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Market Research Reports by Industry

Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Heavy Engineering Equipment

Total Reports: 107

Cold Storage Warehouse Market

Cold storage warehouse is a structure or facility that is built to maintain specific environmental conditions to keep temperature-sensitive items safe. Cold storage warehousing generally falls into two categories dictated by the required temperature.

Rep Id : TMRGL73372 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Embroidery Machine Market

Embroidery machine or embroidery sewing device refers to a machine used for designing and decorating textile materials through a needle and thread. Any simple or complex design can be created in an embroidery machine. Embroidery stitching machines are highly efficient for embroidery work in large quantities.

Rep Id : TMRGL82530 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Sedimentation Centrifuge Market

The centrifugal sedimentation method is used to determine the particle size from the speed of particles moving by centrifugal force. When a centrifugal force is applied to particles, larger particles settle faster while smaller particles settle slower.

Rep Id : TMRGL2082 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Robotic Gripper Market

Robotic gripper, also known as an end effector, is a device attached to the end of a robotic arm that is used to hold, operate, and move things during a manufacturing or industrial process. It is in charge of grasping, manipulating, and handling items in an automated process.

Rep Id : TMRGL73177 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Aerosol Filling Machines Market

Aerosol filling machines, also known as aerosol canning machines, are used to fill various types of products, such as personal care items, household cleaners, automotive products, and industrial chemicals, into aerosol cans. Aerosol-filling systems play a vital role in the aerosol production process by ensuring accurate and efficient filling of

Rep Id : TMRGL33833 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Construction Equipment Market

Construction equipment refers to a wide variety of tools and machinery used in construction projects. The equipment is specially designed for construction work. Construction equipment includes heavy engineering equipment, material handling equipment, concrete equipment, construction vehicles, and road construction equipment.

Rep Id : TMRGL110 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market

Industrial wastewater treatment equipment refers to the various systems, processes, and technologies used to treat and purify wastewater generated by industrial activities. Industrial wastewater contains a wide range of pollutants and contaminants, including heavy metals, organic compounds, oils, suspended solids, and various chemicals, which can be removed or reduced to

Rep Id : TMRGL62754 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Electric Arc Furnaces Market

Electric arc furnace consists of a dome-shaped roof, a cylindrical shell, and a spherical hearth. The electric arc is created by the flow of electricity through an air gap within two conducting electrodes. It generates heat, which is then transferred either through direct radiation or reflected off the furnace's interior

Rep Id : TMRGL74183 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Chillers Market

A chiller is a type of cooling system, which circulates a refrigerant that absorbs heat through a series of mechanisms releasing heat. The essential components of a chiller are compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator.

Rep Id : TMRGL11942 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Dry Bulk Shipping Market

In the dry bulk shipping business, bulk carriers are used to transport enormous quantities of dry goods, including minerals, iron ore, coal, grains, and cement, around the world. Dry bulk carriers are specialized vessels built to transport these items in huge quantities. They frequently come with cranes and conveyor belts

Rep Id : TMRGL77865 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Coil Winding Machines Market

Coils for motors, transformers, inductors, and chokes are wound using coil winding machines. Applications such as wire winding, wire welding, and wire bonding all employ coil winding machinery. Magnet wire winding, transformer winding, motor winding, and automated coil winding & assembly are some uses of electrical coil winding equipment. Other

Rep Id : TMRGL70203 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Resistance Spot Welding Machines Market

Resistance spot welding is a method mostly used to join two or more metal sheets together by applying electric current heat and pressure to the weld area. Series welding, multiple spot welding, and pulsation spot welding are various variants available in the market. The resistance spot welding machine joins sheet

Rep Id : TMRGL74395 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Wireless Gas Detection Market

Wireless gas detection systems use wireless technology to monitor the presence of dangerous gases in the air. These systems typically consist of a network of sensors that are strategically placed throughout a facility or an area where potential gas leaks may occur.

Rep Id : TMRGL31475 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Market

Regenerative thermal oxidizers are used to efficiently and effectively control air pollution. They are also known as air pollution control systems. Regenerative thermal oxidizers create high temperatures to destroy air pollutants generated by industrial processes.

Rep Id : TMRGL74251 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Twin Screw Extruders Market

Extruders are utilized to extrude thick substances into high-quality organized products by accurately controlling handling conditions. A twin screw extruder is a machine with two co-rotating, intermeshing screws mounted in a closed barrel on splined shafts.

Rep Id : TMRGL40394 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Poultry Farming Equipment Market

Poultry farm equipment are tools used for various purposes in poultry farming such as housing, hatching, brooding, cleaning, and feeding. Different types of equipment are available in various operational modes such as manual, automatic, and semi-automatic. Small farm owners prefer manual poultry equipment, while commercial farmers with a huge amount

Rep Id : TMRGL74393 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Asia-Pacific PCB Compression Molding Press Market

PCB compression molding press is an equipment used in the manufacture of multilayer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). The process of compression molding involves the application of heat and pressure to a material, typically a thermoset resin, to convert it into a specific shape or configuration.

Rep Id : TMRGL85587 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Portable Pressure Washer Market

A portable pressure washer is a small, lightweight device, also known as a portable power washer that is used to remove dirt, contaminants, and other particles from surfaces by using high pressure water. Ideal for cleaning automobiles, driveways, outdoor spaces, and indoor surfaces such as tile and grout, portable pressure

Rep Id : TMRGL59331 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Resistance Spot Welding Market

Resistance spot welding is a process used to join two or more metal sheets together with the help of pressure and heat from an electric current. It uses a series of electrodes to clamp the metal parts together and deliver electrical current at the point of contact.

Rep Id : TMRGL32846 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | May 2023

Deaeration Machine Market

Deaeration is the process of removing air, which has mixed with or dissolved in a substance. It improves the quality and reduces contamination of liquids, soils, and foods. The process also removes oxygen from liquid-filled vessels to slow down corrosion. Uses of deaeration machines include removing oxygen and other dissolved

Rep Id : TMRGL76766 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | April 2023

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