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Multilayer Blown Films Market

Blown films refer to a combination of plastics and polymers which are then transformed into polyolefin plastics and polyethylene. These films are made of a single layer and have a low film force. Multilayer blown films are usually made of two thin films with different refractive indexes.

Rep Id : TMRGL49530 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Blood Collection Tubes Market

Blood collection tubes are necessary medical equipment for gathering, handling, and processing blood samples for diagnostic examinations. These tubes are intended to help with the examination of different blood components, including plasma, serum, and whole blood while maintaining the integrity of blood samples.

Rep Id : TMRGL48861 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Anti-fog Lidding Films Market

Anti-fog lidding films are employed to prevent food items from developing fog formation. They are widely used for covering trays, cups, tubs, and other goods due to their inherent high strength and heat resistance and are usually made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate, and other polymers.

Rep Id : TMRGL46659 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Slider Zipper Pouch Market

Slider zipper pouch is a type of flexible packaging solution that combines the convenience of a zipper closure with the ease of a sliding mechanism. It is commonly used for packaging various products such as snacks, pet food, and beverages

Rep Id : TMRGL44456 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Grease Cartridges Market

Grease cartridges are cylindrical containers filled with grease, utilized in machinery, automotive, and industrial applications. These cartridges are designed to deliver precise amounts of grease to lubrication points to minimize friction and ensure smooth operation.

Rep Id : TMRGL44243 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Isothermal Bags & Containers Market

Isothermal bags and containers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature for an extended duration, making them ideal for preserving temperature-sensitive and perishable goods in food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors.

Rep Id : TMRGL44246 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Freezer Bags Market

Freezer bags are plastic storage bags designed to store perishable food items in refrigerators. These refrigeration bags are made using plastic and come in various sizes ranging from small snack bags to large gallon-sized bags.

Rep Id : TMRGL44240 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Spout Pouch Market

Spout pouch is a type of flexible packaging, which can be customized and printed to accommodate various liquid products such as ketchup, juices, soup, shampoo, conditioner, condiments, and lotions

Rep Id : TMRGL42938 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Medication Dispensing & Packaging Systems Market

Medication dispensing & packaging systems automatically organize and dispense the right pills at the right time. These systems also track pill counts. Medication dispensing & packaging systems provide real-time reminders and alerts about skipped meds and wrong doses

Rep Id : TMRGL43328 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Tumblers Market

Tumbler is a vessel commonly used for consuming beverages. It is crafted from either glass or plastic and is characterized by its short, wide design. This cylindrical or cup-shaped vessel without handles is primarily employed to consume various types of beverages such as coffee, tea, water, and smoothies.

Rep Id : TMRGL42935 | Published | Packaging | February 2024

Printing Paper Market

Printing paper is a high-quality and smooth paper that possesses the ability of holding several kinds of inks. Demand for printing paper for industrial printing needs is catalyzed by TransPromo revolution, which means that a promotional message can be sent along with essential transactional information.

Rep Id : TMRGL42413 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machines Market

Pre-made pouch packaging machines serve the purpose of filling and sealing products into pre-made pouches efficiently. These pouches are made of plastic films, aluminum foils, vapor-deposited films, or other materials depending on product type and shelf life requirements.

Rep Id : TMRGL41828 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Collapsible Metal Tubes Market

Collapsible metal tubes are flexible composite containers used to store and dispense pasty products. Various types of metals and thermoplastics are employed to manufacture these tubes. Collapsible metal tubes act as barriers to prevent toxic gases, odors, and dust from contaminating the products they contain.

Rep Id : TMRGL41576 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Juice Packaging Market

The juice packaging market is driven by a global rise in consumption of packaged food and beverages. Rapid urbanization and evolving lifestyles substantially impact dietary habits.

Rep Id : TMRGL21443 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Merchandising Units Market

Merchandising units usually refer to an arrangement of products or items in a retail space. These units are strategically displayed and organized to attract customers, efficiently showcase products, and promote sales at an optimal level. Types of merchandising units include shelves, racks, and stands to foster customer engagement and offer

Rep Id : TMRGL40643 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Punnet Packaging Market

Punnets are compressed baskets that are utilized in the packaging of vegetables and soft fruits such as mushrooms, bell peppers, and grapes. Product packaging improves the self-life of vegetables and soft fruits by protecting them from squashing, bruising, and spoiling.

Rep Id : TMRGL40595 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Unit Drug Dose Delivery System Market

Drug dose delivery systems are devices or mechanisms designed to ensure accurate dosing to a patient. These systems can vary widely in complexity and design, and they play a crucial role in healthcare for ensuring accurate and controlled drug delivery. Unit drug dose delivery systems come in solid, liquid, and

Rep Id : TMRGL40496 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Insulated Water Bottles Market

Insulated water bottle refers to a portable, reusable container designed to maintain and control the hot or cold temperature of a beverage, water, or any kind of liquid for longer period.

Rep Id : TMRGL40352 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Block Bottom Bags Market

Block bottom bags are a type of packaging or bag design commonly used in food and retail industries. These bags have a flat bottom that allows them to stand upright, providing stability and making them suitable for packaging various products.

Rep Id : TMRGL76928 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

Foam Protective Packaging Market

Foam protective packaging is preferred for the transportation of fragile and delicate items such as medical equipment and consumer electronics products and components. Molded foams are extensively employed to keep items in place; surface protection films are used to prevent scratches; and rolled foams are utilized for added cushioning.

Rep Id : TMRGL38327 | Published | Packaging | January 2024

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