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Wheat Fiber Powder Market

Wheat Fiber Powder Market - Global Industry Analysis 2015-2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020-2030

Wheat Fiber Powder Market: Market Outlook

Wheat fiber powder is defined as an isolated dietary fiber that is processed from the wheat plant and goes through a series of processes including milling, sieving, and standardizing into application-specific grades. Wheat fiber powder is a type of insoluble fiber that is associated with different health benefits such as the reduced risk of diabetes, constipation, appetite control, and many more. The advances in nutritional studies have resulted in the increased usage of wheat fiber powder in various food applications.

The rise in the trend of ‘clean label’, increased awareness regarding personal health, and increased purchasing power of consumers are the factors that have triggered the increased demand for health beneficial food ingredients. The increased demand for wheat fiber powder in the pharmaceutical industry is another reason that has positively affected the growth of the wheat fiber powder market.

Wheat Fiber Powder Market: Market Dynamics

Appealing Versatility of Wheat Fiber Powder in Industrial Applications to Bolster Sales

Increased research and development activities in the food and beverage market have led to the identification of different applications of wheat fiber powder in this industry. From a functionality perspective, the key players operating in the meat processing, bakery, confectionery, and dairy and functional food industries are increasingly adapting the use of wheat fiber powder in different applications owing to the texture improving characteristics and water-binding capacity. Increased consumer preference for healthy and natural ingredients is another factor leading to the increased acceptance of wheat fiber powder in the food and beverage industry.

Exponential Growth of Cosmetic Industry to Promote the use of Wheat Fiber Powder

The cosmetic industry is expected to witness significant growth in the forecast period owing to the increased influence of western culture. The cosmetic industry is expected to emerge as one of the industries holding the highest potential for further development and growth. The key players operating in the cosmetics industry are focused on developing innovative products to earn an advantage over the competitors, owing to the increased demand for cosmetic products. The use of wheat fiber powder as a major ingredient in cosmetic products to aid in moisturizing and cleansing is another factor fueling the growth of wheat fiber powder.

Wheat Fiber Powder Market: Segmentation

Based on the nature, the global Wheat Fiber Powder market can be segmented as follows

  • Organic
  • Conventional

Based on the End use, the global Wheat Fiber Powder market can be segmented as follows

  • Food and Beverage    
    • Bakery
    • Processed meat
    • Dairy and Confectionery
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Others
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal feed

Based on the region, the global Wheat Fiber Powder market can be segmented as follows

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

Wheat Fiber Powder Market: Key Players

Some of the key players engaged in the production of wheat fiber powder are Cargill Incorporated, Ingredion Incorporated, Archer Daniels Midland, Roquette Frères S.A, Grain Processing Corporation, Tate & Lyle PLC, Südzucker AG, SunOpta Inc., DuPont and few others.

Wheat Fiber Powder Market: Opportunities

Changing lifestyles and increased life expectancy are the factors that have led to an increased awareness of the importance of fiber in the diet. Most of the key players are focusing on providing wheat fiber powder that can be easily blended into food and beverages to provide key functional benefits. They are also investing huge amounts to produce dietary fibers that meet consumer demand for healthier products. The efforts taken by the key players to launch innovative products in response to the increasing consumer demand can create room for increased opportunities for key players in the wheat fiber powder market.

Wheat Fiber Powder Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, North America is expected to lead the wheat fiber powder owing to the increased consumer awareness regarding healthy food ingredients and increased integration regarding dietary intake. Followed by North America, the regions of Europe and Asia are expected to be dominant in the wheat fiber powder market attributed to the increased adaption of dietary supplements in this region. The regions of North America and Europe are expected to lead the wheat fiber powder market in terms of production owing to the high concentration of big market players.

Impact of Covid-19 on Wheat Fiber Powder Market

The outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in unprecedented financial challenges for the world economy. The impacts of the pandemic on the different global industries are evident can be justified by disrupted supply chains, the financial positions of the organizations, and the shortage of raw materials. The key players in the food and beverage industries were forced to close their production lines to avoid the risk of infection. However, the increasing consumer demand for food products with increased shelf-life has led to the surge in demand for multi-functional food ingredients. The impact of Covid-19 on the wheat fiber powder market can be expected to be moderate, owing to its multi-functionary properties. 

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