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Reports by Industry

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Industrial Artificial Intelligence [AI] Market

Industrial artificial intelligence, or industrial AI, is the usage of AI in industrial applications such as movement and warehousing, supply chain management, advanced analytics, and automation and robotics in manufacturing. Rise in adoption of AI in the manufacturing sector is anticipated to fuel market statistics. Manufacturers are progressively using AI-based

Rep Id : TMRGL85243 | Published | IT and Telecom | November 2022

Wafer Glass Market

Glass wafers are thin precision glass discs that are typically made of borosilicate glass, quartz, or fused silica and are utilized as a substrate carrier for bonding silicon and other substrates. Glass wafers are also used in display engineering and display glass inspection systems. Glass wafers offer several advantages over

Rep Id : TMRGL85242 | Published | Electronics and Semiconductors | November 2022

Ethyl Lactate Market

The global ethyl lactate market is gaining traction as a ‘green solvent’ due to its biodegradability, non-toxicity, low vaporization, non-corrosive, and non-ozone-depleting nature. It is widely used as a food additive for flavor & fragrance and also in the production of perfumes. It is non-carcinogenic; and has low volatility and

Rep Id : TMRGL83715 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | November 2022

In-vitro Toxicology Testing Market

Newly-released In-vitro Toxicology Testing market analysis report by Transparency Market Research shows that global sales of In-vitro Toxicology Testing market in 2021 was held at US$ 24.1 Bn. With 13%, the projected market growth during 2022 - 2032 is expected to be significantly higher than the historical growth.

Rep Id : TMRGL73510 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Cardiovascular Diagnostic & Monitoring Devices Market

Cardiac monitoring devices are important in cardiovascular care because these can be used to determine the frequency and severity of cardiac failure, as well as the efficacy of treatments such as drugs, surgeries, and device implants. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is preventable, is one of the leading causes of death

Rep Id : TMRGL2385 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Single-use Flexible Endoscope Market

Endoscope is a medical device with a light on it. It is used to carry out examination inside of an organ and body cavity. During a sigmoidoscopy or bronchoscopy, the device is transplanted through a tiny opening, such as the mouth or rectum. Single-use endoscopes have been recently introduced in

Rep Id : TMRGL85241 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Anti-radiation Drugs Market

Anti-radiation drugs offer protection against radiation exposure. These drugs include KI, Prussian Blue, and DTPA (Diethylenetriamine pentaacetate). Anti-radiation medicines help block the absorption and subsequent concentration of radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland. KI must be consumed before or shortly after exposure to radioactive iodine for better results.

Rep Id : TMRGL85240 | Published | Pharmaceutical | November 2022

Intervertebral Implants Market

Spinal implants are used to stabilize an unstable spine caused by trauma or slid vertebrae produced by degenerative intervertebral discs. Adoption of anterior or posterior techniques may provide surgical stability. Plates or rods with screws implanted into the vertebral bodies join and fix adjacent vertebral bodies from the anterior approach.

Rep Id : TMRGL85239 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Connected (Smart) Street Light Market

Smart street lighting system establishes the connection between components through a reliable and secured wired or wireless network. This connection enables two-way communication in order to monitor and control the lighting functions.

Rep Id : TMRGL29213 | Published | Electronics and Semiconductors | November 2022

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Market

Transparency Market Research’s analysis reveals that significant revenue is grossed from mesenchymal stem cell products, which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.4% during 2022 - 2032. On the other hand, the Allogenic Type of Mesenchymal Stem Cells is forecasted to be the highest revenue-generating category, with a

Rep Id : TMRGL26735 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Cold Plasma Market

As per the Global Cold Plasma Market research by Transparency Market Research - a market research and competitive intelligence provider, historically, from 2017 to 2021, the value of the Cold Plasma Market increased at around 15.9% CAGR.

Rep Id : TMRGL20216 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Aesthetic Implants Market

Aesthetic implants are used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. These implants help improve cosmetic appearance by correcting abnormalities brought on by trauma, accidents, or hereditary diseases. Body parts such as breasts, chest, buttocks, testicles, face (chin, cheek, jaws, and lips), teeth, calf, and penis can all have their shapes, sizes,

Rep Id : TMRGL74660 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Asthma Treatment Market

Asthma is a condition, in which the airways narrow and swell, resulting in extra mucus formation. This can make breathing difficult and cause coughing, a whistling sound, and shortness of breath. Asthma is a minor annoyance for some people. For some, it can be a major issue that disrupts daily

Rep Id : TMRGL73640 | Published | Pharmaceutical | November 2022

Power Sports Market

Power sports are a sub-category of motorsports that generally includes vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), personal watercraft, and scooters. Power sports vehicles are designed for sports, racing, and recreational activities.

Rep Id : TMRGL64161 | Published | Automotive | November 2022

NAMPT Inhibitors Pipeline Analysis

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolite, which is an important second messenger and cofactor for a number of cellular processes such as metabolism and genomic stability, which are necessary for survival.

Rep Id : TMRGL85238 | Published | Pharmaceutical | November 2022

Halal and Kosher Empty Capsules Market

Halal and kosher capsules are certified by halal and kosher regulations. Kosher refers to food that is suitable for consumption in accordance with Kashrut, a Jewish dietary rule. Halal is an Islamic phrase that implies permissible or permitted. In compliance with Islamic Law, gelatin is obtained from the bones of

Rep Id : TMRGL76513 | Published | Pharmaceutical | November 2022

Automotive Polycarbonate Glazing Market

Automotive polycarbonate glazing panels offer numerous advantages to automakers to manufacture lightweight, fuel-efficient and stylish vehicles. The use of polycarbonates in automotive glazing provides greater functional integration, parts consolidation, and system cost advantages. It has superb impact resistance, optical clarity, and offers the processing benefits of thermoplastic. The usability of

Rep Id : TMRGL23351 | Published | Automotive | November 2022

Medical Device Analytical Testing Outsourcing Market

As per the Medical Device Analytical Testing Outsourcing Market research by Transparency Market Research - a market research and competitive intelligence provider, historically, from 2017 to 2021, the value of the Medical Device Analytical Testing Outsourcing Market increased at around 8.2% CAGR.

Rep Id : TMRGL85237 | Published | Healthcare | November 2022

Non-terrestrial IoT Gateway Hardware and Software Market

Non-terrestrial IoT, or satellite IoT, refers to IoT services provided by satellite networks. IoT enables interconnectivity between objects, enabling them to communicate and transmit commands without the need for human-to-human or even human-to-computer interaction. This allows the automation of several decisions and actions based on data received from remote devices.

Rep Id : TMRGL85236 | Published | IT and Telecom | November 2022

Molybdenum Trioxide Nanopowder Market

MoO3 nanopowder is a high-purity molybdenum oxide. Molybdenum trioxide properties such as better thermal stability and higher mechanical strength than its bulk counterpart make MoO3 an ideal material for usage in catalysis such as cracking catalysis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, and hydrogenation catalysis.

Rep Id : TMRGL79008 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | November 2022

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