Global Electric Tables Market: Surge In Geriatric Population and Chronic Disorders Cases to Fuel the Demand

Published On : Dec 07, 2018 | Category : Healthcare

It has been noticed that in past couple of years, healthcare sector has tremendously undergone evolution to serve people. From traditional techniques of using medicines and surgeries to more advancement treatment, the healthcare sector is vigorously trying to speed up with the rising number of diseases and other issues. Rapid advancement in technology is considered to be a pillar or an axis that has lifted up the healthcare sector. It is due to this reason, people have started preferring for early checkups to prevent from falling sick. Apart from new and better treatments, new equipment have helped medical professionals to achieve such efficacy. Electric tables are considered to be one of the major equipment in various therapies and surgeries. This has made the demand for electric tables to shoot up.

The global electric tables market is likely to expand at a robust CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period.

What Factor Drive the Global Market?

Surge in demand for diagnostic imaging services throughout the world to identify any issues in a human body is expected to drive the global market. In recent times, diagnostic imaging services have gained immense traction as it helps in treating the issue at an early stage. Electric tables have found its application in such diagnostics center where diagnostic imaging services are present. Rising need for various diagnostic imaging services such as magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, procedure chairs, CT scan, and ultrasound is driving the market.

Increasing cases of chronic diseases throughout the world due to rise in number of infections is boding well with the market. This cases have led to utilize various types of diagnostic imaging services. Apart from chronic diseases, rise in trauma cases have boosted the growth of market. Rise in geriatric population is also considered to be play a key role in driving the market. Furthermore, high investment by major players to widen their product portfolios is anticipated to provide lucrative growth opportunities in the developing region.

Which End User to Exhibit Highest Demand in Market?

Electric tables market has several end users which are ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals, and others. Of these, hospitals held the highest majority as hospitals are in easy access to people dwelling in both urban and rural areas. People staying in urban areas have access to various private and public hospitals and ambulatory services, whereas people in rural areas are only left with public hospitals. Various government of developing countries are increasing their funds to develop the infrastructure of healthcare sector, this is anticipated to bolster market growth.

Which Region Dominates the Market?

On the basis of geography, the global electric tables market is segmented into Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. Amongst these, Europe is anticipated to hold the leading position owing to developed health care sector, continuous evolution of patient handling technology, and rising awareness among health care providers about patient handling. In Europe, Germany was considered to be the major contributor. However, Asia Pacific is anticipated to exhibit a strong growth potential during the upcoming years.