Improving Operational Efficiency of Dental Practices to Drive Demand for Dental Practice Management Software

Published On : Nov 22, 2018 | Category : Healthcare

Advanced technology has helped in improving the ways healthcare and management was carried out. Talking about the dental practice management software is one of the most used software to treat large number of patients across the globe. Due to large volume of data, front office staff and dental professionals are making efforts to find a solution that will help them to store, record, and improve access to patient information. This management software has improved operational efficiency of dental practices as it acts as both administrative and clinical tool.

Transparency Market Research (TMR) expects the global dental practice management software market to touch a US$4.3 bn by the end of 2025 while posting an 11.0% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2025. In 2016, the global dental practice management software market earned a US$1.6 bn.

Large Number of People Suffering from Periodontal Diseases Increased Demand for Dental Clinics

The demand for dental practice management software is largely seen in dental clinics. This is mainly because of increasing number of patients looking for dental services.  Large number of specialized dental services and adoption of digital platforms for marketing of dental practices are some of the other factors responsible for the growth of this market. Furthermore, large number of cases of patient who need prosthetic rehabilitation, periodontal diseases, and growing incidence of dental carries has increased the number of patients visiting dental clinics. High digitalization budgets and growing number of multinational hospital chains is expected to drive the demand for hospitals offering advance and better dental services.

Dental Practice Management Software to Attain High Growth through Value Added Features

The demand for dental practice management software has wide range of features and benefits including treatment planning, patient scheduling, electronic prescriptions, billing, insurance claims, clinical charting, and business analytical solutions for hospitals and dentists. It helps in hospitals and dentists to streamline their daily workflow and manage their practice efficiently. Moreover, various players in the market are offering the dental practice management software with other features such as online appointment scheduling, accounting feature, and patient communication, and imaging modules that removes the need for the separate software for each tasks. These features assists in reducing operating cost and improves overall effectiveness of the dental practices. The value added features that helps in streamlining day-to-day workflow and increase the revenue of the practices.

Focus on Developing Software Integration Facilities to Assist Market Growth

Several companies operating in the dental practice management software market are developing software integration facilities in their system. This will further help in effective integration of the DPMS with dental imaging tools including digital radio-graphs, intra-oral cameras, awareness programs, and patient education. The main motive behind integrating these tools is to save the operational time of the dentist and to improve dentist practice management performance. Some of the key companies operating in the dental practice management software are Open Dental Software, Ace Dental, Group, Inc., Planet DDS, Inc., and MOGO, Inc.