With the desire for the Perfect Smile, Global Invisible Orthodontics Market witnesses Maximum Demand from Teenagers

Published On : Mar 08, 2019 | Category : Healthcare

With the increasing longing among individuals to have the perfect smile with the help of teeth alignment correction procedures, the global invisible orthodontics market is witnessing an upsurge. While teeth correction tools such as braces have been long used to correct misaligned teeth or to improve an overbite, the overall idea of getting braces is not well-received. Not only has the discomfort, unsightly as they may be have some stigma too. 

Invisible orthodontic devices provide a considerably befitting solution to the shortcomings of braces. Rather than worn on the front of the teeth, invisible braces are placed on the back of the teeth. This makes them completely invisible to be the key factor driving the invisible orthodontics market. 

In addition, invisible orthodontics offer other benefits too. Being 100% customizable, invisible orthodontics are used depending on the contours of the teeth for both comfort and the best possible smile. This is further providing a boost to the invisible orthodontics market.   

The global invisible orthodontics market is poised for an impressive growth, displaying a growth rate of US$14.7% between 2018 and 2026, says Transparency Market Research – a leading market intelligence company. 

Camouflaging with the Interior of the Mouth, Clear Aligners Witness Maximum Uptake 

Across the world, rising prevalence of malocclusion is a key factor driving the invisible orthodontics market. Malocclusion, commonly known as teeth irregularity, is the second-leading dental disorder worldwide after periodontal disease and tooth decay. According to statistics, malocclusion is present in almost 75% of the population globally. Due to wide availability and favorable dental insurance, almost 10 million people in developed countries opt for orthodontic treatment across the world. Individuals in these countries undertake treatment for few types of malocclusion. This includes cross bite, crowded teeth, under bite, and open bite. 

Some of the key invisible orthodontics products are clear aligners, lingual braces, and ceramic braces. Clear aligners, among all, display the leading demand owing to several advantages over conventional braces. Clear aligners offer advantages of easy removability, ease of use, virtually invisible, and offer a high degree of comfort to patients with misaligned teeth. The demand for clear aligners is likely to expand, as individuals in emerging economies are likely to increasingly undertake teeth alignment correction procedures. 

Teenagers, among all age groups display the leading demand for orthodontic procedures. A high consideration for look and appearance, and the desire to have the perfect smile is driving demand for orthodontics from this age group. Not only this, teenagers prefer invisible orthodontics as they camouflage with the interior of the mouth.

Collaborations between Product Manufacturers and TV Channels boosts Market

Rising advertising campaigns and promotions offered by product manufacturers is driving the uptake of orthodontic procedures. For successful outcomes of advertising campaigns, product manufacturers are also collaborating with TV channels for a wider audience outreach. For example, Align Technology Inc., entered into a collaboration with Awesomeness TV to create a series of custom short films on invisible clear aligners. The objective of the collaboration is to reach out to the teen audience and promote its brand Invisalign. Such collaborations are acting in favor of the global invisible orthodontics market.