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Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market : An Overview

Flexible plastic packaging is a cost effective format of packaging. It is available at an economical cost and occupies less storage space compared to rigid formats. Re-closable polyethylene bags have multiple applications and functionality. This factor enables it to be highly preferred by large number of customers. Re-closable polyethylene bags are convenient and easy to use. Moreover, the prevent products from dust and water. Product are easy to store in re-closable polyethylene bags. In addition, re-closable polyethylene bags maintain the freshness of the product preventing it from external exposure. Due to consumption pattern the re-closable polyethylene bags provide the advantage of closing and opening the bag whenever in use. Increased shelf life of the product is one of the predominant attributes which enhances the attractiveness of the re-closable polyethylene bags. This is likely to boost the demand for the re-closable polyethylene bags in the years to come.

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market : Dynamics

The factor driving popularity of re-closable polyethylene bags specifically is the opportunity for brand owners to use the surface of the packaging to engage customers. In addition, it is becoming to utmost importance for the customers to protect the quality of the product. Majorly the re-closable polyethylene bags are used in the end use of food and beverages. Thus, it becomes of high priority for the customers that they choose a packaging which recognizes the importance of product safety and convenience. Busy lifestyles of customers have led to the adaption of easy packaging. RE-closable polyethylene bags improve the customer engagement as if the product is not re-closable the customer might transfer the product in another container which will reduce the visibility of the brand. This results in lost opportunity to showcase and enhance the brand value. For the manufacturers the cost of production of manufacturing re-closable polyethylene bags is highly economical compared to other formats which are made from bio-based substrates. This is likely to augment the market demand for re-closable polyethylene bags.

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market : Segmentation

Re-closable polyethylene bags market can be segmented on the basis of type, end use and material.

By Type, re-closable polyethylene bags market can be segmented as

  • Zippers
  • Strips
  • Seals
  • Drawstring
  • Zips-Up
  • Seal Tapes
  • Pull tabs
  • Cross tie
  • Screw Caps

By End-use , re-closable polyethylene bags market can be segmented as

  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal Care
  • Home care
  • Healthcare
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial Goods
  • Consumer Goods

By Material , re-closable polyethylene bags market can be segmented as

  • Polyethylene
    • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 
    • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX or XLPE)

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market : Regional Outlook

North America is lucrative market for re-closable polyethylene bags due to high preference of customers for convenient packaging owing to busy lifestyles. Furthermore, developments in the flexible packaging has led to advancements in the packaging of products primarily in the food & beverage industry. Asia Pacific region is anticipated to grow in terms of demand for re-closable polyethylene bags due to presence of large number of domestic players and  rapid urbanization which makes convenient packaging a preferential choice amongst the customers. It is anticipated that countries such as India and China are likely to generate high demand for re-closable polyethylene bags in the years to come.

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market : Impact of COVID 19

COVID 19 outbreak has changed the customer sentiments regarding packaging of products making customers more conscious about the packages. Amidst the outbreak, the demand for sterilized packaging is likely to grow. Attributes such as prevention against water might impact the market demand make re-closable polyethylene bags as the packages can be easily sanitized or washed when brought home by customers without damaging the product. This will maintain the safety of the product with convenience. This factor will make re-closable polyethylene bags more preferred by customers compared to other packaging formats such as paper or cloth bags. The market demand for re-closable polyethylene bags is anticipated to witness a positive growth in the forecasted period.

Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market : Key Players

Key players in the re-closable polyethylene market are as follows,

  • US Poly Pack
  • Sealstrip Corporation
  • C-P Flexible Packaging
  • Berry Plastics Inc
  • Crystal Flex Packaging
  • Universal Plastic
  • Bischof & Klein GmbH & Co. KG
  • Zip-Pak
  • Hanoi Plastic Bag JSC
  • Presto Products Company
  • Da Nang Plastic Joint Stock Company
  • Goglio Group
  • Royal Bag
  • SPhere Group
  • Flexico
  • South West Poly Bag
Re-closable Polyethylene Bags Market

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