Producers making Relentless Efforts to introduce New, Exotic Flavors in Dried Fruits to attract Consumers

Published On : Mar 01, 2019 | Category : Food & Beverages

Over the past several years, modifications in forms and improvements in shelf-life have influenced the emerging paradigms of the ready-to-eat food products market, including dried fruits. A great deal of such changes in the processed food and beverages industries is driven by the pursuit of finding nutritionally-valuable products with good taste. Growing affinity of such products among health-conscious consumers is what shapes the contours of the dried fruits market. In addition to the consumption of dried fruits as healthy snacks, they are finding attractive use in variety of processed food such as bakery, ready meals, and confectionary. 

Bereft of water content, dried fruits may contain raisins, tropical fruits, and berries. The products score high on the preservation aspect, and offer flexibility in storage. They may not completely bring the essence of fresh fruits but are considered potentially nutritious on account of the presence of micronutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. The exotic taste and high nutritional content drives the demand for dried fruits in a wide range of applications in end-use industries. A recent report by Transparency Market Research projects the global dried fruits market to rise at a CAGR of 5.9% during 2018 - 2026. 

A host of factors that propel developments in the dried fruits market hinges on changing consumer taste and preferences world over. Rising demand for food products with loads of vitamin and mineral, along with the need for better shelf-life, is a key factor driving the dried fruits market. The increasing trend of healthy snacking, especially in emerging and developed economies, is bolstering the attractiveness of dried fruits. 

Rising Demand for Dried Fruits in Confectionaries and Baked Goods bolster Prospects 

Rising demand for fibrous foods, especially among consumers in China and Japan, bodes well for the demand for dried fruits. The global demand for dried fruits has benefitted profoundly from the rising usage of dried fruits in confectionaries and baked goods. The rapid inroads made by the confectionery and bakery products in several developing economies has catalyze the market’s growth prospects. 

Relentless efforts to introduce new, exotic products in the dried fruits market by prominent players have opened several lucrative prospects in the market. Industry efforts are increasingly ramped by growing penetration of products through e-commerce distribution channels. Moreover, the market is likely to immensely benefit from umpteen number of online brand positioning strategies adopted by numerous producers in recent years. Adoption of aggressive promotion strategies also offers a big fillip to the market. The adoption of premium product placement on retail shelves in developed and emerging markets is a case in point. 

Growing Affinity toward Organic Dried Fruits and Natural Food Additives opens New Avenues 

Growing awareness about the varied health benefits of organic and food products with natural additives is unlocking new window of opportunities in the dried fruits market. The demand for organic dried fruits is anticipated to rise at attractive pace in the coming few years. Over the past few years, regulations pertaining to the use of additives in food products have gathered momentum. This, in turn, is imparting momentum to the demand for dried fruits containing only natural additives among consumers in various parts of the world. On the other hand, manufacturers of bakery and confections demand dried fruits for new flavors and seasoning options