Adoption of Potato Protein helps Food Companies to meet Variety of Nutritional Profile Needs of Consumers

Published On : Mar 08, 2019 | Category : Food & Beverages

High-quality protein isolates have generated vast interest among vegan on account of their nutritional benefits. In this regard, potato proteins have gathered considerable steam among various consumer segments across the world. The nutritional value of potato proteins compare well with that of eggs and soy proteins. Advances in extraction methods have opened potato proteins to a wide variety of applications such as meat products, dairy products, bakery and confectionery, processed food, beverages, animal feed, and sports nutrition. Two of the compelling propositions fueling the acceptability of potato proteins are their easy digestibility and favorable amino acid pattern. 

Advancement in production techniques have improved their high functional qualities, thereby expanding the applications of potato proteins market. According to a study by Transparency Market Research, by 2026 end the potato protein market will be cross a global worth of US$150 mn vis-à-vis consumption. 

Rising Popularity of High-quality Protein Isolates among Health Enthusiasts bolster Demand 

Several factors account for the rising popularity of potato protein in food industry in the coming years. The rising demand for functional food products among consumers across the world is a notable trend catalyzing opportunities in the market. Rising popularity of protein-rich food among health enthusiasts is also a key factor fueling the demand for potato protein. Diary product manufacturers find potato protein to hold a promising potential in improving the nutritional profile of the products they offer to various end-use industries. One of the factors accounting for the extensive is the cost-effectiveness for manufacturing dairy products at scale. 

One of the applications areas that has gained vast momentum is the use of potato protein as animal feed. The functional food serves a sizeable chunk of the requirement of animal feeds. However, the uptake in the animal feed industry is notably hampered by the lack of awareness about the nutritional benefits and the lack of better extraction methods in emerging markets. 

On the regional front, Europe will hold dominance throughout the forecast period. Potato protein as a high-quality protein isolates has gathered traction with the dietary patterns across populations of numerous countries in the region. This is increasingly fueled by growing popularity of dietary protein concentrates in the region. 

Advancements in Production Techniques and Extraction Methods unlock Lucrative Prospects 

Rapid pace of technology advancements in production techniques and extraction methods will create new, exciting opportunities in the potato protein market. However, the cost of processing is still very high, making the use of potato protein in various applications not an economically-viable options. This may hinder the demand in cost-sensitive markets. Nevertheless, advances in production methods are expected to generate generous revenues for market players. For instance, the drive toward minimal processing is expected to unlock promising prospects in the potato protein market. 

In recent years, food and beverages companies have forayed into the market. A case in point is Nestle filing patents for hypoallergenic potato protein formulation targeted toward infants. The advent of such products will help manufacturers meet the needs for minimally-processed protein alternatives for consumers. 

Moreover, in various parts of the world, in recent years modified potato starch is also picking up pace in non-food applications. Innovations in food technology are likely to create new avenues for manufacturers of potato protein.