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Market Research Reports by Industry

Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Factory Automation

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Scrap Metal Recycling Market

Scrap metal recycling is the process of recovering and processing recyclable metals from scrap or discarded structures and products so that they can be used as raw materials in new products.

Rep Id : TMRGL75449 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Concrete Surface Retarders Market

Concrete surface retarders are chemical substances that are used in the construction sector to delay the setting or hardening of concrete on the surface. These retarders are often placed on newly poured concrete in order to generate particular surface finishes, textures, or exposed concrete retarder effects.

Rep Id : TMRGL57861 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Spherical Roller Bearings Market

Spherical roller bearings, also known as rolling bearings, include one or double row spherical roller bearings that are positioned at an angle to the bearing axis. Spherical roller bearings are a distinct rolling bearing design. Its inner ring runs inside the outer ring on two rows of rollers. The bearings

Rep Id : TMRGL32783 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Turbine Blade Market

A turbine blade is a key component of a turbine that converts the energy from steam, gas, or wind through rotational motion. It is designed to efficiently extract energy from the source and convert it into mechanical energy to drive a generator, a compressor, or other mechanical equipment. Turbine fan

Rep Id : TMRGL38663 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Bakery Release Agents Market

Release agents in bakeries are substances that provide easy separation of a baked product (bread or confectionary products) and its baking material (tin, trays, or belts) after baking. The baking mold release agents create a film on the surface of the baking tray before the dough is applied.

Rep Id : TMRGL48615 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Down and Feather Market

Down and feathers are natural materials derived from birds, primarily from ducks and geese. They are commonly used as fillings in various products including bedding, apparel, and outdoor gear. Down refers to soft and fluffy clusters found beneath the outer feathers of water birds.

Rep Id : TMRGL14900 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Medium Voltage Fuse Market

Medium voltage fuses are used to limit current from damaging electrical systems and equipment from overcurrent and short circuits. These devices offer medium voltage protection to electrical equipment. The fuse contains a filament that melts when exposed to overcurrent and protects the device and equipment.

Rep Id : TMRGL30095 | Published | Factory Automation | June 2023

Modular Construction Market

Building modules are manufactured in a particular location away from the construction site. These modules are subsequently delivered to the desired location or construction site for installation. In a factory-controlled location, more than 60% of work can be completed, either as an entire structure or as modular subassemblies for a

Rep Id : TMRGL49035 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Laboratory Mills Market

Laboratory mills, also known as experiment mills, are essential laboratory tools that are employed in sample preparation prior to analysis. The primary purpose of laboratory mills is to break solid substances into small and homogeneous particles, and ensure quality control and analytical testing.

Rep Id : TMRGL48561 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Rubber Roller Market

A rubber roller is a cylindrical tool used in diverse applications to speed up the movement, transportation, or processing of materials. It is composed of rubber or a substance that resembles rubber. Usually, it comprises a solid core, or shaft, which is covered with a rubber coating. Numerous beneficial properties,

Rep Id : TMRGL74397 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Impact Wrenches Market

An impact wrench is a power tool that is designed to help with the tightening and loosening of bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. Impact wrenches work by using compressed air, electricity, or hydraulic power to create a rotating hammering motion that delivers torque to the output shaft. This motion is

Rep Id : TMRGL84408 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Electric Gripper Market

Electric gripper is an end-of-arm tooling robot used to complete various tasks in production and assembling processes. It can be mounted on a machine or fitted onto the end of a robot. Once attached, the gripper helps the robot handle different objects.

Rep Id : TMRGL79601 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Self-locking Nuts Market

Self-locking nuts, also known as aerotight locking nuts, offer resistance to becoming loose during service conditions, unlike traditional nuts. Self-locking nuts are used in applications where vibrations are common. These nuts are designed to provide a secure fix or joint. Self-locking nuts are commonly used in the automobile and aerospace

Rep Id : TMRGL73414 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Wind Energy Equipment Logistics Market

Wind energy produces electricity. It is a renewable form of energy, which is extensively used across different sectors globally. Wind energy shipping involves transportation and installation. It also deals with housing and supply of equipment, which is required for the production of wind energy. This market is largely dependent on

Rep Id : TMRGL77345 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Radiant Cooling Systems Market

Global energy requirements are rising due to the increase in concerns associated with the rapid depletion of energy resources and global warming. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) account for nearly 40% of total energy consumption in buildings. Thus, demand for highly efficient radiant cooling systems is on the rise.

Rep Id : TMRGL83969 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Construction Market

Construction is the process of placing together diverse elements to create a structure, such as a building, framework, or model. Any construction project has an established structure of separate stages such as design, production, and the transformation of raw materials into manufactured goods, followed by construction.

Rep Id : TMRGL75107 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Stainless Steel Cable Ties Market

Stainless steel cable ties or stainless zip ties are utilized to bundle wires together to keep them organized and protected from damage. Roller ball, ladder, and releasable cable ties are the various types of stainless steel cable ties. Rollerball is the most common type, and has a locking ball inside

Rep Id : TMRGL60381 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Ceramic Setter Plates Market

Traditional ceramic plates are produced from unrefined clay. Alumina and aluminum nitride ceramics offer certain advantages over conventional setters because they enable energy and cost efficient processing of high precision sintering components.

Rep Id : TMRGL85588 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

Slewing Drives Market

Slew drive is a gearbox designed to deal with radial or axial loads by utilizing high rotational force. Slewing technology is used for safety and accuracy in mining, construction, metalworking, and other applications that require unwavering strength and flawless precision.

Rep Id : TMRGL59133 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

RFID Locks Market

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks are electronically operated locks. Access control locks provide a reliable, consistent user interface with trackable data. RFID locking systems are contactless locks, which means that the credential does not need to touch the reader in order to operate, compared to other conventional access control methods

Rep Id : TMRGL18950 | Published | Factory Automation | May 2023

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