Paper Packaging Materials Market to Register Moderate Growth Rate; Demand for Corrugated Cases Expected to Rise

Published On : May 12, 2015 | Category : Chemicals & Materials

Paper is among the most commonly used packaging materials. The market for paper packaging materials has come a full circle after conceding much ground to plastic packaging materials in the recent years. With environmental concerns peaking and regulatory mandates compelling enterprises to look for a more sustainable alternative, the paper packaging materials market is gaining traction again. Estimates from recent market research show that the global paper packaging materials market is growing at a CAGR of 4.4% (2013-2019) and will likely stand at US$344.43 billion by 2019. The total volume of demand for paper packaging in 2012 was estimated at 181.48 billion tons. 

With Plastics Being Relegated to Second Position, Paper Packaging Materials to Gain Preference 

Currently, paper is the most used packaging material in the world. The leading position that paper enjoys will be further accentuated by the increasing emphasis that governments are laying on banning environmentally-unsafe plastic packaging. For instance, the usage of lightweight plastic bags has been banned, and consumers themselves are making a conscious effort embrace products packaged in paper. Moreover, packaging material made from plastic is vulnerable to the instabilities in the prices of raw materials. The rising cost of energy has also deterred companies from relying solely on plastic packaging materials.As an alternative to plastic materials, the use of paper has gained traction in recent years. Companies in the paper packaging materials market are developing eco-friendly and sustainable products that can be reused and recycled.

Demand in Paper Packaging Materials Market is Shifting From Liquid Packaging Cartons to Corrugated Cases

There are a myriad of applications for the paper packaging materials market. Some of the largest ones are: Food and beverages, cosmetics, pet food, and pharmaceuticals. Across these industries, paper packaging materials are used for specific purposes such as bracing, cushioning, and blocking.  
The market is composed of a number of different paper packaging products that include: Cartons, corrugated cases, liquid packaging cartons, and folding boxes. According to 2012 estimates, liquid packaging cartons accounted for about 40% of the total market share. But over the next four years – by 2019 – the market share of corrugated cases is likely to expand at a noticeable pace.Higher demand for folding boxes and cartons is also being seen because these are extensively used for both decorative and bulk packaging.

Paper Packaging Materials Market Will Continue to Retain its Fragmented Character

The paper packaging materials market doesn’t have a clear global market leader because it is composed of a multitude of small- and medium-size manufacturers. This makes for a highly fragmented structure of the market – an attribute that the market will find hard to brush off moving forward. However, companies that have managed to consistently report sizeable revenues and have a wider presence are: Hood Packaging Corporation, OJI Holding Corporation, DS Smith Plc, and Smurfit Kappa Group Plc.

Asia Pacific Leads Paper Packaging Materials Market; RoW Expected to Gain a Lead Soon

For the past couple of years, the largest regional marketplace for paper packaging materials has been Asia Pacific with a 35% market share (2012). The development of the paper packaging industry has been rather rapid here, so as to keep pace with the rise in demand. From the demand-supply standpoint, North America and Europe have traditionally been dominant as the regions collectively accounted for more than half the global demand. The Rest of the World region will likely witness a spurt in demand as consumers become more affluent here and several manufacturing units are being set up in the Middle East and Africa. 

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