Cell Expansion Market to Grow Remarkably with High Tech Instrumentation

Published On : Nov 13, 2018 | Category : Healthcare

The competitive landscape of the cell expansion market is expected to be highly consolidated because of the presence of few players. Prominent players are investing more in research and development activities in order to establish their position in the market. This research is being done for developing applications of advanced cell expansions. In the coming years, it is projected that most players will shift their focus from research-based activities to product differentiation achievement. New players are continuously trying to incur new ways and means and to make the competition more intense. All players are making extra efforts in product differentiation so as to stand out in the market and draw more revenue.

Another factor to boost the market is the rise in prevailing chronic and rare diseases. This is being followed the need and demand for biopharmaceuticals. Regenerative medicines provide faster results and are therefore more in demand. These medicines also provide cell-based therapies because they have high compatibility as per patience’s convenience and are thus, increasing the demand for growth in the market.

Research for Cancer Diagnostics to Boost Cell Expansion Market

Quite interestingly, cell expansion forms a crucial part of cancer research and treatment since cancer is one among the most crucial diseases and the complete remedy of which is still under research. Thus, with cancer being the most dangerous and fatal disease in the world, there is more demand for cell expansion and its remedial measure discovery to boost the cell expansion market in the long run.

Although the fact that lot of investment in research and development is leading to better parospects for market growth, there are certain factors that may hamper the market. One of them is the high cost of operation because of the need for skilled workforce in the market. Other than that, there is requirement for high tech instrumentation which may also restrain the market. Cell expansion process may have to face further issues due to strict rules and policies imposed by the government because of the ethical and moral concerns that cell expansion brings. All these factors may act as a restrain for the growth of the market in the long run.

GMP-Certified Cell Therapy Production to Accelerate Future Market Growth

However, the number of factors driving the market growth for cell expansion are the rise in the number of chronic diseases, and surging financial support by the government of various countries in order to carry out sell-based research and produce better results for the betterment of the society and cure dangerous diseases. Besides that, other factors like the rise in the number of GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice-certified cell therapy production facilities are also adding to the growth of the global cell expansion market in the future years. Other than that, most of the players in this market are spending o cell-based therapies because of research and development activities. This is turn is also propelling the market to grow in future.

Although the main challenge in the growth of the cell expansion market is seen to be the survival of small players since financially investing huge sum of money into research and development is not an easy task and it may not be possible for smaller manufacturers to afford such expenses each time. On the other hand, small players also have to face tough competition and in order to sustain themselves and get a strong foothold in the market, they have to work extra hard as compared to other companies. This may act as a major challenge to small players.

However, the market is yet to provide lucrative opportunities with the introduction of 3D cell expansion theory. Under this, an artificially created environment is provided where biological cells are allowed to interact or grow in all the three dimensions in their surroundings. A 3D cell structure environment would grow in small capsules, bioreactors, and the cells here can grow into 3D cell colonies or spheroids. Because of this unique and innovative angle to the market, even the emerging countries are to adapt this new technique and hence, offer higher opportunities of growth in the global cell expansion market.