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Growing Demand for Minimally Invasive Surgeries to Drive Uptake of Global Surgical Robots Market

In the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries across the globe. A key reason behind triggering this demand is the growing adoption of surgical robots. The device and equipment manufacturers are now trying to tap into different opportunities such as robotic devices, systems, and arms so as to leverage the trend. As a result, this particular systems component segment has become one of the chief contributors for the development of the global surgical robots market. Moreover, this segment is expected to contribute even more in the next few years.

Increasing Adoption of Asian Countries to Help in Spreading Market Reach

Healthcare suppliers are growingly benefitting from the launch of new surgical robots, since these new machines are getting proper clinical approvals for transforming surgical procedures. As per a survey done by the IEEE, an association for surgical robots, electronic engineering are getting an increased approval from the new age parents, especially from the Asian countries. This number is comparatively higher to the number individuals from the UK or the US. It is not surprising to see this trend, as the Asia Pacific regions is projected to achieve a stellar growth in the near future.

The leading manufacturers operating in the global surgical robots market are now trying to collaborate with technology experts with an objective to enhance the overall efficiency of these robots. These manufacturers are trying to contribute towards an improved patient outcome and thus investing more developing high-end surgical robots. Another trend that has been observed in the global market for surgical robots is of companies trying to improve the efficiency in machine learning and AI to get these surgical robots as the preferred technique in surgical rooms across the globe.

Introduction of New Technologies such as AI to Influence Market Growth

The global surgical robots market is experiencing a massive transformation with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the operational theatres. As such, these surgical robots are projected to get increased prominence in different sectors such as ambulatory surgical centers in the next few years. Functional accuracy of these surgical robots is now proving to be beneficial in orthopedic, general, as well as gynecological surgeries. In addition to this, the application sector of gynecological surgery of global surgical robots market is expected to achieve strong valuation in coming years.

The leading companies in the global market are now trying to take advantage in the neurological and orthopedic operations, since these application sectors are projected for immense development in coming few years. This trend is being leveraged with the help of AI to gain CE and FDA clearance for new surgical robots. For example, in January 2019, a leading robotic products manufacturers, Intuitive Surgical, announced that the company has made good fourth quarter earnings for the FDA-approved da Vinci surgical systems. The company believes that these new systems are gaining great acceptance in the healthcare industry in the US.

There are several factors that helping to drive the global surgical robots market. One of the key driving factor for the market is increase in the disposable income of masses in developing economies. This is expected to enable people to avail more expensive and better healthcare facilities. Thus, availability of improved and better medical robots is projected to prompt these healthcare service suppliers to make considerable investments in upgrading their medical automation systems. This will present them with an improved chance of servicing and catering the needs of their patients and also improve the functional efficiency. Furthermore, it will also help them in saving the service costs as well as valuable time.

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