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Gallnut Extract Market

Gallnut Extract Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2027

Gallnut extract can usually be referred as natural extract prepared from a variety of plants for e.g. oak, Chinese sumac, witch hazel and some others. Plant producing galls are waste material forming outgrowth of plant tissue caused due to parasitism by gall wasp or insects. Gallnuts are traditionally having origin from China and South East Asia. The annual production of gallnuts extract expected to increase in China as per records of past few years, followed by emerging market like India, Japan, and Korea.

The major market of gallnut extract serves to textile, and the pharmaceutical industry, followed by food and cosmetics industry. Major application includes dyeing of cotton and other fibers, medicinal purpose, and cosmetic treatment. Gallnuts is highly rich in contains with tannins along with smaller molecules of gallic acid. Tannin along with alum powder used for producing a pale brown color on cotton, wool or silk. Also having an application to synthesis animal skins into quality leather due to its tannin contents.

Gallnut Extract Market Segmentation

Gallnut extract market is basically segmented on the basis of product form, usage, type and regions. Segmentation by product form includes powdered, whole, roasted, splits contents and liquid. Among all of these segments, powdered segment is dominating the market in terms of production, followed by liquid segment expected to grow in near future. Further Segmentation can also be done by usage includes textile industry, feed, pharmaceutical, food, personal care and cosmetics.

Among all of these, textile segment utilizing high percentage of gallnut extract in powdered form, following by pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Segmentation can also be done on the basis of product type includes oak, Chinese sumac, witch hazel, and some other herbal trees. Among all of these segments, Chinese sumac is dominating the market due to its large cultivation. Meanwhile segments of herbal trees like Quercus infectoria is expected to grow in near future due to its skin conditioning agent.

Segmentation can also be done on the basis of geographical regions includes seven major regions – North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa (MEA). Among all of these regions, Chinese market is expected to show positive growth in terms of mass consumption over the forecast period. In terms of value, some regions of South East Asia expected to account for a major share of the market for gallnut extract over the forecast period.

Gallnut Extract Market Drivers

Population explosion leading more demand for textile products expected to drive the market growth as gallnut extracts having tannin present along with alum increase dyeing of cotton, wool and silk to produce pale shaded fabrics. Leather industry consumes more synthetic material inflates cost, which can be reduces by utilizing these natural extracts. Factors such medical anomalies, cosmetic usage, along with preparatory methods for the pharmaceutical industry is enhancing market growth throughout the globe. Major trend witnessed in the consumption of extracts as oil, mordant, and active ingredients drive the demand for producing bulk quantity. Consumption of tannic acid as a food additive in cooking enhances Color, emulsify it, stabilize it, thicken the consistency expected to drive as positive growth in this market segment in near future.

Gallnut Extract Market key players

Some of the major players operating in gallnut extract Market includes Foodchem, Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Sabinsa Cosmetics, Lvyin Biotech Co., Ltd, Sami Labs and Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd.

Gallnut Extract Market

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