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Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Energy and Natural Resources

Total Reports: 338

Flow Augmented Turbines Market

Increasing demand for sustainable and clean energy sources across the globe is a key factor driving the demand for flow augmented turbines. Governments and organizations from all over the world actively promote the growth of renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change. One potential approach

Rep Id : TMRGL85640 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | June 2023

Hydrogen-based Renewable Energy Market

Hydrogen-based renewable energy refers to the production and utilization of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. Hydrogen is an abundant element that can be derived from a variety of renewable sources, such as water (through electrolysis) or biomass (through gasification), without generating greenhouse gas emissions.

Rep Id : TMRGL85639 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | June 2023

High Voltage Relays Market for EVs

High voltage relays in electric cars are utilized for a number of functions, including power distribution, battery management, infrastructure for charging, and vehicle control. The design and specifications of high voltage relays are influenced by the development of innovative energy storage devices, such as next-generation lithium-ion batteries and solid-state batteries.

Rep Id : TMRGL85637 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | June 2023

Power Management Software Market

Power management software helps organizations identify energy consumption patterns, detect inefficiencies, and implement measures to optimize energy usage. By analyzing data and providing actionable insights, these solutions enable businesses to reduce energy waste, improve operational efficiency, and lower energy costs.

Rep Id : TMRGL85636 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | June 2023

Power Management System Market

Power management system (PMS) is a collection of hardware, software, and control algorithms designed to efficiently manage and control the distribution of electrical power in various applications.

Rep Id : TMRGL81021 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Digital Instrument Transformer Market

Digital instrument transformers, also known as electronic instrument transformers (EITs), combine traditional instrument transformers with digital technology to provide enhanced measurement accuracy, real-time data transmission, and advanced monitoring and control capabilities.

Rep Id : TMRGL79576 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Building-to-Grid Technology Market

The building-to-grid technology market is focused on the integration of buildings with the electricity grid to enable two-way energy flow and communication. Building-to-grid technology allows buildings to not only consume energy from the grid, but also generate, store, and supply excess energy back to the grid.

Rep Id : TMRGL81918 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Small Hydropower Market

Small hydropower harnesses the power of flowing or falling water to generate electricity. It is a renewable energy source that produces clean and sustainable power, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. Small hydropower plant generally has a capacity of less than 10 megawatts (MW).

Rep Id : TMRGL7730 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Building-integrated Photovoltaics Market

Solar panels or other photovoltaic systems that are integrated into building structures are known as Building-integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). BIPV systems are made to fit in with the construction of the building, as compared with traditional solar panels that are installed on rooftops or in special solar farms, acting as both

Rep Id : TMRGL454 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Ancillary Services for Power Market

Ancillary services perform various tasks in the power sector including frequency control, load following, voltage support, reactive power support, black start capability, operating reserves, and energy imbalance. Most of these services are designed expressly for the integration of renewable energy sources. The need for various services depends on power grid

Rep Id : TMRGL42677 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Primary Battery Market

A zinc manganese oxide (Zn-MnO2) printed battery is a type of thin, flexible battery that utilizes a combination of zinc and manganese dioxide as its active materials. These batteries are typically manufactured using printing techniques, such as screen printing or inkjet printing, which enables for the deposition of the battery's

Rep Id : TMRGL53766 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Battery Pack Modules Market for EVs

Battery pack modules store and supply electricity to EVs. These modules are units of gathered batteries. A cluster of cells come together to form a module, and a cluster of modules form a battery pack. A typical module consists of twelve cells, and eight modules make a battery pack. The

Rep Id : TMRGL85598 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Marine Air Intake Systems Market

A marine air intake system is a crucial component of a ship's ventilation system. It is responsible for providing clean and fresh air to the ship's engine room, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the ship's machinery.

Rep Id : TMRGL85596 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Optical Current Transformer Market

An optical current transformer is a type of sensor used to measure electrical current. Optical current transformers, or OCTs, use optical fibers to measure current. Optical current transformers operate by detecting the magnetic field generated by the current flowing through a conductor, using a fiber-optic sensing element. The sensing element

Rep Id : TMRGL85595 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

PV Inverter Market

A PV inverter is an electrical device that converts DC output into useful alternating current. This electricity can be fed into commercial grid or used by the off grid networks. Typically, output of PV inverters are 5 kW for private home rooftops; 10-20 kW for commercial plants, which includes factories

Rep Id : TMRGL68357 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | May 2023

Flexible, Printed, and Thin Film Batteries Market

Flexible, printed, and thin film battery is a type of battery technology that offers several advantages over traditional battery designs. These batteries are typically made using lightweight, flexible materials that can be bent or shaped into a variety of different forms. Therefore, these batteries are ideal for usage in a

Rep Id : TMRGL85579 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | April 2023

Modular Gas Processing Plants Market

Modular gas processing plants are self-contained, prefabricated units designed to process natural gas, crude oil, and other hydrocarbons at remote locations. These plants are typically smaller in size and can be easily transported and assembled on-site. Thus, they are an ideal solution for oil and gas producers operating in remote

Rep Id : TMRGL81105 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | April 2023

Wind Turbine Inspection Drones Market

Drones are used to inspect blades, towers, nacelle, and other parts of a wind turbine. They are equipped with cameras and other sensors to capture high-quality images and data. Wind turbine inspection drones are designed to fly close to the turbine and collect detailed information about the condition of the

Rep Id : TMRGL84650 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | April 2023

Batteries for Active RFID Market

Batteries for active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) refer to batteries that are used in active RFID tags, which require a continuous source of power to transmit data. Active RFID tags are equipped with a battery that provides power to the tag's microchip, which allows it to transmit data wirelessly to

Rep Id : TMRGL85571 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | April 2023

Solid-ion Conductors Market

Solid-ion conductors are materials that conduct ions in a solid state. Unlike traditional metals and semiconductors, which conduct electricity through the movement of electrons, solid-ion conductors allow the movement of ions through their crystal lattice. This property makes them useful in a variety of technological applications, including batteries, fuel cells,

Rep Id : TMRGL85570 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | April 2023

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