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Cultured Celery Extract Market

Cultured Celery Extract Market - Global Industry Analysis 2015–2019 and Opportunity Assessment; 2020– 2030

Cultured Celery Extract Market Outlook:

Cultured celery extract is a concentrate made from celery. The cultured celery extracts are available in liquid and powder form and used as food preservative in meat products. The use of cultured celery extract is rising from companies that want to avoid strict regulations of nitrate. Cultured celery extract is prepared in labs where concentrated version of plant’s juice is combined with bacterial cultures. This blend is used in processed food products as it extends shelf life as well as help to improve the nutritional properties of food products.

Rising Use of Cultured Celery Extract in Meat Products

The use of cultured celery extract is rising in meat products as it improves the shelf life of meat. Cultured celery extract is used in meat products as it avoids the growth of bacteria such as cause botulism, a food-borne illness. The cultured celery extract is useful for maintaining the meat’s original flavor and pink color. The consumption of meat is rising in daily diet as it important and convenient source of proteins, iron and minerals. The sale of processed meat products is rising as it is easy and convenient to cook. The increasing consumption of meat products is beneficial for cultured celery extract as it is used widely in meat products because it improves the quality and extends storage life.  

Increasing Use of Natural Additives in Organic Meat Products

In processed certified organic meat, the only allowed natural source of nitrate is cultured celery extract which is used as a curing agent. Various poultry and meat processors use cultured celery extract for producing organic meat products where the artificial chemicals, nitrate and nitrite, are not allowed.

Cultured celery extract is used as curing agent in various products such as organic hot dogs, bacon, and ham because it contains natural forms of nitrate that are converted to nitrite after adding to meat.

The crucial function of nitrate or nitrite in processed meats is connected to food safety with antimicrobial properties versus Listeria monocytogenes and Clostridium botulinum which are essential for protection of public health. It also improves the sustainability of processed meat products. Retaining cultured celery extract on national list is important for organic livestock producers and it is important for consumers that choose to support organic practices as no other organic alternative is available commercially.

Cultured Celery Extract Market Segmentation:

On the basis of form, the cultured celery extract market is segmented into:

  • Powder
  • Liquid

On the basis of nature, the cultured celery extract market is segmented into:

  • Organic
  • Conventional

On the basis of source, the cultured celery extract market is segmented into:

  • Sea salt
  • Vegetables
    • Spinach
    • Beets
    • Carrots
    • Coriander
    • Others

On the basis of Application, the cultured celery extract market is segmented into:

  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Others

Global Cultured Celery Extract: Key Participants

Some of the key participants operating their business in the global cultured celery extract market are Nutra Green, Yongyuan Biotech, Summit Medical Group, Xi’an Mingze, Goutpal, Nanjing Zelang Biotech, 3nB and Xi’an Changyue Phytochemistry.

Opportunities in Cultured Celery Extract Market

Various health benefits are associated with cultured celery extracts due to which it is expected to increase its demand from pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Cultured celery extract is a rich source of vitamin K, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. The consumption of food products in which cultured celery extract is used as primary ingredient is beneficial for lowering the risk of cancer. Cultured celery extract helps in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol level and preventing risks of heart diseases. Cultured celery extract improves eye, skin, liver and mental health.  These health benefits associated with cultured celery extract is anticipated to boost the growth rate in forecast period.

The consumption of processed meat products is increasing in Europe and North America due to which it is expected to rise the use of cultured celery extract from processed meat manufacturers in North America and Europe as it improves the sustainability and flavor of meat products. The increasing demand of processed meat products is beneficial for cultured celery extract market.

Cultured Celery Extract Market

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