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  • An Overview of the Minimally Invasive Vertebral Compression Fracture Repair Market
    Published Date: May 13, 2014

    Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) are the most common fractures in people with osteoporosis or low bone density. Though osteoporosis is considered the major reason behind such fractures, forms of metastatic tumors and extensive trauma such as an accident, a hard fall or a sports injury can also lead to such fractures. 

  • Electrophoresis Equipment and Supplies Market - Future Prospects and High Growth Regions
    Published Date: May 13, 2014

    Electrophoresis is a powerful and seemingly the most popular analytical technique in the field of micro-molecular separation and analysis. The rise in research activities, particularly in proteomics research activities undertaken in life sciences, biotechnology and pharmacy, has significantly contributed in fostering the global demand for electrophoresis instruments.  

  • Biopreservation Market - An Overview of Growth Factors
    Published Date: May 13, 2014

    Modern day medicine is long out of the genomic era where decoding human genome was considered the only way to find the genetic basis and the eventual cure for human diseases. It is in a phase where new disciplines are being discovered by fusing manipulative engineering with medical sciences to provide remedies for various autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases and even aging.

  • The Global Growth Factors of the Organ Preservation Solutions Market
    Published Date: May 13, 2014

    The organ preservation solutions market has been playing an important role in increasing the number of organ transplants. Basically, an organ preservation solution is a method that helps in preserving organs in a special place when they are no longer inside a human body. The preservation solutions make the organs vulnerable to the exterior environment present outside the human body.

  • Global Factors and Perspective of the Molecular Diagnostic Market
    Published Date: Sep 01, 2014

    Molecular diagnostics is technically defined as a class of diagnostic test that analyzes proteins or nucleic acids at a higher molecular level. The nucleic acids and proteins that belong to individual patients or foreign organisms help in identifying a specific therapy, health condition, or risk of developing a specific disease. 

  • The Significance and Market Prominence of Blood Flow Measurement Devices
    Published Date: May 13, 2014

    The blood circulation inside our body takes place under specific conditions such as pressure and velocity, and is also dependent on our cardiac health, as well as physical activities. Blood pressure is defined as the pressure that is pumped out of the heart and taken into the arterial vessels. Typically, the velocity of blood flowing in our body is a measurable factor and can be determined using an appropriate blood pressure monitor.

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