The success and growth of the packaging industry depends not only on the world economy, but also on the wide range of industries it caters to, including healthcare, food and beverages, and consumer goods. Also governing the health of the packaging industry are the forces of supply and demand and fluctuating prices of raw materials. More than a decade ago, the global packaging industry recorded a turnover of approximately US$485 bn, according to the World Packaging Organization. Since then, the industry has undergone several massive changes.

The burgeoning e-commerce market and increasing consumption of packaged food are forces that have a direct impact on the packaging industry. Other factors indirectly affecting packaging demand, irrespective of the performance of the global economy, are trend towards smaller households and subsequently smaller pack sizes, rising requirements of brand differentiation and enhancement, development of sustainable packaging material, growing health awareness among consumers, and increasing awareness of environmental issues.

Growth in packaging consumption has been almost zero in mature markets in North America, Western Europe, and Japan. However, emerging markets in South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia have shown rapid growth in packaging usage, with the booming consumer goods sector in these regions presenting packaging suppliers with new opportunities.

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