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Carb Free Gum Market

Carb Free Gum Market - Global Industry Trend Analysis 2015 to 2019 and Forecast 2020–2030

Market Outlook

Chewing gums are prepared by gum base, flavoring, aromatic, and sweetening, agents. The gum base is a blend of elastomers, synthetic and natural resins, emulsifiers, fats, waxes, fillers, and anti-oxidants. There are several benefits associated with chewing gums as it maintains a healthy oral cavity and also prevents obesity by reducing appetite. The chewing gum also sharpens the mind and releases the stress.

The rising health-conscious demographics are the major reason behind the surge in the demand for carb free gum. As gum is prepared by the composition of conventional sugar and other carbohydrates enriched ingredients, and these days consumers are eliminating such ingredients from their regular diet, which in turn boosting the market growth for carb free gum. However, the confectionery manufacturers have noticed the increasing consumers’ inclination towards the carb free gum that has steered to launch of several innovative carb free gum and other products. The increasing health concern along with rising demand for chews and treat is surging the demand for carb free gum across the globe and is estimated to grow over the upcoming years.

Carb Free Gum- a Beneficial Product for Health   

Chewing gums are one of the ancient trends from the ancient times, due innovation with time there are several varieties of gum has been developed such as sugar free, keto, and carb free gum among others in the market.  Carb free gum is the trending type of gums across the globe. Nowadays, consumers are opting for those products that offer health beneficial properties.  Carb free gum is one of the types of gum and hence it has similar properties as compared to gums that include it removes the deposition of debris and plaques from teeth, it prevents cavity formation, removes the bad breath, help in the concentration of mind, and improves the food eating habits among others. The only difference between normal gums and carb free gum that are available in the market is the presence of carbohydrate. The functional properties of carb free gums associated with health beneficial properties anticipated to have a positive impact over the forecast years.

Global Carb Free Gum: Market Segmentation

Based on nature, the global carb free gum market has been segmented as-

  • Organic
  • Conventional

Based on flavors, the global carb free gum market can be segmented as-

  • Mint Flavor
    • Wintermint
    • Peppermint
    • Spearmint
  • Pineapple Flavor
  • Strawberry Flavor
  • Others (Pomegranate, watermelon etc.)

Based on sales channel, the global carb free gum market can be segmented as-

  • B2B (Direct Sales)
  • B2C (Indirect Sales)
    • Store-based Retailing
      • Supermarket/Hypermarket
      • Convenience Stores
      • Groceries
      • Specialty Stores
      • Other Retailing Formats
    • Online Retailing

Global Carb Free Gum Market: Key Players

The key players operating in global carb free gum market include The PUR Company Inc., Zellie’s, Simply Gum Inc., The Humble Co., Epic Dental LLC, and Wrigley Company among others

For instance, the carb free gum offered under the brand name of Spry contains 0g net carbs and the portable tube is easy to handle and fresh the breath on the go. Green tea gum flavor is the interesting flavor offered under the brand.

In January 2017, Wrigley – a Chicago-based confection and gum manufacturing company, announced about the marketing campaign to addresses the demand of consumer for better-for-you options. The company has also announced the launch of 2 new products among which one is sweetened with sugar and another offering is sugar-free chewing gum.

Opportunities for Market Participant

Over the past decade, online retailing has been treasured and well-recognized by the manufacturers of carb free gum, due to its evolution from unalloyed online shopping websites to a productive channel for direct trades. e-Commerce/ online retailing continues to progress, with finest practices shifting frequently. Moreover, tie-ups with primary e-Commerce sites, carb free gum manufacturers are also creating their online websites and apps to collect a supplementary market share, and link directly with their consumers. Due to these factors, online retailing will gain more centrality to carb free gum manufacturers. In addition to this, carb free gum manufacturers operating their business across the globe should for focus on the launch of new flavors in their current offerings.

Carb Free Gum Market

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