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Market Research Reports by Industry

Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Heavy Engineering Equipment

Total Reports: 70

Plenoptic Camera Market

Plenoptic cameras are also knows as light field cameras. The direction that the light rays are travelling in space and the intensity of light in a scene are both taken into account by the plenoptic camera. It is a camera where micro lenses are placed between the front lens and

Rep Id : TMRGL73053 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Gas Turbine Market

Gas turbine is a type of internal combustion engine that converts the energy from a fuel into mechanical energy, which can be used to generate electricity or to power other machinery. Gas turbines are commonly used in power plants to generate electricity, as well as in aircraft propulsion systems and

Rep Id : TMRGL70260 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Laboratory Water Purifier Market

Laboratory water purifiers clean water in multiple stages, which include filtration, antimicrobial treatments, and chemical removal. Demand for laboratory water purification systems is rising across the globe due to increase in need for clean water for accurate analysis of biological experiments conducted in laboratories. These systems are available in various

Rep Id : TMRGL26483 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Industrial PC Market

Industrial PC is a heavy engineering equipment, which is designed for usage in industrial environments such as wide operating temperature ranges and airborne particulates. It consists of a hardshell design and industrial grade components built for high reliability. Industrial PC can run 24x7, even in extreme environments where a consumer

Rep Id : TMRGL23021 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Refrigerated Warehousing Market

Refrigerated warehousing is a building or facility designed to maintain certain environmental conditions to keep temperature sensitive products safe. A refrigerated warehouse is used to store goods at selected temperatures to keep them fresh. It eliminates sprouting, rotting, and insect damage. Large companies need to pay for a dedicated custom

Rep Id : TMRGL19178 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Grader Blades Market

Grader blades are made for precise scraping and levelling. They help in the creation of flat, even surfaces. Large grader blades may occasionally be equipped with detachable teeth for cutting soil. In general, grader blades can be used to level small areas, cut drains, and renovate driveways. The blades are

Rep Id : TMRGL85496 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Coffee Roasting Machines Market

Coffee roasting machine is an equipment that is used to roast coffee beans. The machine applies heat to the beans, causing them to undergo chemical changes that bring out their unique flavors and aromas. There are several types of coffee roasting machines, but they all operate on the same basic

Rep Id : TMRGL69645 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Frozen Food Processing Machinery Market

Frozen food processing machinery is designed to make food more palatable and digestible, and to preserve the food. Frozen food machinery is used for batch or in-line operation, product stability, and heat transfer systems (air, contact, and cryogenic). They are used in handling, preparing, storing, and packaging food products. Mechanical

Rep Id : TMRGL35654 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Electric Hoist Market

Electric hoists, or power hoist, are a type of material handling tool used to lift, lower, and move and transport products. They usually include a controller to change the lifting parameters and are powered by an electric motor. Electric hoists are effective at lifting heavy objects that cannot be transported

Rep Id : TMRGL55332 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Market

Industrial refrigeration equipment is used to maintain low temperatures in large-scale commercial and industrial facilities. This type of equipment is essential for industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing.

Rep Id : TMRGL75745 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Twin Screw Pumps Market

Twin screw pump, also referred to as positive displacement pump, transfers a certain volume of product in line with the pitch and speed of screws. The two screws, while turning, create closed chambers that move axially as they rotate. This movement generates a vacuum at input side and a pressure

Rep Id : TMRGL44102 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Modular Refinery Market

A modular refinery is a small-scale refinery or micro refinery that requires minimal capital investment for installation as compared to conventional or traditional full-scale refinery facilities. Modular refineries are usually installed below 50,000 bpd and therefore have a lower output capacity than the large-size conventional crude oil refineries. These refineries

Rep Id : TMRGL75079 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Containerized Solar Generators Market

A containerized solar generator is a compact power source that can transform clean energy from the sun's rays into continuous power. The solar photovoltaic system in a containerized solar generator generates electricity and stores it in batteries that are mounted within the container. These mobile power containers can be used

Rep Id : TMRGL29978 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Bakery Processing Equipment Market

Bakery processing equipment is used in the production of baked goods. The equipment utilized in a bakery may vary depending upon the type and scale of operation. It generally includes items such as mixers, ovens, dough handling systems, proofing equipment, slicers, and packaging equipment.

Rep Id : TMRGL10865 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Hollow Core Insulator Market

Insulators are components that use heat, through which the current cannot be passed. These are heavy engineering devices that are essential for safe and stable distribution of electricity generated at power plants and also for insulating substances for various high-voltage applications Hollow core insulators are materials that help in safe

Rep Id : TMRGL40064 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Cold Storage Equipment Market

Cold storage equipment is used to store perishable food products at low temperatures. These tools guard against food deterioration, cut down on waste, and guarantee adherence to food safety laws. The technique is also employed in high-tech electronics and petrochemical sectors due to the sensitivity of chemical reactions and metals

Rep Id : TMRGL56424 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa Submerged Arc Furnace Market

Submerged arc furnaces use electrodes and a charge material to produce high temperatures and chemical reactions in a molten bath of metal or slag. Submerged arc furnace, or submerged electric arc furnace, is used to manufacture different types of ferroalloys and other commodities. Most of these furnaces are powered by

Rep Id : TMRGL85462 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | March 2023

Textile Machinery Market

The creation of textiles involves several techniques and textile machinery. Cotton is one of the commonly used materials or fabrics around the globe. Different types of machines are used in the fabrication process of cotton.

Rep Id : TMRGL85433 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | February 2023

Static Crane Market

Static cranes are permanent/semi-permanent structures fixed to the ground or buildings that lift and move loads along a fixed path. On the other hand, mobile cranes are mounted on pedals or wheels, and can be moved from one job site to another.

Rep Id : TMRGL85425 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | February 2023

Industrial Gas Compressor Market

Gas compressor is a mechanical device that lowers the volume of gas while increasing its static pressure. Positive displacement and dynamic gas compressors are the two major types of gas compressors that are commonly used in end-use industries.

Rep Id : TMRGL85423 | Published | Heavy Engineering Equipment | February 2023

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