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With demand for scientific basis for choice of Meat, Growth of Animal Genetics Market receives push

With the advent of animal genetics, animal breeding that has traditionally been unmethodical, is at crossroads. What mainly relied on simply selection and mating of best individuals based on their own or relatives’ performance is now scientifically driven. Based on proven genetic principles, animal genetics has spawned as a specialized area of study for several areas of animal interest. For such reasons, increasing stakeholders of animal genetics serves to be a boon for the growth of animal genetics market.

The availability of genomic data for animals is proving to be revolutionary. This involves using molecular information to enhance response for genomic selection. For animal breeding driven by a scientific approach, it utilizes multiple loci throughout the genome. The predictions of such an approach are largely compatible with assumptions of an additive and specifically infinitesimal model.

Knowledge of Genetic Makeup helps prevent abnormal DNA of animals pass through food chain

Across the world, rising consumption of animal-based protein is a key factor behind the growth of animal genetics studies. Today, the discerning consumers seek details of genetic makeup of animals before including in their choice of meats. Firstly, this is to avoid disorders in DNA that have chances of being passed through the food chain. The investigation of animal genetics provides insights into genetic ambiguities that are likely to enter the food chain. For such initiatives, using advanced genetic technologies, the growth of animal genetics market is likely to be spell bounding.

Animal breeding is now science and technology driven. Both large farms and independent animal breeders are increasingly seeking scientific techniques for animal breeding. Scientifically proven animal breeding techniques helps farm owners to have control on animal genetics to some extent. This helps to preserve useful traits to be preserved with a knowledge of animal genetics. Quality of meat, milk yield, breeding power, and energy are some traits of animals that can altered for animal breeding with a scientific knowledge of animal genetics. Such initiatives translate into economic benefits for farm owners paving way for the animal genetics market to prosper.

Among various types of products, live animals are of immense interest of stakeholders in the animal genetics market. Increasing consumer preference to know the genetic makeup of animals before including in their meat is driving the growth of live animals segment of the animal genetics market. To serve such needs, farm owners are seeking scientifically driven animal breeding with a knowledge of genetic makeup to control the quality of meat. For such reasons, live animals segment held the maximum share of the animal genetics market in 2017.

Home to Key Players and Discerning Consumers makes North America leading

Vis-à-vis revenue, North America is a key region for animal genetics. Firstly, this is because the region is home to some leading companies in the global animal genetics market. This includes Zoetis Inc., Animal Genetics Inc., and VetGen.

Furthermore, early adoption of scientific techniques in general for animal husbandry in the region is boosting the animal genetics market in the region.

Also, consumers in the region tend to seek details of animal breeding techniques before making a choice of meats. Using advanced scientific techniques for breeding of animals, the genetic makeup of these animals is also looked into considerably. This further stimulates the North America animal genetics market.

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