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Reports by Industry

Research Reports in Infantry Weapons and Equipment

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Active Protection Systems Market

Active Protection System (APS) can shoot down and interrupt different number of threats such as anti-tank missiles and rocket-propelled grenades with accuracy with minimum collateral damage. Active Protection System (APS) can also provide protection from these threats in various mission applications, such as fixed sites, ships and combat vehicles among

Rep Id : TMRGL27752 | Published | Defense | July 2017

Man-portable Anti-armor Weapons Market Growth, Forecast 2025

The rapid escalation in the defense budgets across the globe and the need to strengthen the respective armed forces, the defense forces are investing huge amounts in the research and development of latest and robust ammunitions and weaponries. This factor has led the defense contractors to innovate and develop new

Rep Id : TMRGL23408 | Published | Defense | June 2017

Military Exoskeleton Market

Military exoskeleton is robotic-like suit which provides powered assist and increase the strength of the soldiers during combat. There are several factors driving the demand for these exoskeletons globally. The increasing concern for security and safety from growing criminal activities and cross border terrorism has resulted into the need for

Rep Id : TMRGL24626 | Published | Defense | May 2017

Smart Bullets Market

A smart bullet not only follows the route of the target but also sends data, changes its speed, and turns according to it. Smart bullets exhibit various features such as better lethality with aim point range. They are also effective against moving targets. Increase in the demand of smart bullets

Rep Id : TMRGL23873 | Published | Defense | May 2017

Micro Tactical Ground Robot Market

This report covers the analysis and forecast of the micro tactical ground robot market on a global and regional level. The study provides historic data of 2016 along with forecast for the period between 2017 and 2025 based on revenue (US$ Mn). 

Rep Id : TMRGL23345 | Published | Defense | May 2017

Non-lethal Biochemical Weapons Market

Interest  of military forces and law enforcement agencies in non-lethal biochemical weapons has witnessed tremendous development in the recent past as progress in technology in science has appeared to provide the assurance of innovative non-lethal weapons, used in a wide variety of militarily and politically threatening situations. These weapons, also

Rep Id : TMRGL20858 | Published | Defense | March 2017

Military Personal Protective Equipment Market

Military personal protective equipment has become a crucial and standard element of soldier equipment. One of the major factor driving the market is the increasing role of ground troops in different parts of the world such as Iraq, Afghanistan and India among others. The demand for military personal protective equipment

Rep Id : TMRGL19655 | Published | Defense | February 2017

Advanced Combat Helmet Market

The rapid escalation of global warfare, terrorist’s activities, cross border insurgencies and internal conflicts among others are increasing the need for more ballistic protective equipment. The advanced combat helmet is a modern combat helmet designed to protect soldiers head during any combat operations. The advanced combat helmet protects the soldiers

Rep Id : TMRGL19238 | Published | Defense | February 2017

Armored Vehicle Market

Military vehicles require robust capabilities to overcome threats from both internal damages and external sources. The deployment of military troops in extreme environmental scenarios has led to the investments in improving the vehicle competencies in terms of technology. Various rugged systems and devices are constantly being integrated in the military

Rep Id : TMRGL2774 | Published | Defense | August 2016

Directed Energy Weapons Market

Directed energy weapons (DEW) emits highly focused energy towards a target object or individual in order to damage or disable it. These weapon systems can be either lethal or non-lethal based on their application areas. A DEW system can be deployed in all three formats: land based, naval, and airborne.

Rep Id : TMRGL5969 | Published | Defense | August 2015

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