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Global Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Test Market Players Focusing on Developing Advanced Technologies for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

A cervical cancer diagnostic test refers to the detection of a medical condition in which cervical cells become malignant. Additionally, increasing number of female smokers, growth in obese population, patients suffering from HPV infection, rising incidences of unsafe sex, and cancer awareness programs are also adding to the development of cervical cancer diagnostic test market. HPV vaccination, ineffective healthcare infrastructure, inaccurate pap smear testing, stringent government regulations, and alternative diagnosis methods are some factors that create hindrances in the development of global cervical cancer diagnostic test market.

BRICS Countries to Provide for High Opportunities in Bulk Container Packaging Market

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Flexible intermediate bulk containers are industrial containers that are produced from polypropylene or woven polyethylene. These containers are conductive and anti-static in terms of electrostatic properties and are used to carry products which are dry and flowable. Flexitanks are bulk liquid containers with multi-layering - an inner coating of polythene and an outer covering of polypropylene. These containers range from 14,000 to 24,000 liters in terms of capacity. Bulk container liners are produced in woven fabric and blown film forms and are used in shipping of dry materials or chemicals.

U.S. Antimicrobial Plastics Market Benefits Enormously from Medical and Healthcare Application Sectors

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Antimicrobial plastics are broadly implemented in various industries including automotive, building and construction, healthcare, electronics, packaging and consumer goods, and also in other niche applications such as waste bins and lids and plastic water storage containers among many others. Use of antimicrobials in plastics can help curb down or kill the bacterial growth and other parasites in various industry products. There are many medium to large scale plastic manufacturers that are using antimicrobial additives in plastics and its related products such as bottles, food packaging and healthcare equipment to prevent illnesses and curtail infections in the environment.

Global Photonic Integrated Circuit Market Thrives on Need of High-Speed Communication

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

A photonic integrated circuit (IC) also known as integrated optical circuit allows integration of multiple photonic functions into single optical wavelengths. Indium phosphide is the most commonly used material for making photonic integrated circuits. However, since 2005 heavy investments have been made to use silicon for creating laser light with Raman nonlinearity. Photonic integrated circuits come with many advantages to its users. They essentially allow optical systems to function at their highest performance. Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) market, driven by this technology, is quite similar to the electronic integrated circuits.

Nanocoatings Market to Follow an Upsurge Trend till 2019

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

The nanocoatings market is gaining quickly on the conventional coatings with revenue expected to reach a value of US$6.75 billion by end of 2019, during the forecast period of 2013 to 2019. The nanocoatings market is growing at a CAGR of 24.7% between 2013 and 2019, says a leading market firm in the U.S. The overall nanocoatings market is still recovering from the 2008 economic decline, but in many industry and commercial places in the global arena, nanocoatings are continuing to open new market opportunities, offering new applications and product types in different sectors. 

Discussing Possibilities in the Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) Market

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Monochloroacetic acid is simply a halogenated derivative of acetic acid. Monochloroacetic acid is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of compounds and intermediates, including cellulose ethers such as carboxymethyl cellulose, agrochemicals, glycine and thioglycolic acid, and as a contact defoliant and herbicide. Cellulose ethers are primarily used for making detergents, food, pharmaceuticals, and drilling muds. Other uses for monochloroacetic acid are found in the manufacture of different types of dye, organic chemicals, and synthetic caffeine. The derivatives of monochloroacetic acid are used in application chemicals such as plastic stabilizers, food thickeners, and surfactants.

Growth in Paint and Coating Industry to Drive Emulsion Polymer Market

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Market revenue for emulsion polymer, in 2012, was US$28.24 billion. Growing at a CAGR of 5.7% during 2013 to 2019, the emulsion polymer market is estimated to reach US$41.63 billion by 2019. The revenue garnered in Asia-Pacific emulsion polymer market was US$17.32 million in 2012. The demand for emulsion polymers in market is stimulated by increasing demand from end user businesses such as transportation, building and construction, and consumer durables. Low volatile organic compound content of emulsion polymer is an important factor that drives the market.

High Prevalence of Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disorders to Drive Dialysis Products and Services Market

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

The dialysis products and services market is a multi-billion dollar business, which has managed to propel its growth engine in the last few years. Dialysis is a procedure that is performed to remove excess water and waste from the blood, mainly in cases of renal failure. It is also performed on patients with severe kidney disorders or chronic kidney disease. The increasing population of patient having end stage renal disorders, and the growth in use of dialysis for their treatment are the main drivers for the growth in dialysis products and services market.

Emerging Economies Driving Demand for Medical Specialty Bags

Posted on Dec 15, 2014

The main factors for the growth of the medical specialty bags market are a rise in the number of hospitals in developing economies, heightened demand for medical specialty bags due to rapidly aging population, lenient FDA approvals for class 1 medical devices, and reimbursement options, which encourage patients to undergo expensive treatments. However, the restraints in the growth of the medical specialty bags market are the presence of alternative medical procedures and lack of awareness about medical conditions and disorders. Additionally, poor awareness of diseases also lessens the number of medical procedures, limiting the demand for medical specialty bags.

Investments in Emerging Markets Likely to Drive Wound Dressing Market

Posted on Dec 12, 2014

Wound dressing practices have been present since the earliest of human civilizations in their conventional style. But these practices were incomplete, as these wound dressing methods did not offer adequate condition for the development of new skin cells. It was discovered recently that moisture and appropriate aeration is essential for proper growth of underlying epidermal or endoderm cells. This not only helped the wound to heal faster, but also reduced patient discomfort to a great extent. At present, the wound dressing market includes products that are used to treat household accident cases, trauma patients, and diabetic, as well as aged population, who have ulcerative complications.

Strong Government Support in Asia Pacific Expected to Drive Petrochemicals Market

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Increase in consumption of petrochemicals from major end use industries that include construction, packaging, textile, plastics, healthcare, transportation, and others coupled with encouraging operating conditions is expected to add a lot to the growth. Indian and Chinese governments’ initiatives to build petrochemical complexes in the Asia-Pacific region, are also expected to boost growth in the petrochemicals market. The petrochemical producers will benefit with greater investments in coal mining and the development of alternatives resources such as shale gas.

Global Dispatch Console Market Grabbing Focus of Major Telecom Service Providers

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

The global dispatch console is a chain sequence of panels set with signaling, monitoring, and communicating facility that enables dispatchers/operators to effectively manage, co-ordinate, and communicate the development of work with the associated resources. A dispatch console provides a fixed centralized point of contact for wide range of two-way radio resources. The ability of dispatch console to patch different connected resources allow effective group communications in emergency situation, in a way that ensures safety and minimize the financial impact of power failures and telephone system failure.

Increasing Demand for Boric Acid Likely to Drive the Boron Compounds Market in Next Few Years

Posted on Dec 9, 2014

Boron compounds market is evaluated through three different methods: Product wise, application wise, and region wise. The markets for boron compound are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Borax and boric acid as well as some others including boron oxide, sodium perborate are the main product of boron compounds. According to applicability, boron compound market is divided into Borosilicate Glass, fiberglass, agriculture, ceramics, and detergents and soaps. Cellulose insulation, tanning, and cementation of iron are some other application of it.

Growth in Water Trading Market: A Global Need

Posted on Dec 8, 2014

Water trading market is an important industry today. The global population increased threefold from what it was a hundred years back, leading to six-fold increase in the use of renewable water resources. In the next fifty years, the global population is expected to increase by another 50%. This huge surge in the already enormous global population, coupled with rising urbanization and industrialization activities, will increase the global demand for water. But the world is faced with a serious issue of water scarcity. Analysts say that nearly half of the global population will suffer from serious problem of water shortage by 2050.

Unified Threat Management - the Answer to Todays Network Security Concerns

Posted on Dec 5, 2014

Unified threat management market is a market comprising of products and services for multifaceted network security issues, used primarily by small or midsize businesses (SMBs) and small offices home offices (SOHOs). UTM market serves these businesses by providing a number of functions such as standard network firewall, remote access to the network, web security gateway functions (content and URL filtering, anti-malware), prevention from network invasion, and much more in a single package. The many features encompassed by UTM products and services combined with their cost effective nature prompts easy adoption by small and midsize businesses.

Micro Server Market: How Cloud Technologies Will Propel Future Growth

Posted on Dec 4, 2014

A study by a U.S.-based market intelligence firm has revealed that the micro server market is poised to attain a compounded annual growth rate of 43.4% between 2013 and 2019. This only indicates the high potential that the micro server market carries, especially as structured and unstructured data continues to proliferate everyday applications. However, the reasons for the growth of the microserver market are more than merely a growing trend of structured and unstructured data. There are many other factors that will lead micro servers becoming an (almost) indispensible part of our lives. 

Gamification: Changing the Face of Brand Marketing and Advertising

Posted on Dec 3, 2014

Gamification refers to the use of game elements for promoting desired behaviors or a brand name among employees and customers. Use of gamification techniques has been a popular business strategy for many decades. Through engaging techniques such as surprise prizes in everyday goods, customer loyalty programs, employee-of-the-month awards, the gamification market has provided a wealth of business strategies in the past. In today’s time, with the advanced state of digital proficiency possessed by the global population, and the rising popularity of smart mobile devices.

Conductive Ink Market: Miniaturization to Present Massive Opportunity

Posted on Dec 2, 2014

Conductive ink contains electricity conducing materials such as carbon, gold, silver, copper, nonutubes, nickel, and polymers. Given their electricity conducting properties, conductive inks fulfill specific needs in applications such as electronic displays, photovoltaics, sensors, automotives, membrane switches, and smart packaging. With an increasing demand for electronic products as well as automobiles, a larger need for conductive ink is being felt. This is accentuated by the fact that new applications of such inks are being found - especially in the much-sought after area of miniaturization.

Industry Insights into the Vital Signs Monitoring Market

Posted on Dec 1, 2014

The conditions most commonly addressed by remote vital signs monitoring devices include heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, asthma, respiratory rate, chronic heart failure, depression, diabetes, anxiety, and obstructive pulmonary disease within a normal range for the survival of human life are significant parameters referred to as vital signs. The measurement of such vital signs through specific vital signs monitoring systems certainly offers error free interpretation of clinical data and relevant clinical information regarding the health status of patients. 

Global Smart Glass Market - Significance, Technology, and Global Market Outlook

Posted on Nov 28, 2014

“Switchable glass” is a widely used term for “Smart Glass”. Smart glass is a type of glass whose light transmission properties undergo change due to external stimulus like heat, light, or voltage. Smart glass was first introduced in the year 1986, however, this product witnessed rapid commercialization post 2000. The popularity of smart glass can be owed to its efficiency, reliability, and durability. Since, smart glass exhibits changing light transmission properties, it is also known as magic glass or even dimmable glass. Smart glass is also used for manufacturing smart windows that have the capacity to control the amount of light that passes through them. 

Semiconductor Memory Market - A Global Overview

Posted on Nov 27, 2014

Semiconductor memory devices represent a variety of electronic data storage devices and are commonly used for computer memories. Semiconductor memory products are implemented on a semiconductor-based integrated circuit (IC). A variety of electronic devices make use of semiconductor memories including Read Only Memory (ROM), flash memory, and magnetoresistive random access memory. These varieties of semiconductor memory are non-volatile memory devices, meaning that they do not lose data stored in them when a computing device is not in operation.

Growing Significance of the Global Reinforced Plastics Market

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

The global market for reinforced plastics has witnessed significant growth owing to its wide range of applications. Customized products have gained popularity in recent times as the benefits of its usage have increased compared to conventional products. The increasing demand for reinforced plastics from the building and construction as well as automotive and transportation sectors largely drives the growth of the global market. The use of reinforced plastics in wind turbines, and the emergence of bio-composite-based reinforced plastics hold massive opportunities for future growth. 

Prebiotics Market Will Flourish in the Forthcoming Years

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) on prebiotics market, around 3.4 billion population globally is affected with insufficient diet intake. As majority of the population worldwide are undergoing dietary deficiencies, government concerns for dietary supplements has increased in various nations. Deficiency in dietary intake in most of the people leads to problems such as, overweight, heart diseases, and diabetes. Therefore, countries like Europe have organizations such as, The Public Health Responsibility Deal Organization of Europe that helps in educating people about healthy diet and promoting several healthy dietary food products, including prebiotics. 

Membrane Bioreactor Systems: A Global Perspective

Posted on Nov 24, 2014

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a relatively new technique that involves the use of highly evolving technologies. It is used in the waste water treatment industries. MBR systems are predicted to completely replace traditional technologies in the near future. The most conventional waste water management technique, conventional activated sludge (CAS), has commonly shown problems when it comes to settling the activated sludge and the secondary clarifiers. This drawback, along with many others, have been overcome by MBR systems at a fast pace.

Power Generation and Automotives to Hold Good Promise for the Global High Performance Alloys Market

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

High performance alloys refer to metal alloys that are made to perform under extreme conditions like high pressures, and high temperatures. High performance alloys are basically made up of several alloying elements. These are applied extensively in petroleum and chemical plants, aircraft, rocket engines, and gas turbines that are land-based. High performance alloys can be applied effectively in these heavy duty applications because these exhibit high resilience to prolonged exposure. They exhibit excellent surface stability, and high degree of low-temperature ductility. High performance alloys are also resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Foodservice Market Trends and Growth Factors

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

Meals prepared outside homes and provided to working masses or students is known as food service. The foodservice market encompasses companies and businesses that offer meal outside a particular home. The appeal of foodservice firms and businesses is great to international markets, particularly in the U.S., and some of them display the largest global market growth. Canada and four of the top 25 U.S. based foodservice market chains garner more than half of the global market sales outside their home markets. However, the foodservice market is one of the largest employers in the United States.

Electrophysiology Devices Revolutionizing Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Posted on Nov 19, 2014

Electrophysiology devices are used to diagnose, evaluate, and treat electrical activities of the heart. The market for electrophysiology devices has witnessed significant growth in recent years owing to increasing incidences of cardiac arrhythmias. Electrophysiology devices find a wide-range of applications in the assessment and management of arrhythmias and comprise all those devices that are used for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, retinal disorders, and atrial flutter. An expanding geriatric population base and growing incidences of cardiac arrhythmias primarily drive the worldwide market for electrophysiology devices. 

Electronic Cigarette Market - Are Marketing Strategies Driving the Market?

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-operated electronic devices that are designed in such a way that they can simulate traditional, combustible cigarettes. The major distinguishing factor between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is the absence of tobacco in e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes operate by heating a mix of nicotine and other chemicals, leading to the vaporization of the nicotine that can be inhaled. Logic and scientific studies state that nicotine alone is not responsible for cancer. It is the smoke and numerous other chemicals in tobacco that lead to cancer and other smoking-related diseases. 

Global Cosmetic Packaging Market - Overview, Prevailing Trends, and Global Industry Outlook

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

One of the main factors that determine the sale of cosmetics is cosmetic packaging. Companies often try to develop innovative packaging for improving the very appearance of the cosmetic product in order to enhance sales. The market for cosmetics is generally driven by market innovations and fashion trends that make this industry prone to changes due to altering consumer preferences. This becomes a major problem for companies engaged in cosmetic packaging, because they have to deal with the rising demand for a certain product with the same amount of resources. 

Consumer Electronics Market - A Global Overview

Posted on Nov 14, 2014

Consumer electronics refer to commodities that are generally considered non-essential and are often sacrificed at the cost of essential items at the times of financial austerity. The global consumer electronics market represents the marketplace that generates revenues through the sale of video and audio equipments, television sets, high definition consumer electronics, home appliances, computers and computing products, telecom equipments, games consoles, in-car entertainment systems, home theatres, and more. The slowdown of 2009 in the global economy brought down the global consumer electronics market to some extent.
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