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Equine Healthcare Market (Diagnostic Product Type – Equine Pregnancy and Gestation Diagnostic Products and Equine Genotyping Analysis Products; Therapeutic Product Type - Equine Vaccines Market, Equine Antibacterials Market, Equine Antivirals Market, Equine Antiprotozoals Market, Equine Dopamine Agonists Market, Equine Anti-inflammatory Drugs Market, and Equine Laxatives Market; Equine Supplement Products Type - Equine Performance Supplements and Equine Protection Products) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013 - 2019

Global Equine Healthcare Market: Overview

The global equestrian market is a growing industry that includes competitive and leisure riding, horse racing, and it also supports the multifarious secondary markets across the globe, the equine healthcare market being one of them. Equine health is the veterinary services which are proposed for the treatment of horses to improve their quality of life, upsurge their lifecycle, and improve the quality of animal food products. Equine therapeutic products, equine diagnostic products, and equine supplement products are the three chief product types under the global equine healthcare market. Equine diagnostic products help in the detection of antibodies, viruses, and bacteria; equine therapeutic products comprise vaccination that aids in the treatment of any disease situation; and equine supplement products aid in sustaining a specific obligation of supplements.

The players are attracted by a high return on investments (ROI) which is leading to market enlargement. Moreover, the investments by various regions in horse racing are propelling the growth of the global equine healthcare market. However, the easy availability of substitutes for gambling such as online gambling and the decreasing population of equestrian is restraining the growth of the market. The evolving sub segments in the market are likely to provide growth opportunities to manufacturers. The global equine healthcare market is a developing field of pharmaceuticals. The global market is however facing challenges owing to the stringent regulations imposed by governments. Nevertheless, these regulations are deliberately allocated and more importance is given on the marketable policies available for the products. This industry witnesses high competition owing to many players present for the similar product. The market dynamics exhibit that the influence of drivers is comparatively more on the market as compared to the inhibitors.

The global equine healthcare market is likely to exhibit minute 1.20% CAGR from 2013 to 2019. The market was worth US$26.6 bn in 2012 and is likely to fall to a valuation of US$24.5 bn by 2019.

Genotype Analyzers to Exhibit Positive Signs and Grow Significantly

Genotype analyzers or breed quality analyzers are an important part of the equine diagnostics product segment in the global equine healthcare market. This particular segment is likely to expand at a 15% CAGR during the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to the rising sales of analysis kits across the globe. The market is segmented into therapeutic, supplement, and diagnostic products. Equine diagnostic products is expected to lead the market in the near future.

North America Market to be Adversely Effected as Horse Owners Close down Business

Going till 2019, almost 50% of the horse-owners in North American showed deteriorating interests in joining the equine events, shows, and racing. The horse-owners further stated that they are expected to limit equestrian operations only till the ‘breeding’ sub-set of the value-chain to capitalize on the return on investments and also export high quality breed of horses to specific destinations such as China. Thus, the North America equine healthcare market is likely to decay by -1.0% until 2019.

The companies in the market are Equine Orthotics and Prosthetics, Equine Health U.K., Zoetis (Pfizer Animal Health), Elanco Animal Heath, Affymetrix, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, and Merck Animal Health.

The global equestrian market is a multi-billion dollar industry that comprises horse racing and betting, leisure and competitive riding and has spawned and supports multifarious secondary markets; the equine healthcare market ranks as the one of the key secondary markets. This report exclusively studies the market for equine healthcare from varied aspects such as, in terms of equine diagnostic products, equine therapeutic products and equine supplement products; and is thus classified into three prime segments namelyequine diagnostic products market, equine therapeutic products market and equine supplement products market. The market size and forecast for the period 2013–2019, in terms of USD million, considering 2012 as the base year has been provided for each segment and sub-segments in the report. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for each segment and sub-segments has been provided for the forecast period from 2013–2019.
Geographically, the equine healthcare market has been classified into four regions -North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). The market size and forecast for each region along with their market growth rate has been highlighted. The market overview section of the report comprises of a qualitative analysis of the market in terms of drivers, restraintsand opportunities, along with market attractiveness analysis.
The report concludes with the competitive landscape and company profiles of few market players in this industry, as of 2012. The market players profiled in this report include Elanco Animal Health, Merck Animal Health, Zoetis (Pfizer Animal Health), Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Bayer Animal Health, Equine Health U.K., Equine Orthotics and Prosthetics, Affymetrix, Equine Diagnostics, Signostics and Purina.
The global equine healthcaremarket is segmented as follows:
Equine Diagnostic Products Market, by Type
  • Equine Pregnancy and Gestation Diagnostic Products Market
    • Equine UltraSound Devices Market
    • Equine Urine Test Kits Market
  • Equine Genotyping Analysis Products Market
    • Breed Quality Analyzers/Genotype Analyzers Kits Market
    • Genetic Disease Identification Products/Semen Quality Analyzers Market


Equine Therapeutic Products Market, by Type


  • Equine Vaccines Market
  • Equine Antibacterials Market
  • Equine Antivirals Market
  • Equine Antiprotozoals Market
  • Equine Dopamine Agonists Market
  • Equine Anti-inflammatory Drugs Market
  • Equine Laxatives Market


Equine Supplement Products Market, by Type


  • Equine Performance Supplements Market
    • Equine Proteins and Amino Acids Supplements Market
    • Equine Vitamin Supplements Market
    • Equine Electrolyte Supplements Market
    • Other Equine Performance Supplements Market
  • Equine Protection Products Market
    • Equine Protection Products Market
    • Equine Prosthetics Market


Equine Healthcare Market, by Geography


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World (RoW)

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