Rising Awareness about Health and Fitness Fillips Sports Food Market

Published On : Mar 08, 2019 | Category : Food & Beverages

Sport nutrition mainly comprise of sports food and sports drinks. Sports food are widely available in supermarket, online market, and various departmental stores. Sports food majorly consists protein bar, energy bar, and nutritional powder. Several companies are launching sports food products with the variety of supplement bars and powder. Consuming sports food helps in improving sports performance. 

Sports food mainly includes gels, drinks, bars, and liquid meals. Such food are enriched with high amount of whey protein and electrolytes. However, the key ingredients found in sports food are protein and carbohydrate. Presence of high amount of protein and carbohydrate in sports food helps in providing biggest physical performance along with providing athletes the necessary fuel for generating energy and supports their body building. 

Going forward, the global sports food market is projected to grow at a solid pace. The global sports food market to register a promising CAGR of 6.90% during the forecast period from 2017 to 2022. This has been stated in report on the market by Transparency Market Research. 

Growing Trend of Physical Fitness to Boost Sports Food Market 

Rising number of health clubs across the globe helps increase inclination of people towards maintaining physical fitness. Along with this, growing popularity of various games and sports among young population, and increasing awareness about nutritional benefits of sports food, and rising awareness regarding health and fitness among people are believed to be driving the global sports food market. There are several types of sports food available in the form of energy sports food, pre-workout sports food, protein-based, meal replacement and rehydration sports food. However growing demand for muscle building among sportsmen, rising need for protein supplement for body building, and increasing outdoor activities are fueling demand for energy sports food, which in turn is also boosting growth in the global sports food market. 

Furthermore, growing awareness regarding health and hygiene influenced people for starting physical activities again. Increasing fun recreational activities worldwide, rising need for essential nutrients for better sports performance, and growing demand for healthier lifestyle are also expected to fuel the global sports food market. Apart from these, rapid urbanization, growing health club enrolments, rising gymnasiums, and increasing numbers of vendor for providing innovative and efficient sport food products are also projected to propel growth in the global sports food market. 

Increasing Global Level Competition in Sports Accelerates Market Growth 

Rising people involvement and interest in sports, increasing disposable incomes, and surging people employment in various sports activities are also believed to boost the global sports food market. Apart from these, rising global level competition such as Olympics, growing consumption of sport food worldwide, and increasing number of health and fitness cautious people globally are also expected to augment demand in the global sports food market. 

Growing Number of Sports Enthusiast in North America to Contribute to Market Demand 

With respect to geography, North America is anticipated to lead the global sports food market as the region has witnessed various sports activities. Rising number of athletes and sports enthusiast, growing sports food vendors, and increasing people interest in fitness activities could also be responsible for fueling the global sports food market.