Global Intelligent Vending Machines: Government Mandates to Boost Market

Published On : Dec 03, 2015 | Category : Technology & Media

The global intelligent vending machines market is undergoing a booming phase at present. Several governments have mandated displaying the nutrition information and warnings printed on the product to consumers beforehand, which has compelled vendors to install intelligent vending machines, adding the worldwide intelligent vending machine market greatly.


The technological advancement of the user interfaces in intelligent vending machines, making them a lot easier to operate, is also fueling the global market to a high level. The emergence of cashless payment is another significant factor that is propelling this market extensively.


On the whole, the global intelligent vending machine market looks thriving. However, growing enforcement of stringent rules prohibiting sales of junk food in schools and tobacco in public is hampering the market significantly. The high rent on the space utilized for the installation of these machines has also become a matter of concern for vendors across the globe, affecting the growth of this market.


Global Intelligent Vending Machines Market: North America to Retain Leadership

North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World are the major regional markets for intelligent vending machines. Among these, North America has emerged as the market leader in recent years. The increasing demand for LCD screens disclosing the nutritional labeling on the food items, as directed by the U.S. legislation, has fueled the market for intelligent vending machines in the U.S., which is the biggest market in North America. The regional market is likely to maintain its dominance in the coming years.


In Europe, consumers are more welcoming to new technologies, which is a positive sign for the intelligent vending machines market in this region. Western European nations are the early adopters of novel vending technologies across the globe and this market is likely to flourish more in this part of Europe.


Global Intelligent Vending Machines Market: Asia Pacific to Report Fastest Growth
The intelligent vending machines market in Asia Pacific is likely to report the fastest growth in the global market. Japan is the largest market for intelligent vending machines in this region. The high rate of adoption of advanced vending machine technologies such as cashless systems and telemetry in Japan has boosted the position of Asia Pacific to a great extent in the global arena.


In addition to this, Japan also boasts of the highest number of installed vending machines. The high level of maintenance as well as power traditional machines require is encouraging vendors to take up intelligent vending machines. This factor is likely to drive the intelligent vending machines market in Japan and, eventually, in Asia Pacific significantly in the near future.


Global Intelligent Vending Machines Market: Key Players

The major companies operating in the global intelligent vending machines market are Seaga Manufacturing Inc., Westomatic Vending Services Ltd., Azkoyen Group, Intel Corp., USA Technologies Inc., Jofemar SA, Cantaloupe Systems Inc., Bianchi Vending Group S.p.A., Sanden Corp., VE Global Vending Inc., SandenVendo America Inc., Crane Co., Ingenico S.A., Rheavendors Group, N&W Global Vending SPA, Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., FAS International SpA, and MEI Inc.


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