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Stroke Assistive Devices Market

Stroke Assistive Devices Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth, and Forecast 2020 - 2030

Global Stroke Assistive Devices Market: Overview

The last few years have seen the global stroke assistive devices market grow and the next few years are set to witness a substantial CAGR. As per Transparency Market Research, from 2020 to 2030, market worth would improve and players would find interesting opportunities, ready to be tapped into for growth.

A number of positive trends and drivers such as increase in incidence of cardiovascular diseases and increasing number of people aged 65 and above. Players are also focusing upon varied growth strategies. Technological advancement and innovation holds a key place here.

Global Stroke Assistive Devices Market: Notable Developments

Landscape of global stroke assistive devices market is rife with developments that are shaping its vendor landscape and increasing competition in the market. The global stroke assistive devices market has the following players as the prominent ones.

  • AnthroTronix
  • ReWalk Robotics
  • Bionik Laboratories
  • Saebo
  • Ekso Bionics
  • Bioxtreme Robotics Rehibilitation
  • Mazor Robotics Ltd.
  • Intuitive Surgical Inc.
  • Interactive Motion Technologies
  • Accuray, Inc.
  • Health Robotics S.R.L.

These players are deploying varied growth strategies to create an edge over competitors. Strategies often fall on multiple points across organic and inorganic continuum. A sharp focus on innovation via technology and key mergers and acquisitions, and strategic and synergistic partnerships and collaborations hold a prominent place in the overall strategy.

Global Stroke Assistive Devices Market: Key Trends and Drivers

Over the forecast period, numerous growth factors will drive the global stroke assistive devices market on an upward growth trajectory. Prominent ones have been identified by Transparency Market Research. In its upcoming report, TMR has enumerated these in great detail. A glimpse is provided below:

  • Incidence of cardiovascular diseases if growing and this is fuelling growth in the global stroke assistive. A major reason driving up CVD is increasingly hectic lifestyle. Modern lifestyle is marked with high levels of stress and poor dietary habits such as increased tobacco consumption, excessive smoking and drinking, and oil food. Longer work hours are also responsible for driving people to fast food joints, contributing to health issues.
  • People aged 60 and over are set to see a massive expansion in numbers of their members. By 2050, there is set to be 2 billion people joining in ranks in this group. It is voluptuous increase from about 950 million in 2017. The group is highly susceptible to heart related diseases and external support to carry out day to day activities. Across the world one in every sox people will fall in the group of people aged 65 and above. One very interesting fact is that in 2018, a historic demographic shift marked the planet. 65 and above was the age group which had more people in it that the age group of 5 and below.

Global Stroke Assistive Devices Market: Regional Analysis

A massive share of the global stroke assistive devices market is set to be held by Europe. Increase in incidence of stroke and a rapidly ageing population are propelling the regional market on to a higher growth trajectory. One in every four people will be aged 65 and above in the region by the year 2050. Over the world the number would be one in every six.  North America would also account for a significant share owing to similar reasons and a favorable reimbursement policy.  Research and Development (R&D) activities in the two regions are also extensive and increasing, promising a prominent contribution to overall growth of the market.

Stroke Assistive Devices Market

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