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EAS Tag Applicator Market

EAS Tag Applicator Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027

EAS Tag Applicator Market: An Overview

Electronic article surveillance is a technological method for stopping shoplifting from a retail outlet. Special tags are fixed to merchandise. The electronic tags are deactivated by the teller during the billing of the products. If it’s not removed and someone tries to exist, a detection machine puts on the alarm and store members could sense of shoplifting. The function of EAS Tag is the detection of shoplifting by the security antenna located at the exit door. EAS tag applicators cater to the demand for majorly apparel and accessories stores, due to rising cases of shoplifting. EAS Tag applicator has been in demand for providing tags for jewelry & ornaments stores, as high-valued goods are to be manipulated by the patrons.

EAS Tag Applicator Market: Dynamics

The increasing crime of shoplifting has made a momentum for the demand of EAS Tag Applicator in all the regions of the world market. EAS Tag Applicator helps to generate tags used for all the products that have to be traded either on the retail market or industrial. EAS tag applicator generates tags that have radio frequency identifiers within the tag, to detect the product if someone tries to steal it from the premises.

The EAS tag applicator helps the manufacturers in keeping all the records digitally, as the key function of EAS tag is that it reflects all the information of the product once it’s been scanned. EAS Tag Applicator is economical methods of identifying the shoplifting attempted on the outlet at the global level, developing countries have a huge scope for the EAS tag applicator in upcoming years. EAS tag applicator caters to the needs of pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, mass merchandise outlets, Apparel & Fashion Accessories Stores. EAS Tag applicator market is anticipated to cater to the needs of administrative & regulatory bodies to use tags to check prisoners, livestock, trees, and many others to keep a check on them. EAS Tag Applicator. The United States of America bore a loss of US$ per shoplifting incident in 2018 was around $559, thus making the demand for EAS tag applicator at the global market to fight against shoplifting and manipulation. Radio-frequency technology is anticipated to capture the major share of EAS tag applicator market as with the change in time technology would be required in every set of packaging and it would work as a catalyst in the growth of EAS Tag applicator in upcoming years.

EAS Tag Applicator Market: Segmentation

Globally, EAS Tag Applicator market segmented into many subsets.

By Capacity  

  • 200-300 RPM
  • 300-400 RPM
  • 400-500 RPM
  • 500 & Above RPM

By Tags

  • Sensormatic tags
  • Checkpoint tags

By Application

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Side

By End User

  • Apparel and Fashion Accessories Stores
  • Supermarkets and Mass Merchandise Stores
  • Drugs Store
  • Health Products stores
  • Others

EAS Tag Applicator Market: Regional Outlook

The major countries of Africa and the Asia Pacific have been suffering a severe loss due to shoplifting, EAS Tag applicator is anticipated to be in great demand, and one of the important reasons that companies of developed economies are establishing its manufacturing units in the above-mentioned locations to meet economies of scale and add competitive advantage over its rivals. China is expected to be the world’s highest exporter and producer of EAS Tag applicator followed by India due to the efficient cost of its production. North America and Europe would be among the regions that would innovate the technology of EAS Tag Applicator. The digitalization has been spreading across the global market. This could be another factor to anticipate growth in the demand of EAS Tag applicator. 

EAS Tag Applicator Market: Key Players

The leading companies operational in the EAS Tag Applicator market are Quadrel labeling solutions, Accraply, Weber packaging solutions, P.E.America,label-aire, Krones Inc., Barry-wehmiller among others and many indigenous and unorganized companies are likely to give to the worldwide EAS Tag Applicator market in the latest upcoming years.

EAS Tag Applicator Market

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