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Gout Therapeutic Market Rising on the Back of Increasing Changing Lifestyle

Gout is an inflammatory arthritis that develops due to high concentration of uric acid in the blood. Due to access accumulation of acid a needle-like crystal is formed on joint area. In addition to the crystal formation, the disease is followed by severe pain, redness, tenderness, and swelling. In most cases, patient suffering from the disease needs instant treatment due to severity of diseases otherwise it could lead to permanent disability. This defines the importance for products in the global gout therapeutic market.

The urgency of treatment has bought several therapeutics by the pharmaceuticals players. Some of the approved patient available for the treatment of disease are NSAIDs and corticosteroids. These drugs offer substantial effectiveness in treating gout conditions.

Factors such as increasing prevalence of the gout, changing lifestyle, high purine diet, increase obesity and kidney related diseases are some of the prominent factors expected to drive the global gout therapeutic market. Though in many cases gout is diagnosis by its symptoms but it many cases it is examined by a series of tests and examinations.

Nonetheless, in several developing countries the diseases remain undiagnosed due to inadequate awareness among the patients. People often relay on home remedies to get rid of these. This is expected to hamper the growth of the global gout therapeutic market.

Public Private Collaboration to Enhance Gout Awareness Among Consumers

To overcome this, private companies are collaborating with the government in order to run awareness programs and campaigns. Such initiatives are expected to provide several lucrative avenues for the growth of the global gout therapeutic market.

This can be attributed by the fact that in the year April 2016, AstraZeneca signed agreement with U. S. government. The agreement is expected to ensure successful promotion of Zurampic (a medicine used to treat gout) in the U.S.

Further players are investing in research and developments activities to find out key causes of diseases and their co-relation with the genes. In a study published in American Journal of Medicine in 2015 it has been stated that alcohol consumption is one of the major factors responsible for the gout. Rise in number of the bars and growing acceptance of alcohol in public parties are expected to enhance number of gout dieses.

Side Effects Associated with Gout Therapeutics to Hamper Market’s Growth

One of the most common therapeutics used for the treatment of gout is colchicine. Patients depending on long term colchicine medication often complains for depression. In a few cases patients are diagnosed with bone marrow. Further, the drug is prescribed to pregnant women as it can lead down’s syndrome in foetus. The growing awareness among the people reading ill effects of gout therapeutics is a prominent factors expected to hamper the growth of the global gout therapeutic market in the coming few years.

North America Hold Maximum Share in the Gout Therapeutic Market

There has been significant rise in prevalence of gout across the globe. Among all the regions, North America leads the global gout therapeutic market. This is mainly due to the high prevalence of gout in the countries such U.S. One reason behind high cases of gout in the region could be growing acceptance of alcohol, fast food, and smoking in the region. All these factors contribute to the inflammatory disorder. Moreover, adoption of innovative treatments and high awareness of arthritic conditions is anticipated to fuel the global gout therapeutic market.     

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