delivery for various respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Digital dose inhalers are used to provide a simple, accurate, and reliable dose counter, which enables patients to track adherence to their therapy.

Rep Id : TMRGL18881 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Pressure Ulcers Treatment Market

Pressure ulcer, also known as bedsore or pressure sore, is considered a degenerative change, which is caused by biological tissue (skin and the underlying tissue) that undergoes exposure to pressure and shearing forces. The pressure prevents blood from circulating properly and results in tissue necrosis, cell death, and development of

Rep Id : TMRGL14723 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Dental Membrane and Bone Graft Substitutes Market

The dental membrane & bone graft substitutes market is driven by the rise in number of patients with dental & oral issues and growth in need for dental procedures. Dental membrane & bone graft replacements are used in bone transplant procedures.

Rep Id : TMRGL16340 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Respiratory Monitoring Devices Market

Monitoring refers to evaluation of the physiologic function of a patient. It assists the health care provider in making clinical decisions and determining the line of treatment. It is also used to determine the patient’s response to clinical interventions.

Rep Id : TMRGL1415 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Robotic Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Market

Rehabilitation robots or assistive robots perform a physical task for the well-being of a person with a disability. The global robotic rehabilitation and assistive technologies market is driven by the increase in geriatric population and rise in per capita health care expenditure. Applications of rehabilitation and assistive robotic technologies are

Rep Id : TMRGL14957 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Thoracic Drainage Devices Market

Currently, cardiac disorders are the most common and widely spreading diseases in the world due to the rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyle. This has led to an increase in cardiac surgeries and thoracic drainage devices, which are required post-surgery in such cases to vacate pleural space. High prevalence of

Rep Id : TMRGL40529 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Cell Separation Technologies Market

Cell separation is the process of removing specific cells from heterogeneous or homogenous subpopulations, and has superior biomedical and clinical applications. Cell separation techniques are used to isolate cells with high purity, which aids in the identification and diagnosis of cells. Cell separation is a powerful technology that assists biological

Rep Id : TMRGL1925 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Personal Mobility Devices Market

Personal mobility device is any assistive device, which includes scooters, powered wheelchairs, patient lifts, and stair lifts that help people with locomotive disabilities. These devices offer significant benefits by increasing people’s mobility, along with substituting for automobile travel.

Rep Id : TMRGL6715 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Negative-pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices Market

Negative-pressure wound therapy (NPWT), also known as vacuum-assisted wound closure, refers to wound dressing systems that continuously or intermittently apply sub-atmospheric pressure to the system, creating positive pressure on the surface of a wound.

Rep Id : TMRGL1718 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Surgical Navigation Systems Market

Surgical navigation systems assist surgeons in reaching the target anatomical position of the patient. Navigation in surgeries is often integrated with imaging systems such as computed tomography (CT) scanners and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Rep Id : TMRGL2646 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Adhesive Bandages Market

Adhesive bandages are small sticking plasters used for small injuries. These bandages protect wounds from friction, bacteria, and dirt. Launch of different types of adhesive bandages or medical plasters with different variables and functions is propelling the global adhesive bandages market. The COVID-19 outbreak restrained the global adhesive bandages market

Rep Id : TMRGL2378 | Published | Healthcare | July 2022

Adhesion Barriers Market

Adhesion is a band of scar tissue that binds elements of a tissue. Adhesion can also be a skinny sheet of tissue akin to a plastic wrap or thick fibrous band. Adhesion barriers, including bodily barrier agents, separate injured tissues to prevent the formation of a fibrin bridge among tissues.

Rep Id : TMRGL49620 | Published | Healthcare | June 2022

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