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Rising Prevalence of Vitiligo Fillips Hypopigmentation Disorder Treatment Market

The natural color of an animal or human’s skin is mainly known as pigmentation. This pigmentation is usually created due to the accumulation of a specific pigment called as melanin. Such pigment is naturally produced by the melanocytes cells. However, the oxidation of a specific amino acid, tyrosine also plays a vital role in the production of melanin. At the time of skin pigmentation disorders, the color of the skin is majorly affected. Hypopigmentation disorder is a type of skin pigmentation disorder where the color of the skin becomes lighter compared to the existing skin color.

Hypopigmentation disorder affects the skin color resulting skin appear as highly blotchy and discolored. Such disorder is also known as vitiligo, which is an acquired skin disorder mainly caused by lightening of the skin or depigmentation. Apart from the genetics or hereditary reasons, many factors such as hormonal changes, overuse of cosmetics, and stress can also promote the risks of developing skin pigmentation disorders. Thus, treatments are required for improving the appearance of affected skin, which in turn is fueling demand in the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market.

 Going forward, the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment is projected to grow at a solid pace. The global hypopigmentation disorder treatment to register a promising CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period from 2018-2026. This has been stated in report on the market by Transparency Market Research.

 Increasing Awareness about Hypopigmentation Disorders to Fuel Market Growth

 Hypopigmentation usually forms light patches on overall skin. Apart from the abnormal production of melanin, hypopigmentation can also cause by injury, disease, trauma, or burns. Along with vitiligo, such disorder also include albinism. Thus, rising number of people suffering from acute hypopigmentation disorders, and increasing cases of vitiligo worldwide are increasing demand for effective therapeutics, which in turn is also driving the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market. Several treatments of hypopigmentation disorders are available in the market which includes laser therapy, topical drugs, chemical peels, phototherapy, and microdermabrasion. Along with this, rising healthcare expenditure, and growing number of clinical trials are also expected to boost the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market.

 Furthermore, there are mainly two types of therapies mostly approached by the dermatologists or physicians for treating hypopigmentation disorders. These therapies include pharmacological treatment and cosmetic treatment. Rising demand for efficient and effective skin treatment, and growing demand for cosmetic treatment over pharmacological treatment are also propelling growth in the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market. Along with these, rising aging population suffering from vitiligo, growing number of smokers, and increasing level of global warming are also the factors fueling demand in the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market.

Flourishing Dermatology Centers to Boost Hypopigmentation Disorder Treatment Market

In recent days, several hospitals, dermatology centers, and aesthetic clinics provide various types of hypopigmentation disorder treatments. People with hypopigmentation disorder are seen to acquire treatment mainly from the dermatological centers. This is because of the presence of skilled dermatologists in such centers who perform several cosmetic procedures for treating pigmentation disorders. Such factors is also propelling the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market.

Rising Healthcare Expenditure in North America to Contribute to Market Demand

Geographically, North America is leading the global hypopigmentation disorder treatment market as the region has witnessed increasing incidence of hypopigmentation disorders. Apart from this, rising approvals of new product, growing healthcare expenditure, and strong product pipeline are also responsible for fueling growth in the hypopigmentation disorder treatment market in this region.

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