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eClinical Solutions Market

eClinical solutions refer to a range of technology-driven tools, platforms, and services that are used in management and conduct of clinical trials. These solutions aim to streamline and enhance various aspects of the clinical trial process, including data collection, management, analysis, monitoring, and reporting.

Rep Id : TMRGL25508 | Published | Healthcare | August 2023

Toxicology Drug Testing Market

Toxicology drug testing is a process that involves analyzing biological samples, such as urine, blood, saliva, or hair, to detect the presence of drugs or their metabolites. It is an essential tool used in various fields, including healthcare, workplace safety, forensic investigations, sports, addiction treatment, and pharmaceutical research.

Rep Id : TMRGL85789 | Published | Healthcare | August 2023

Rehabilitation Robots Market

Rehabilitation robot is an automatically operated machine that is designed to improve movement in persons with impaired physical functioning. There are two main types of rehabilitation robots. Assistive robot substitutes for lost limb movements, which is a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm that is controlled using a chin switch or other input

Rep Id : TMRGL83945 | Published | Healthcare | August 2023

Smart Hospitals Market

Smart hospitals are healthcare facilities that utilize advanced technologies and digital solutions to improve patient care, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize resource management.

Rep Id : TMRGL48588 | Published | Healthcare | August 2023

Digital Health Market

Digital health involves the use of wearable technologies, telehealth and telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), health Information Technology (IT), and personalized medicine. Digital care solutions rely on various computing platforms, networking software, and sensors to facilitate healthcare services.

Rep Id : TMRGL12473 | Published | Healthcare | August 2023

Corporate Wellness Market

The market refers to the industry focused on promoting and improving the health and well-being of employees within organizations. It encompasses a wide range of wellness programs and initiatives designed to address physical, mental, and emotional health aspects of the workforce.

Rep Id : TMRGL4743 | Published | Healthcare | August 2023

Healthcare Informatics Market

Healthcare informatics, also known as health informatics or medical informatics or clinical informatics, is a multidisciplinary field that combines the use of information technology, data analysis, and healthcare management to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of healthcare delivery and decision-making. It focuses on the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use

Rep Id : TMRGL80749 | Published | Healthcare | July 2023

VR Medical Simulation Market

Virtual reality (VR) medical simulation refers to the use of virtual reality technology to simulate medical scenarios and procedures for training healthcare professionals. VR medical simulation creates a fully immersive and interactive environment that allows trainees to practice medical procedures and decision-making in a safe and controlled setting.

Rep Id : TMRGL85723 | Published | Healthcare | July 2023

India Glioma Treatment Market

Glioma treatment includes medications, devices, and therapies used to treat gliomas, a type of brain tumor. Gliomas are a serious health concern in India, with a high prevalence and mortality rate. The market includes a range of products and services, including glioma surgery, radiation therapy, glioma chemotherapy, and targeted therapy

Rep Id : TMRGL85687 | Published | Healthcare | July 2023

Cold Plasma Market

Cold plasma technology has been gaining significant attention in the past few years due to its ability to provide precise and efficient processing without damaging the underlying material.

Rep Id : TMRGL20216 | Published | Healthcare | July 2023

Nuclear Medicine Market

Nuclear medicine refers to a specialized radiology field that utilizes small amounts of radioactive materials, known as radiopharmaceuticals, to examine the structure and function of organs. This imaging technique is an amalgamation of various disciplines such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology, and medicine. It is particularly useful in the

Rep Id : TMRGL4672 | Published | Healthcare | June 2023

DNA Repair Drugs Market

DNA repair drugs are a class of pharmaceutical compounds that target and modulate DNA repair processes within cells. DNA repair is a fundamental process that ensures integrity and stability of the genetic material within cells.

Rep Id : TMRGL77165 | Published | Healthcare | June 2023

Cell Therapy Technologies Market

The cell therapy technologies market refers to the field of medical treatment that involves the use of living cells to restore or improve the functioning of damaged or diseased tissues and organs. It is a rapidly evolving and promising area of research & development within the broader field of regenerative

Rep Id : TMRGL69002 | Published | Healthcare | June 2023

Calcium Channel Blockers Market

Calcium channel blockers (CCBs) are a class of drugs used to treat various medical conditions, particularly cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina (chest pain). These drugs work by blocking the entry of calcium ions into the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels, which causes the vessels

Rep Id : TMRGL35687 | Published | Healthcare | May 2023

Ophthalmic Drugs Market

Ophthalmic drugs are a category of pharmaceuticals specifically designed for the treatment, management, and prevention of eye disorders and diseases. These drugs are formulated to be administered directly to the eyes or their surrounding structures, typically in the form of eye drops, ointments, gels, or injections.

Rep Id : TMRGL1769 | Published | Healthcare | May 2023

Dental Composites Market

Dental composite, also known as composite resin or tooth-colored filling, is a type of dental material that is used to restore or repair teeth that have been damaged by decay, cracks, or other forms of trauma. Dental composites are made up of a mixture of resin and fillers, which can

Rep Id : TMRGL74366 | Published | Healthcare | May 2023

Research Antibodies and Reagents Market

As per the research of the Research Antibodies and Reagents Market by Transparency Market Research - a market research and competitive intelligence provider, historically, from 2018 to 2022, the market value increased at around 8.9% CAGR. With an absolute dollar opportunity of US$ 10.9 Billion, the market is projected to

Rep Id : TMRGL85517 | Published | Healthcare | March 2023

In Vivo Toxicology Market

As per the research of the In Vivo Toxicology Market by Transparency Market Research-a market research and competitive intelligence provider, historically, from 2018 to 2022, the market value increased by around 4.4% CAGR. With an absolute dollar opportunity of US$ 4 Billion, the market is projected to reach a valuation

Rep Id : TMRGL85513 | Published | Healthcare | March 2023

Global Collagen and Gelatin Market

Newly-released Collagen and Gelatin Market analysis report by Transparency Market Research reveals that global sales of the Collagen and Gelatin Market in 2022 were held at US$ 900 million. With a projected CAGR of 6.8% from 2023 to 2033, the market is expected to reach a US$ 2 Billion valuation

Rep Id : TMRGL85506 | Published | Healthcare | March 2023

Custom Antibody Market

As per the research on Custom Antibody Market by Transparency Market Research- a market research and competitive intelligence provider, historically, from 2018 to 2022, the market value increased at around 10.7% CAGR. With an absolute dollar opportunity of US$ 580 million, the market is projected to reach a US$ 1

Rep Id : TMRGL69005 | Published | Healthcare | March 2023

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