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OSS/BSS Systems Market - A Brief Market Research Overlook

Posted on Jun 12, 2014
The telecommunication industry (fixed line and mobile) provides services by virtue of a combination of the peripheral hardware devices and embedded software to enables the hardware to offer various services. 

But there are other two major categories of software products that are very essential for a telecom service provider to undertake its daily business related activities. These are OSS, operational or operations support systems and BSS, the business support systems. 

BSS software products find application in a telecom company’s customer care, operations and other business units for managing business operations such as customer care management, billing, sales management and handling end-user databases.  

OSS software products are used by the operations and IT teams for administering the various operational processes such as network and server performance, service quality supervision, resource management and other allied services.

To their core, OSS and BSS are the building blocks of a telecommunication or any other service provider’s business. They allow a telecom service to manage its network, its customer relations and the overall business. Additionally, they are an essential element of the delivery infrastructure of a service provider, allowing them to provide additional services such as Web, IMS. IPTV, and many other services to their end-users.  

How these systems work:

OSS and BSS are software applications that run on typical commercial IT hardware devices and associated operating systems. These applications, as most other applications, are developed by independent software development vendors.   

The OSS and BSS applications thus developed by independent software development vendors are combined and put together as an articulate solution for the service providers by System Integrators. Traditionally, this was achieved using an enterprise application infrastructure (EAI) or by using a point to point integration method. More recently, a service oriented architecture (SOA) is being deployed to implement processes across a variety of systems.     

No matter what the method of integration is applied, it is necessary for each OSS/BSS system to be integrated with the other OSS/BSS systems of the service provider’s existing operation infrastructure. 

The Global Scenario:

As mentioned earlier, OSS/BSS applications are the foundation of a telecom business and every other service providing industry. This entails that the telecommunications industry is the leading revenue generator of the global OSS/BSS market. 

Many factors such as the rising numbers of adoption of convergent billing systems, the rising awareness about the need for efficient customer service and the rise in use of handheld devices allowing the end-user to access live data on the go, have significantly benefitted the OSS/BSS market in the near past. 

As technology advances at a rapid rate and the prices of smart mobile devices keep reducing on the global front, the number of users of telecom services for manifold applications is estimated to see huge growth in the coming times as well. This would help the OSS/BSS market to achieve new heights
According to market analysts, the global OSS/BSS market was estimated to have a market value of USD 17 billion in 2011. This could rise to USD 48.54 billion by 2018. To achieve this feat, the market should grow at a CAGR of 16.2% from 2012 to 2018, which, looking at the current market statistics is not a difficult thing. 

Currently, the leading revenue generator for this industry is the region of North America, which was estimated to have a market value of USD 7.18 billion in 2012. In the future, however, developing economies in the Asia Pacific region could observe the fastest market growth for this industry. 
Some factors, such as the complexities that arise with the integration of OSS/BSS applications with the existing application infrastructure of an organization and the unfavorable regulatory measures in the Asia Pacific region could hinder the growth of this industry. 

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