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Increasing Implementation of Safety Guidelines in Food Production Boosts Global Cleanroom Consumables Market

Savvy companies in the global cleanroom consumables market are vying for mergers and acquisitions to expand their geographical outreach. This is serving to be an effective growth strategy for new players seeking to establish themselves in this crowded market. For example, in February 2017, Australia based Ansell acquired Nitritex Limited. Following the acquisition, the former obtained ownership of Nitritex’s flagship cleanroom and life science consumable products. The acquisition also expands the distribution network of Ansell to over 60 countries where Nitritex Limited has presence.

Besides this, strategic collaborations for distribution agreements and technological advancements are on the growth chart of key companies in the global cleanroom consumables market. For example, introduction of Tychem gloves by DuPont, and VertiKlean MAX range compact bucket system by Contec Inc. were some key technological advancements in 2018.

The global cleanroom consumables market stood at a valuation of US$9,000 mn in 2017, and is expected to be worth US$13,000 mn by 2026 at a CAGR of 5% between 2018 and 2026. According to a report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR).

Drawback of Unfit for Recycling limits Adoption

The global market for cleanroom consumables market is progressing due to several favorable factors. The rising incidence of microbial contamination and stringent regulations for adherence to quality guidelines such as cGLP, cGMP, and ICH are some key factors fueling the cleanroom consumables market.

Besides this, advent of nanotechnology and surging demand for modular cleanroom systems are fueling the cleanroom consumables market. Cleanroom consumables find extensive use in a range of industries such as food processing, biotechnology, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical devices.

On the contrary, environmental biohazard is a key factor limiting the growth of the cleanroom consumables market. Cleanroom consumables cannot be reused or recycled that makes them find way in landfills. Also, some products such as gloves and other apparel made of latex and nitrile are associated with allergic reactions, which is limiting their use.

Nevertheless, introduction of biodegradable products and technological advances in the manufacture of newer cleanroom consumables is likely to address issues due to predecessor products.

Coverall Apparel Product Segment witnesses Maximum Demand

Among the various cleanroom consumable products, cleanroom apparels account for the leading share in the overall market. Some key cleanroom apparel products are coveralls, boot covers, bouffants, pants, hoods, frocks, shoe covers, sleeves, and face masks. Among them, coveralls find extensive use in medical device manufacturing cleanrooms and biotechnology cleanrooms for complete body protection and minimum contamination. However, pants and frocks also find use depending on the manufacturing process and hazard involved in the end-use industry.

Cleaning products, wipers, stationery, adhesive mats, and gloves are some other segments of the cleanroom consumables market based on product.  

Cleanroom consumables find extensive application across a range of end-use industries. These include electronics, aerospace and defense, medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and academics and automotive among others. Among these, the academics and automotive segment is expected to display the leading growth rate in the coming years. Cleanroom consumables find use in the automotive industry for the manufacture of safe and failsafe components.

Exponential Growth of Food & Beverage Industry in Emerging Economies pushes Asia Pacific to fore

The global cleanroom consumables market is spread across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Vis-à-vis revenue, in 2017, Asia Pacific held the leading share of the global cleanroom consumables market. Exponential growth of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing, biotechnology, and medical device industries is fueling the cleanroom consumables market in the region. The increasing implementation of quality standards and emphasis on hygienic practices in the manufacturing sector are stoking the demand for cleanroom consumables in Asia Pacific.

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