Increasing Applications of Plastics in Automotive and Electronics Industries Boosts Anti-Static Agents Market

Published On : Mar 01, 2019 | Category : Chemicals & Materials

Anti-static agents find widespread applications across industries owing to their property to reduce or eliminate static charge generated by polymers. These are mainly used to enhance conductivity of polymer materials. Some of the end use industries are electronics, automotive, packaging, and aviation. 

One of the key factors pushing growth of the global anti-static agents market is expansion of the automotive industry. This is because anti-static agents is a vital component in the manufacture of components such as automobile engines and powertrains. As per a recent report released by International Organization of Motor Vehicle manufacturers, the production of vehicles has increased nearly 23 million units in 2017 from that in 2016. Such growth figures clearly indicate increase in the use of anti-static agent in the automotive industry. 

Global Anti-Static Agents Market Expected to Rise Owing Diverse Applications 

One of the major driving factors of the anti-static agent market is the escalating demand for plastics in the packaging industry. The use of anti-static agent refines plastics, and thus make them suitable for more applications. Apart from packaging industry, consumption of plastic is also increasing in automobiles. This is mainly because of its property like lightweight and durability. Anti-static agents help increase conductive property of plastics and help dissipate static charge. This makes plastic suitable in the manufacture of electronic components. The increasing demand for plastics coated with anti-static agents is one factor increasing the demand of anti-static agents. This in turn is boosting the global anti-static agents market.

In addition to the above, anti-static agent coated plastics are also used in manufacturing of interior and exterior parts of vehicle, mobile case, computers, and household goods. Vivid application of anti-static agent across different industries fuel growth of the anti-static agent market.

Stringent Government Regulations to Monitor Use of PlasticLimits Market Growth 

Despite several application, few factors have a negative impact on the global antistatic agents market. Stringent regulations by government over the use of plastics restricts the growth of anti-static agent market. It discourge global manufacturer to get a free hand over the usage of plastic. Apart from this, volatility in raw material price may dampen prospect of the market in future.  Neverthless, increasing application of anti static in Asia Pacific region indicate the growth of the anti-static agent market in the near future. The government of the region shows a lenient approach over the usage of plastic..

Both Developed and Developing Nations hold Lucrative Opportunities for growth of Anti-static Agents market

As per a report,e, plastic production has increased by 18 million tons from 2015 to 2016. . As per a recent report, Asia pacific accounts for 48 percent of total market share in the overall plastic industry. National Bureau of Statistics of China states that the output of motor vehicles has increased to 14.5 percent from the year 2015 to 2016. Thus, the exponential growth of end-use industries is serving to boost the overall anti-static agents market.