Global Microbial Sealants Market: Introduction 

Microbial skin sealants are sterile, film-forming liquids that block the entry of bacteria into surgical site. Microbial sealants are usually used as additional antimicrobial skin preparation after antisepsis and prior to skin incision. These sealants are intended to remain intact and block the migration of flora from surrounding skin into the surgical site. Microbial sealants have shown to reduce bacterial count on the skin at the operative site. Several studies have proven that patients who contract postoperative infection have a significantly longer hospital stay with high cost. In clean surgeries, the primary source of incisional contamination is the flora present on patient’s own skin. The skin cannot be sterilized completely, hence rebound growth of bacteria can occur during the surgery.

Global Microbial Sealants Market: Dynamics

Increase in Incidence of Surgical Site Infections in Health Care Settings 

Surgical site infections (SSIs) are the third most frequently reported infection and account for more than 14.5% of all nosocomial infections. An article published by the International Wound Journal stated that 40% to 60% surgical site infections are preventable and that effective control relies on a multitude of interventions that include surveillance, eradication of carrier status, antimicrobial prophylaxis, and infection control programs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 500,000 surgical site infections occur in the U.S. each year, making it the second most common health care-associated infection. Increase in incidence of surgical site infections is likely to drive the global microbial sealants market. 

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Increase in Incidence of Hospital-acquired Infections

Hospital-acquired infections are highly prevalent adverse events in the health care industry. Unhygienic conditions in and around hospitals along with improper sterilization techniques applied in these settings increase the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections in low and middle income countries. A research paper published in May 2017 in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine indicated that incidence rate of nosocomial infections is nearly 75% in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, which is significantly higher than developed regions. This is primarily due to unhygienic conditions, improper sterilization treatment, and lack of proper surveillance systems in hospitals. Therefore, increase in incidence of hospital-acquired infections is likely to drive the global microbial sealants market. 

Global Microbial Sealants Market: Competitive Landscape 

Major players operating in the global microbial sealants market include Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Avanos Medical, Inc., Halyard Health, Hodgson Sealants, OsteoRemedies, Integra Medical, N8 Medical, and Adhezion Biomedical. 

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Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of a range of products made mostly from natural or synthetic fibers using advanced technologies in fibers, nonwovens and absorbency. The company operates through three business segments: personal care, consumer tissue, and K-C professional. 

Integra Lifesciences Corporation

Founded in 1989, Integra Lifesciences Corporation is headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey, the U.S. and has over 3,000 employees. The company manufactures devices used in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. It offers products such as devices & implants for spine, hand & wrist, foot & ankle, shoulder & elbow, tendon & peripheral nerve protection and repair, and wound repair. 

Global Microbial Sealants Market: Segmentation 

The global microbial sealants market can be segmented based on:

  • Application
  • End-user
  • Region 

In terms of application, the global microbial sealants market can be classified into:

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • C-section
  • Others 

Based on end-user, the global microbial sealants market can be categorized into:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Others

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