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Market Research Reports by Industry

Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Energy and Natural Resources

Total Reports: 291

Crude Oil Desalter and Electrostatic Dehydrator Market

The initial step in upstream operations is typically the desalination of crude oil. Residual salts must be removed from crude oil, which is carried out by using crude oil desalting technology. The removal is necessary so that crude oil can be processed in a refinery without corroding and fouling heaters,

Rep Id : TMRGL6101 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | December 2022

Dry Natural Gas Market

Dry natural gas, or dry gas, is almost completely methane. After removing all the impurities from natural gas, dry natural gas remains. Impurities such as liquefied hydrocarbons (Hexane, Octane, etc.) and non-hydrocarbon (Helium, nitrogen, etc.) need to be removed from natural gas to obtain highly-efficient and sustainable natural gas (dry).

Rep Id : TMRGL85246 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Sustainable Marine Fuel Market

Marine fuel sustainability entails the ability to provide transportation infrastructure and services that are safe, inclusive, accessible, and reliable. These services are also transparent, affordable, fuel-efficient, and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly marine fuel is a recognized pathway to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions vis-à-vis HFO and other petroleum-based marine fuels. It helps

Rep Id : TMRGL85245 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Potassium-ion Battery Market

Potassium-ion (K-ion) battery has been receiving increasing attention as a potential replacement for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) for use in substantial electrical energy storage systems. Potassium is abundantly available in the Earth’s crust. It offers potential cost savings and low standard redox potential. K-ion battery (KIB) technology offers various benefits such

Rep Id : TMRGL85244 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Market

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a renewable or waste-derived fuel that meets sustainability criteria. The fuel can be produced from various sustainable resources such as forestry and agricultural waste, cooking oil, carbon captured from the air, and green hydrogen. It can be mixed with any fossil jet fuel to reduce

Rep Id : TMRGL85231 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Mobile Energy Storage Systems Market

Increase in power consumption across the globe is anticipated to drive the demand for mobile ESS during the forecast period. These standalone power devices utilize renewable energy sources for power generation. The mobile energy storage system, or mobile ESS, is capable of enhancing energy resilience in response to severe weather

Rep Id : TMRGL77248 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Wave and Tidal Energy Market

Wave and tidal energy is closely associated with the power generation industry. Wave energy (or wave power) refers to the transport and capture of energy by ocean surface waves. The energy captured is then used for various purposes including electricity generation, water desalination, and pumping of water.

Rep Id : TMRGL2000 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Combined Heat and Power [CHP] Installation Market

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) refers to the usage of a heat engine or power station to generate electricity and heat at the same time. The conventional power plant produces electricity through a fairly inefficient process.

Rep Id : TMRGL966 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | November 2022

Bunker Fuel Market

Bunker fuel is used to power engines of aircraft, ships, and other vehicles. It is less expensive than other types of fuels available in the market. Bunker fuel oil can be categorized into Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), High-Sulfur Fuel Oil (HSFO), and

Rep Id : TMRGL3894 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | October 2022

Battery Recycling Market

Battery recycling is the method of reusing and reprocessing batteries to reduce the number of batteries being disposed off as municipal solid waste and to encourage efficient use of the battery. Recycling batteries helps reduce energy consumption and manufacturing costs worldwide.

Rep Id : TMRGL9061 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | October 2022

Biofuel Market

Biofuel is derived from organic matter such as plants, algae, and animal waste. It plays an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Biofuels are renewable alternatives to conventional fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.

Rep Id : TMRGL1345 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | October 2022

Power Plant Maintenance Market

Power plants are facilities where energy is produced/generated before distribution. Conventional and renewable power plants have certain methods of plant maintenance. Power plant maintenance involves regulating everyday plant operations.

Rep Id : TMRGL79068 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | October 2022

Power Purchase Agreement Market

PPA refers to a long-term electricity/power supply agreement between a power producer and a customer (electricity consumer or trader). The power producer sells the power generated to the customer at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the local utility’s retail rate. This lower electricity price helps to offset

Rep Id : TMRGL76585 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | October 2022

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market

Liquefied petroleum gas, also known as liquid petroleum gas, is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in various end-use industries. It is produced from fossil fuels, during the refining of petroleum crude oil and natural gas. The global liquefied petroleum gas market is projected to rise

Rep Id : TMRGL491 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

Small Hydropower Market

Small hydropower plant generates electricity by utilizing the moving water. Its categorization differs from country to country, as there is no standard consensus among nations and regions. Small hydropower plants, classified into below 10 MW and above 10 MW segments, can serve a small community or an industrial plant. Hydropower

Rep Id : TMRGL7730 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

Helium Market

Helium is an extremely durable crystalline advanced industrial material with excellent optical transparency in ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiations up to approximately five-meter wavelength. It is crystal-like and glassy.

Rep Id : TMRGL2132 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

Aluminum-ion Battery Market

A type of rechargeable battery, the aluminum-ion battery uses aluminum ions as charge carriers. Each ion of aluminum can exchange three electrons. Therefore, the insertion of one Al3+ equals the insertion of three Li+ ions. Consequently, significantly more electrons and Al3+ ions can be accepted by cathodes with little harm,

Rep Id : TMRGL84906 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

Sand Control Systems Market

Sand production is a phenomenon witnessed during the production of hydrocarbons from oil & gas reservoirs. Sand accumulated from wells obstructs the production process and hampers the extraction of natural gas and oil, which significantly affects field economics. Geological formations that are shallow with very low adherence to hold the

Rep Id : TMRGL2664 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

Breathing Battery Market

In October 2017, a team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a new kind of ‘air-breathing’ battery that could satisfy the need of cleanliness of renewable energy. The battery stores energy for months at about one-fifth the price of existing technologies. Breathing battery inhales air from outside while

Rep Id : TMRGL84903 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission System Market

The high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system uses direct current for the transmission of power over long distances. The HVDC transmission system provides efficient and economic transmission of power even to very long distances that cater to the growing load demands.

Rep Id : TMRGL73522 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | September 2022

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