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Budesonide Inhaler Market

The boost in budesonide inhaler market revenue is due to rise in the number of patients affected by asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) worldwide. Moreover, generic versions of budesonide inhaler are being introduced by the key players, which widens the consumer base. Generic versions are affordable by the

Rep Id : TMRGL64215 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Bladder Cancer Therapeutics Market

Increase in frequency of bladder cancer followed by rapid development of therapeutics related to it are holding the responsibility of growth of global bladder cancer therapeutics market.

Rep Id : TMRGL86091 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Market

Increase in cases of bipolar disorders coupled by speedy approval of drugs pertaining to them are responsible for boosting the bipolar disorder treatment market revenue. Bipolar disorder is amongst the serious mental illnesses that result in severe and unusual mood alterations.

Rep Id : TMRGL20855 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Market

Increase in incidence of autism spectrum disorder is driving the autism spectrum disorder treatment market trends. Autism constitutes unresponsiveness to name or the other verbal bids for attention, facing difficulties regarding back and forth conversation, talking at length with respect to a favorite subject without even checking if others are

Rep Id : TMRGL2307 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Ayurveda Women’s Health Market

Rise in incidences of women’s health problems and the need to address hormonal imbalances are holding the responsibility of Ayurveda women’s health market development.

Rep Id : TMRGL86079 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Ayurveda Stomach Care Market

Growing prevalence of obesity and gastric problems is responsible for the notable growth of Ayurveda stomach care market. Ayurveda stomach care, instead of subverting the gastric pain superficially, delves deeper, thereby getting to the root cause.

Rep Id : TMRGL86078 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Ayurveda Sexual Wellness Market

Increase in cases of sexual unwellness is responsible for the growth of Ayurveda sexual wellness market. Sexual wellness contributes to healthy functioning of the heart, and also helps in raising the concentration quotient.

Rep Id : TMRGL86072 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment Market

The global Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) treatment market growth is driven by raised awareness quotient regarding ADHD, followed by extensive R&D activities conducted in this regard.

Rep Id : TMRGL86064 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Ashwagandha Market

Rise in the cases of diabetes and sleeplessness is boosting the Ashwagandha market revenue. Ashwagandha is one of the conventional forms of alternative medicines that are based on Indian principles of natural healing.

Rep Id : TMRGL78107 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Articaine Hydrochloride Market

The global articane hydrochloride market is expected to grow on the basis of a noticeable increase in incidence of dental caries and periodontal diseases.

Rep Id : TMRGL86048 | Published | Pharmaceutical | May 2024

Albendazole Veterinary Market

Rise in incidence of helminthiasis amongst animals is responsible for the Albendazole veterinary market growth. Albendazole is used for treating helminthiasis (medical condition caused by parasitic worms that attack the intestines of animals). Various awareness campaigns regarding animal care are being organized at the global level, which include informing the

Rep Id : TMRGL86030 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Amlodipine Market

Rise in cases of high blood pressure is responsible for the augmentation of global amlodipine market. Amlodipine helps in scaling down blood pressure by widening and relaxing the blood vessels. This helps in obtaining relief from chest pain as well. The generic version of amlodipine is certified as safe by

Rep Id : TMRGL86028 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Chlamydia Infection Diagnostics and Therapeutics Market

Rise in prevalence of chlamydia infection and technological advancements in in diagnostic and therapeutic solutions are boosting the chlamydia infection diagnostics and therapeutics market size. Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in men and women.

Rep Id : TMRGL8212 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Pharmerging Market

Increase in demand for innovative drugs and therapies at affordable prices is a leading factor driving the pharmerging market value. Insurance companies located in pharmerging countries offer comprehensive policies to reduce the overheads of patients.

Rep Id : TMRGL8200 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Drugs Market

Growth in incidence of chronic kidney diseases is fueling the chronic kidney disease (CKD) drugs market size. Commonly used CKD medicines include calcium acetate and calcium carbonate.

Rep Id : TMRGL2481 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Diabetic Neuropathy Market

High prevalence of diabetes is fueling the diabetic neuropathy market development. Diabetic neuropathy affects people with diabetes. Pain management​​ medications may be used to treat pain caused by diabetic neuropathy.

Rep Id : TMRGL2199 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Rheumatology Therapeutics Market

Rise in prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis is fueling the rheumatology therapeutics market size. Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, and Disease Modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs) are widely employed in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders.

Rep Id : TMRGL1494 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Orphan Drugs Market

Rise in prevalence of rare diseases is one of the prominent factors augmenting the global orphan drugs market growth. Orphan pharmaceuticals are developed in order to treat rare ‘orphan’ diseases.

Rep Id : TMRGL1254 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Alzheimer’s Drugs Market

Increase in awareness regarding Alzheimer’s disease is a major factor driving the global Alzheimer's drugs market size. Alzheimer’s drugs or Alzheimer's therapies help slow down memory loss. They also help carry out routine activities.

Rep Id : TMRGL1245 | Published | Pharmaceutical | April 2024

Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Alopecia Treatment Market

Rise in incidence of autoimmune hair loss is one of the prominent platelet rich plasma and stem cell alopecia treatment market drivers. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is recommended as a monotherapy or an adjuvant to hair transplantation.

Rep Id : TMRGL55800 | Published | Pharmaceutical | March 2024

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