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Marine Fender Market

Marine fenders are collision prevention marine equipment designed primarily to prevent ships, boats, ferries, and other marine vessels from colliding and crashing against each other or at dockyards or terminals.

Rep Id : TMRGL37565 | Published | Automotive | September 2023

Automotive Camera Market

Automotive camera is an imaging system that continuously captures and provides views of the surroundings to the vehicle’s driver in order to enhance the safety of driver and vehicle. This is achieved by enabling the driver to take better decisions in the interest of safety based on real-time imaging of

Rep Id : TMRGL36611 | Published | Automotive | September 2023

Tire Machinery Market

Tire machinery is the equipment used in the process of tire manufacturing. Tire machinery is used to assemble different tire parts such as body ply, sidewall, bead, tread and inner liner into one single tire unit.

Rep Id : TMRGL71265 | Published | Automotive | September 2023

Off-highway Vehicle Market

Off-highway vehicle, also known as off-road vehicle or overland or adventure vehicle, is any vehicle that can go both on and off paved or gravel surfaces. Off-highway vehicles refer to vehicles, such as excavators, tractors, forklifts, cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, and golf carts, that are used off of public roads or

Rep Id : TMRGL43742 | Published | Automotive | September 2023

Automotive Over-the-Air (OTA) Market

The automotive Over-the-Air (OTA) business refers to the rapidly growing segment within the automotive sector that focuses on delivering software updates and data exchanges to vehicles over wireless networks. OTA technology enables automakers to remotely update various aspects of a vehicle's software, including infotainment systems, Engine Control Units (ECUs), and

Rep Id : TMRGL85815 | Published | Automotive | September 2023

Automotive Bumper Market

The automotive bumper market refers to the segment of the automotive industry focused on the design, manufacture, and distribution of bumpers for motor vehicles. Bumpers are essential safety and esthetic components that are installed on the front and rear of automobiles. They serve multiple functions.

Rep Id : TMRGL28610 | Published | Automotive | September 2023

Road Safety System Market

A road safety system refers to a comprehensive and integrated set of measures, technologies, policies, and practices designed to prevent accidents, minimize injuries, and reduce fatalities on roadways.

Rep Id : TMRGL85799 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Leisure Boat Market

The leisure boat market refers to the global industry that involves manufacturing, distribution, and sale of recreational boats and watercraft designed for personal or leisure activities.

Rep Id : TMRGL48327 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Electric Drive Axle Market

Automotive electric drive axle refers to the system that provides propulsion to the wheels of an electric vehicle. It is an essential component in Electric Vehicles (EVs) responsible for transmitting power from the electric motor(s) to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to move.

Rep Id : TMRGL40232 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Compact Camera Module Market

Automotive compact camera module refers to a small electronic device that incorporates a camera sensor, lens, and associated components, designed specifically for use in automotive applications. It is a crucial component of modern vehicles, particularly in Advanced Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Forward surveillance camera modules, DVR camera

Rep Id : TMRGL39194 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Virtual Exterior Mirror Market

The automotive virtual exterior mirror technology refers to the replacement of traditional side mirrors with advanced camera-based systems that provide real-time digital images or video feeds to the driver. These camera-based systems, also known as digital mirrors or e-mirrors, offer a technologically advanced and streamlined alternative to conventional exterior mirrors.

Rep Id : TMRGL85781 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR-HUD) Market

Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR HUD) technology is a cutting-edge innovation in the automotive sector that combines traditional HUD with AR elements to provide drivers with real-time, context-sensitive information in their line of sight. AR-HUDs project virtual images directly onto the windshield or a dedicated display area, enhancing the driving

Rep Id : TMRGL83996 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive 3D Map System Market

Automotive 3D map system is an advanced navigation technology that provides drivers with a comprehensive, three-dimensional (3D) representation of their surroundings, enabling more intuitive and immersive navigation experiences. Automotive 3D mapping technology incorporates detailed topographical data, realistic landmarks, and building structures to offer a highly accurate and visually rich depiction

Rep Id : TMRGL41408 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Seat Belt Pretensioner Market

Automotive seat belt pretensioner is a safety device designed to enhance the effectiveness of seat belts in protecting vehicle occupants during a collision or sudden deceleration event. It is an integral part of modern automotive safety systems and works in conjunction with standard seat belts to provide additional protection to

Rep Id : TMRGL63417 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection Technology Market

Automotive night vision and pedestrian detection technologies are designed to enhance safety by improving a driver's visibility in low-light conditions, especially during nighttime driving. These technologies use infrared sensors, cameras, or other specialized sensors to detect pedestrians, animals, or other potential obstacles that may not be easily visible to the

Rep Id : TMRGL79414 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Electric Vehicle Power Electronics Market

The electric vehicle power electronics industry engages in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of power electronics components and systems specifically tailored for EVs. Power electronics play a crucial role in electric vehicles, as they manage the flow of electrical energy between the battery, electric motor, and other vehicle systems.

Rep Id : TMRGL85760 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Automotive Oil Filter Market

An automotive oil filter is a vital component of a vehicle's lubrication system, which is designed to remove contaminants and impurities from the engine oil. It is typically made of a metal canister housing with an inlet and outlet. The canister contains a filter media made of various materials, such

Rep Id : TMRGL42572 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Electric Vehicle Transmission Market

Electric vehicle transmission, often referred to as an EV transmission or electric powertrain, is a specialized system designed to transfer the power generated by an electric motor to the wheels of an electric vehicle. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, which use complex multi-speed transmissions to optimize power delivery, electric

Rep Id : TMRGL78794 | Published | Automotive | August 2023

Tubeless Tires Market

Tubeless tire is a type of tire used in various vehicles, including motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and even some heavy-duty applications. These airless tires do not require an inner tube to hold the air pressure. Instead, they form an airtight seal between the tire and the rim, thus preventing

Rep Id : TMRGL73032 | Published | Automotive | July 2023

Automotive Smart Display Market

An automotive smart display refers to an advanced electronic screen or monitor integrated into a vehicle's dashboard or instrument cluster. It combines various technologies, such as touchscreens, voice recognition, and connectivity features, to provide drivers and passengers with an enhanced user-interface and access to a wide range of information, entertainment,

Rep Id : TMRGL32744 | Published | Automotive | July 2023

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