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Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Energy and Natural Resources

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Printed Battery Market

Printed battery is a new type of battery technology that involves using printing techniques to create thin, flexible, and lightweight batteries. These batteries are made by printing thin layers of battery components, such as electrodes and electrolytes, onto a substrate using techniques such as screen printing, inkjet printing, or roll-to-roll

Rep Id : TMRGL85501 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Wind Powered Water Pumps Market

Wind powered water pumps harness wind energy to drive a rotor blade, which turns a shaft that is connected to a piston in a cylinder. The piston creates a pressure differential that draws water up from a well or other source and pumps it through a pipe to a storage

Rep Id : TMRGL85494 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Solar Appliances Market

Solar appliances run on energy generated from the sun. They are designed to use solar energy instead of electricity from the grid or other sources. Solar appliances offer a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to meet energy needs, while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy.

Rep Id : TMRGL85493 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Biogas Blending Market

The practice of blending biogas into natural gas has created opportunity to use biogas as a substitute for fossil fuels in several applications such as electricity generation, gas grids, among others. The blending to biogas into natural gas could also boost biogas production and expand the already existing energy infrastructure.

Rep Id : TMRGL85492 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Enhanced Geothermal System Market

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source that is obtained from the Earth's core. It is created by the radioactive decay of elements and heat generated during the formation of the Earth. Rocks and liquids that make up the Earth's core store this heat energy. In many locations, it has

Rep Id : TMRGL85490 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Solar Powered Irrigation System Market

Solar powered irrigation system is a type of irrigation system that utilizes solar energy to pump water from a source (such as a well or river) to irrigate crops or plants. Solar panels generate electricity by converting sunlight into electrical energy, which powers the pump. The controller regulates the flow

Rep Id : TMRGL85483 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Solar Powered Agricultural Dryer Market

Several developing countries across the globe are dealing with the spoilage of large quantities of agricultural produce due to insufficient infrastructure. Solar powered agricultural dryers are used to address this issue. Solar powered agricultural dryer can help effectively preserve agricultural produce. They collect sunlight and convert it into heat, which

Rep Id : TMRGL85482 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Batteries for Skin Patches Market

Electronic patches that are attached to the skin are helpful in monitoring diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Several other applications of electronic skin patches are emerging, such as drug and cosmetic delivery patches. Several practical improvements in the patch, such as better shape conformability and quick activation times, are helping further

Rep Id : TMRGL85476 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Zinc-manganese Oxide Printed Battery Market

Zinc-manganese oxide (Zn-Mn02) printed batteries are a type of thin-film batteries that are manufactured using printing technologies. These batteries are made by printing multiple layers of conductive materials, active materials, and electrolytes on a substrate, such as paper or plastic.

Rep Id : TMRGL85470 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Carbon Battery Bank Market

Carbon battery bank is made of two or more carbon batteries connected together, either by series or parallel. Carbon battery bank is constructed by using single-cell battery or double cell battery. This power bank has a longer life and larger storage capacity as compared to other power banks with easy

Rep Id : TMRGL85469 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Space-based Solar Power Market

Space-based solar power (SBSP) is a concept of collecting solar power in space and transmitting it wirelessly to Earth for use as a source of clean energy. The basic idea is to place solar panels in orbit around the Earth where they can collect sunlight without the interference of the

Rep Id : TMRGL85459 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Microwave Power Transmission Market

Microwave Power Transmission (MPT) is a technology that enables the wireless transmission of electrical power over long distances using microwaves. MPT uses a transmitter to convert electrical power into microwave energy, which is subsequently transmitted through the atmosphere to a receiver, where it is converted back into electrical power.

Rep Id : TMRGL85410 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | March 2023

Solar Updraft Tower Market

Solar updraft tower is a type of renewable energy technology that uses the natural principle of convection to generate electricity. The tower consists of a large greenhouse-like structure with a central chimney or tower, typically several hundred meters tall. The greenhouse is designed to capture and trap solar energy, thus

Rep Id : TMRGL85458 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Biogas Compression Market

Compressed Biogas (CBG) is biogas that has been compressed to high pressure, typically between 200 bar and 300 bar. Biogas is a renewable energy source that is produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic matter, such as agricultural waste, municipal solid waste, and sewage.

Rep Id : TMRGL85452 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Cobalt-free Battery Market

Cobalt is one of the most significant materials used in batteries of electric cars, trucks, and other electronic devices. However, battery makers are giving preference to cobalt-free materials due to ethical concerns associated with cobalt mining. Furthermore, cobalt is too expensive.

Rep Id : TMRGL85446 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Generator Rental Market

Generator rental provides temporary power solutions. These generators are often used for events, construction sites, industrial settings, and emergency backup power. Renting a generator provides numerous benefits over purchasing the equipment. It provides more flexibility, low cost of maintenance, no installation costs, and easy scalability.

Rep Id : TMRGL74616 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Battery Swapping Market

Battery swapping refers to the process of replacing a depleted electric vehicle battery with a fully charged one at a swapping station. This technology allows electric vehicle owners to quickly and conveniently recharge their vehicles, thus potentially addressing the challenge of range anxiety and reducing the time it takes to

Rep Id : TMRGL85440 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Silicon Anode Lithium-ion Battery Market

Silicon anode lithium-ion batteries use silicon as the anode material instead of traditional graphite. Lithium ions from the cathode are absorbed by the silicon anode while charging, causing the silicon to expand. During discharge, the lithium ions move back to the cathode, causing the silicon to contract. This process enables

Rep Id : TMRGL85438 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Foldable/Flexible Battery Market

Foldable/flexible battery is a type of rechargeable battery that can be bent, twisted, or folded without losing its functionality or performance. It is typically made using flexible materials and is designed to be lightweight and thin.

Rep Id : TMRGL85437 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

Stretchable Battery Market

Stretchable battery is a new and emerging type of battery technology that can conform to the shape and movement of flexible devices, such as wearable electronics, sensors, and medical implants. Unlike traditional batteries that are rigid and inflexible, stretchable batteries can bend, twist, and stretch without losing their electrical properties.

Rep Id : TMRGL85432 | Published | Energy and Natural Resources | February 2023

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