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Global Tembotrione Market to be Driven by Usage in Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Control

Posted on Feb 03, 2015

Growing at a CAGR of 13.4% between 2013 and 2020, the global tembotrione market, which was valued at US$21.7 million in 2013, is expected to reach a market value of US$51.2 million by 2020. In the year 2013, the global demand for the tembotrione market was 267.4 tons. The tembotrione market is primarily driven by its ability to control the growth of glyphosate-resistant weed. Tembotrione refers to the post-emergence herbicide that is used for controlling different types of grass and broadleaf weeds that grow in corn fields. 

Tembotrione belongs to the class of triketone chemicals. It is also used for post-emergence control of dicamba, ALS inhibitor weeds, and glyphosate-resistant weeds. Tembotrione as a herbicide is mostly used in popcorn crop, sweet corn, and seed corn fields. Applications like sorghum and soyabean utilize tembotrione as an effective tool for research. In 2007, tembotrione was launched in two grades, namely liquid product grade and technical grade. Tembotrione contains low levels of acutely toxic chemicals that can hurt humans via oral, inhalation, and dermal paths. Interestingly, corn is the only crop which uses tembotrione. 

High Demand from Corn Producers to Propel the Global Tembotrione Market

The global tembotrione market is segmented on the basis of crop type and region. On the basis of crop type, the global tembotrione market is classified into corn and other applications. The other applications segment includes research commodities. In 2013, the largest share in the global tembotrione market was held by corn. As a research commodity, tembotrione is used on a rather small scale. As per industry estimates, it is expected that the global tembotrione market will witness significant growth in the years to come, owing to high demand for tembotrione from the corn application segment. 

The only manufacturer of tembotrione in the world is Bayer CropScience, which is the holder of the patented technology. The period between 2015 and 2020 will mark the expiration of the basic patent. However, five more years of data protection have been granted to tembotrione even after the patent expiration. This will limit the stiff competition from the generic variants worldwide even after the expiry of the patent. Capreno and Laudis are the brands under which Bayer CropScience sells tembotrione. Bayer CropScience is mainly focusing on expanding its product portfolio for biological crop protection via the expansion of the prevailing capacities, and the development of a new production facility.

Asia Pacific Holds Good Promise for the Global Tembotrione Industry

With a market share of more than 55% in terms of volume, the global tembotrione market is dominated by North America. In 2007, tembotrione was approved by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Currently, tembotrione is a registered herbicide that is easily available in the majority of the U.S. The second largest consumer of tembotrione in North America was Mexico. Tembotrione received approval in Hungary and Austria in the year 2007, and it received approval in countries like the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Belgium by 2009. For cornfield applications, tembotrione received approval from the European Union in 2013. 

The Europe market for tembotrione is expected to witness robust growth in the forthcoming years. Since tembotrione is yet to be launched in many corn-cultivating countries, the Asia Pacific market holds high potential for tembotrione. Argentina and Brazil are the two significant consumers of tembotrione in the Rest of the World segment. High demand for tembotrione in Brazil can be attributed to the fact that Brazil is one of the largest producers of corn in the world. Also, Brazil happens to be one of the few countries that had approved the consumption of tembotrione during the initial years of its launch. 

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