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Published Date: 2014-07-02

Homeland security is an umbrella term for safeguarding the nation against any anti-social groups and threats by terrorist organizations. The market is chiefly driven by various government initiatives undertaken to prevent cross border insurgency and increasing terrorist threats around the world. The government initiatives are boosting the market for homeland security products. 

Published Date: 2014-06-13

This report covers the market analysis for various parameters including types of aircraft, and the components used in an aircraft with prime focus on the type of jet engine used in the aircraft. The stakeholders for this study include commercial aircraft engine, parts, and equipment manufacturers, and government.

Published Date: 2014-06-05

The man-portable military electronics includes all the portable equipments which facilitates and enhances the functional capabilities of military personals in the battlefield. These electronic equipments act as a force multiplier by providing advanced situational awareness and direct link communications to dismounted soldiers. The man-portable military electronics are crucial in achieving speed, agility and responsiveness by combat soldiers in battlefield.

Published Date: 2014-06-03

Radar systems are widely used across different sections of the military forces such as army, navy and air force. Various types of military radar are ground based, naval, air borne and space based. Technological advancements and the increasing demand for hi tech artillery, arms and devices are the major factors driving the market at present.

Published Date: 2014-04-29

This market has been segmented on the basis of types, products, applications and geography. The report comprises Porter’s five forces analysis and market dynamics of ammunition market. In addition, it includes the value chain analysis which helps to identify the market players along with their suitable roles which helps manufacturers to create the greatest possible value for customers. 

Published Date: 2014-04-24

Air traffic control equipment provides flexible and adaptable operation of aircrafts in order to improve air traffic, safety, efficiency and capacity. Efficient air traffic management will require new traffic management equipment on planes in service and those in production. Replacement of obsolete air traffic control systems is not an easy task because air traffic control is continuous and ongoing activity that cannot be interrupted when any replacement of old equipment takes place. 

Upcoming Market Research Reports in Defense and Aeronautics


Aerostat, a large envelope of lightweight polyurethane-coated tedlar fabric filled with non-flammable helium, can rise up to an altitude of 4600m while being tethered by a single cable. The aerostat consists of four major components namely, hull, airborne power generator, windscreen and radar platform, rigging and tether.


Global energy demand is expected to rise by as much as 50 percent over the next 25 years. This combined with depletion of existing fossil fuel reserves will mean extensive exploration and production activities by the offshore oil and gas industry in the years to come. 75 percent of this increased requirement is expected to come from the developing world.


Refineries are large assets requiring massive capital influx are long gestation periods for successful construction. With significant political unrest surrounding the hydrocarbon sector, safeguarding of one’s assets is of the utmost interest. Albeit in the downstream segment, refineries are a major, if not the most important part of the hydrocarbons value chain. 


Perimeter security encompasses physical security of the facility as well as programmatic security policies which enforce protection against any malicious activity. Factors such as illegal immigration, constant risk of terrorism, anti-government protests and increasing criminal activities have led to the need for advance perimeter security solutions. 


The global Aerospace & Defense industry has experienced rapid transformation in the last few months. Following a steep decline in the orders and backlogs in the year 2008 and 2009, aircraft manufacturing companies are witnessing phenomenal growth in the near future. This strong recovery is majorly driven by the commercial aviation segment as global passenger traffic is rising rapidly by 10% - 12% every year.


Small Arms and Light Weapons generally called as SALW is used in illegal weapon control protocols. It refers to two different classes of weapons; Small Arms and Light weapons. Small arms are, weapons designed solely for individual use. They are available at lower end caliber spectrums. Small arms include handguns such as revolvers and self-loading pistols; shoulder arms such as carbines, rifles, sub-machine guns, grenade launchers and light machine guns.


Fleet is used in the war to safeguard coastline of nation from intruders thus maintaining a freedom of trade. For safeguarding country’s coastline, it is important to maintain a separate unit of troops and equipment that specialize in amphibious assaults. Conventionally, traditional landing craft were used to carry equipment and troops from fleet or from big ships to the beach or to the warzone.


The market for fire alarm equipments is a mature market on global level, considering the enhanced frequency of accidents and security issues. The fire alarm equipment market has been witnessing a lot of new innovations, for both product and technology. Although the global market for fire alarm equipment market is at a mature stage, the associated products and technologies are still in their growth phase and contribute largely towards the market growth.

Defense and Aeronautics Research

Defense and Aeronautics play a significant role in development of any economy. We, at Transparency Market Research (TMR) provide comprehensive coverage of different segments such as Aircraft (bombers, fighter/attack, trainers, transports), unmanned systems, surface ships/undersea, ground vehicles, rotary aircraft, man portable, missiles, satellites. Other important defense industry segments which we cover in our research reports are US DOD Air Force, Army, Navy-Marines, SOCOM, National Guard Reserves, NATO, international MODs. 

Our research reports provide global industry analysis, market research and forecast, and market insights into emerging technologies designed to help your company address current challenges and trends, and identify new technologies. Our team of experts constantly monitors and assesses Airborne Platforms and Avionics, Homeland Security, Commercial Aviation, and Airports markets to develop timely strategic market intelligence in Defense and Aerospace industry. In addition to this, the unique research methodology that we adopt for sectors such as defense helps us in arriving at close to approximate market size. 

We also provide custom market research reports for our clients seeking growth and diversification in different sectors in commercial aviation markets such as air transport, business, regional, and general aviation. The regional market covered include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World (Middle East, Africa, and Latin America) 

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