Published : Feb 24, 2019

Increasing Geriatric Population across Globe Drives Global Dental Consumables Market

The global dental consumables market is primarily driven by the changing dietary patterns and an increasing consumption of the sugar products. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the year 2012, nearly 60-90% of school going children and about 100% of adults suffer from the dental cavities. The data are alarming, but on the same time it is serving to provide opportunities for the players operating in the dental consumables market.

Published : Feb 24, 2019

Rising Incidences of Cancer to Shoot Up Demand in the Global Particle Therapy Market

About 9.8 million people across the world succumbed to cancer in 2018, the World Health Organization states. The number of people suffering from cancer has been on a rise for the past several years now. And, the incidence of this disease will only climb further in the future. 

Published : Feb 17, 2019

Video Analytics Market To Rise at a 20.6% CAGR from 2015 to 2023: Know More Why

The world of graphics and video making has evolved dramatically over the past two decades, ever since this service became commercially available at affordable costs. And with the advent proliferation of internet through top-notch broadband services, Wi-Fi, use of 4G, and increasing bandwidth, the quality of videos made, uploaded, and streamed has improved dramatically. 

Published : Feb 17, 2019

Wearable Self-injection Devices to gain Traction in Patient Cohorts for Management of Chronic Diseases

The usage of pen injectors as self-injection device for the self-administration of biopharmaceuticals has gained traction and will continue to impact patients’ experience. Self-injection devices are used by patient populations for subcutaneous administration of drugs for several conditions. Over the past few years, device development has gained increasing impetus among manufacturers who have increasingly focused on injection force efficiency. 

Published : Feb 17, 2019

Rising Awareness of Invasive Heart Surgery to Propel Global Structural Heart Devices Market

Structural heart devices find application in treating structural cardiac procedures such as prosthetic heart valve replacement, aortic valve replacement, and mitral valve replacement. The growing popularity of these devices is due to the ease they offer to surgeons while performing structural heart surgeries. It enables surgeons to conduct structural surgeries with the help of a catheter passing through the cardiovascular system. 

Published : Feb 17, 2019

Rising Investment by Major Players to Help Growth in Global Implantable Cardiac Monitor Market

The global implantable cardiac monitor market is prognostictaed to achieve a market estimation of about US$1,464.26 mn by 2026, growing at a high single digit CAGR within the forecast  period. Increase in the pervasiveness of cardiac arrhythmia, for example, bradycardia and atrial fibrillation is probably going to support the global implantable cardiac monitor market. In addition, innovative progressions and rising number of old age people all over the globe are anticipated to fuel the market. 

Published : Feb 06, 2019

Advantages of Portability, Ease of Use of Airway Managements Devices Boosts Market

At the recently concluded annual meeting of the National Association of Emergency Medicine Services Physicians, discussions on airway management in prehospital setting gathered significant attention. Experts argued that excessive focus on airway over proper breathing in prehospital setting is injurious to patients mainly because of biased approach of caregivers in the chain. 

Published : Feb 06, 2019

Rising Incidence of Reproductive Diseases Spells Growth in the Global Gynecological Drugs Market

Rapid changes in lifestyle along with the growing awareness about reproductive health are fueling demand in the global gynecological drugs market. Unlike few decades ago, women and young girls are made aware about gynecological diseases right from the time they hit puberty. These factors are a positive for the global gynecological drugs market.

Published : Feb 06, 2019

Advent of Better Catheters and Advanced Delivery Systems creates New Avenues in Parenteral Nutrition Market

Parental nutrition has been in clinical practice for critically ill patients for over two and a half decades. In recent years, it has gained wide traction in the healthcare industry to meet the nutritional needs of adult and pediatric patients in the intensive care units. 

Published : Jan 29, 2019

Extensive Research & Development for Novel Drug Formulations to bolster Global Prescription Dermatology Therapeutics Market

Key players in the global prescription dermatology therapeutics market are investing heavily in R&D for novel drugs for dermatological conditions. This is helping these companies to stay competitive in the prescription dermatology therapeutics market. A case in point is Aurobindo Pharma. In March 2018, the company had 38 topical application formulations under development, and 24 other dermatological medication under clinical trials.

Published : Jan 29, 2019

Increasing Demand for Minimally Invasive Surgeries Boosts Growth in Endoscopic Clips Market

The global endoscopic clips market depicts the presence of a substantially consolidated vendor landscape. Such a consolidated presence mainly exists thanks to a handful of players encompassing maximum market shares. However, the degree of competition is high, and is expected to further intensify as new players keep entering the market space regularly.

Published : Jan 29, 2019

Rising Geriatric Population to Fillip Demand in Global Hip Replacement Market

Surgical procedures that were complex a decade ago are simple today, thanks to the technological disruption that has revolutionized healthcare. One such advancement is the availability of hip implants that has shot up the demand for hip replacement surgeries. The global hip replacement market has been growing at a steady pace in the last few years and is expected to maintain consistent growth rate in the future.

Published : Jan 29, 2019

Botulinum Toxin Market to Rise at 7.6% CAGR, Spurred by Interest in Anti-Ageing

A natural product of Clostridium botulinum bacteria is Botulinum Toxin. The bacteria can be found in soil and marine sediments and may lead to harmful botulinum toxin neurotoxins. A' blocking agent' inhibiting the release, particularly acetylcholine, of certain neurotransmitters from motor nerve endings.

Published : Jan 23, 2019

Increasing Implementation of Safety Guidelines in Food Production Boosts Global Cleanroom Consumables Market

Savvy companies in the global cleanroom consumables market are vying for mergers and acquisitions to expand their geographical outreach. This is serving to be an effective growth strategy for new players seeking to establish themselves in this crowded market.

Published : Jan 23, 2019

High Success Rate of Devices Drives Global Intraosseous (IO) Devices Market

Intraosseous (IO) access has emerged as a valuable alternative. Intraosseous devices are mainly being used to transfer medications and fluids in emergency situations, when venous access is either unavailable or cannot be established quickly.

Published : Jan 15, 2019

Advances in Healthcare to Boost Flow Cytometry Market

Flow cytometry is a bio-physical, laser-based legitimate process that measures and breaks down various features of cells in a liquid, while outperformed through a laser shaft. Flow cytometry has different advantages over customary scientific methodologies. 

Published : Jan 15, 2019

Legalizing of Cannabis in Several Nations Drives Global CBD Hemp Oil Market

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become the hot new product in the U.S. One reason behind it is the fact that the nation has already legalized medical marijuana. CBD hemp oil is basically a non-intoxicating marijuana extract. It finds usage in treating several medical problems such as epileptic seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and sleeplessness. 

Published : Jan 15, 2019

Technology Advancements in Battery-powered Surgical Drills to unlock Promising Avenues

Surgical drills (or drills) have been occupying a prominent position in the armamentarium of surgeons for making safe surgeries across medical specialties. Drills are used to place various types of implants, notably surgical pins, plates, and screws, by drilling into the bones of patients. 

Published : Jan 11, 2019

Demand for Spine Surgery Robots to garner Huge Gains from Vast Promises of Robotics to up Surgical Outcomes

Over the past several years, operating room procedures have witnessed unprecedented technology advancements, harbored increasingly by the use of robotics in the medical device systems. Spine surgeries are no different, and robots have been witnessing rising utilization by surgeons.

Published : Jan 11, 2019

Advancement Medical Device Industry and Increasing Geriatric Populating to Boost Global Soft Tissue Repair Market

Increase in participation in physical activities and sports activities are influencing growth of the soft tissue repair market across the globe. Furthermore, increase cases of sports injuries and sudden increase in demand for orthopedic process and increasing elderly population in the developing economies such as India, China and Australia to propel growth of the global soft tissue repair market in the near future.

Published : Jan 01, 2019

Focus on Developing Cost-effective Ion Exchange Membranes for Diverse Applications to pave way for Next-Generation Polymer Technologies

Technologies of ion exchange membranes have gained considerable traction across industries related with energy and environment. Vast functional potential that these ion exchange materials underlie, is a key driver for their growing industrial value. Perhaps, one the most profound applications of ion exchange membranes is in the wastewater treatment industry.

Published : Jan 01, 2019

Alarming Increase in Chronic Diseases Drives Global Offsite Medical Case Management Market

The global offsite medical case management market has been rising steadily over the course of the past few years. Several factors are responsible for it. Foremost among them is the rising chronic diseases owing to a large pool of elderly. Another factor that has been playing a key role in promoting the market is of course the progress in technology making it possible to remotely diagnose, treat, and monitor patients.

Published : Jan 01, 2019

Widespread Demand for Digital Transactions Boosted Growth in Cryptocurrency Market

Digitization recently entered the field of money, more importantly in a manner wherein an entire different type of currency was constituted. Of course, what we are talking about is the world of cryptocurrencies. A distinct market now exists associated with this virtual currency type from a global perspective. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and several others are prime cryptocurrencies.

Published : Dec 28, 2018

Focus on Improving Performance of Zinc-Air Batteries to drive their Use in Wide Variety of Applications

The market for zinc-air batteries has gained widespread traction in consumer electronics to power a wide variety of devices such as remote controls, watches, and pagers, and hearing aids. The giant drive has stemmed from the marked energy density these batteries exhibit in the applications. In many of these applications, they have proven to be better performing than lithium-ion systems for capturing and storing renewable energy. 

Published : Dec 24, 2018

Rising Number of Chronic Diseases among Geriatric to Expand Global Geriatric Medicines Market

Globally, the population above 65 years has increased largely and mostly in the developed regions. The elderly people do suffer from various chronic disorders including cardiovascular disorder, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and neurological disorders. Increasing prevalence of these disorders has to the growth of geriatric medicines.

Published : Dec 19, 2018

Hemostatic Agents gather Steam for Managing Surgical Bleeding in Patient Populations

The drive for hemostatic agents stems from the need for efficacious hemostatics for surgical dressings, especially for post-traumatic injuries.  These agents have gained traction in the surgical settings as an adjunct or alternative to surgical techniques for managing bleeding from surgical surfaces, particularly when the use of latter is not practical or viable. 

Published : Dec 13, 2018

Global Transportation Management Systems Market – Rising Popularity of Software-As-A-Service Based Transportation Management Systems to Boosts the Market Growth

Intervention of technology has changed the working process and outlook of every sector. Technology has not helped to tune up the speed of work in a sector despite of numerous complex tasks present. It has also successfully scrapped off possible human errors made in a tasks. Transportation management system is one such example which has eased off pressure from the transportation sector. Transportation management system is critical components of supply chain management that is used to control and mange freight movement.

Published : Dec 07, 2018

Everything You Want to Know About the Global Smart Power Distribution Systems Market

With rising urbanization and industrialization, the demand for electricity generated through various means is increasing. With the advent of technological breakthroughs, many businesses manufacture power distributing systems that function through the help of latest digital devices. This has given rise to the existence of a distinct smart power distribution systems market.

Published : Dec 07, 2018

Global Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Market to Expand with Developing Healthcare Infrastructure

Global financial crisis is a difficult business environment where in possible customers are more inclined towards reducing the prices of goods and services until the economic condition improves. In the last couple of years, both the medical device industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry have been facing huge reduction in terms of development of new products. Not only that, these industries also have to handle price reduction owing to the financial crisis scenario in the market.

Published : Dec 07, 2018

Adoption of Gantry (Cartesian) Robots for Industrial Applications to be Increasingly driven by Rapid Strides in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The drive for various types of robotics for industrial applications has stemmed from the need for intelligent technologies for automating production flows at varied levels. Over the years, automation applications have changed markedly, depending on end-use industry needs and the underlying drive mechanisms. Subsequently, integration capabilities and work envelop areas of industrial robots have also improved.