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LDMOS Transistor Market

LDMOS Transistor Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020–2030

LDMOS Transistor Market - Outline

Laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor or LDMOS transistor is widely used in microwave power amplifiers, or amplifiers used in RF power or audio modules. LDMOS transistors are generally utilized by the defense sector for programmed subordinate reconnaissance broadcast, different military applications, interchanges data fighting, multi-band correspondence frameworks, observation radar, and distance estimating gear, which is probably going to push the development of the LDMOS transistor market in future.

There is high demand for LDMOS transistors from the defense sector on account of the wide application in radio frequencies. Additionally, they are also used for multi-band communication systems, surveillance- broadcast radar, information communication warfare, and various other distance measuring tools, among others. The rising use of LDMOS transistors in the applications mentioned above is likely to augment the growth of the market in the years to come. Moreover, these transistors are also used by the satellite and telecommunication sector for stronger wireless and cellular infrastructural network.

Regionwise, the market is dominated by North America on account of the increasing demand form the aerospace and defense sector. This is followed by Europe in a close market competition on account of the increasing adoption of these transistors by the industrial sector. Furthermore, increasing initiatives on implementation of 5G and 6G satellite communication is likely to bode well in the future.

LDMOS Transistor: Introduction

  • LDMOS transistor is a semiconductor device that is used in amplifiers, including microwave power amplifiers, RF power amplifiers, and audio power amplifiers.
  • LDMOS stands for laterally-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor; these are mostly metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET).
  • LDMOS transistors are semiconductors manufactured to create a perfect p-n junction, where drain to source breakdown voltage usually is above 60 volts.
  • According to type, LDMOS transistors are divided into two types - pulse and CW types, and these are used in various applications such as wireless infrastructure, ISM, aerospace & defense, telecom & satellite communications, radars, and others.

Rise in Demand for Use in Aerospace & Defense

  • Aerospace & defense is the fastest growing segment of the LDMOS transistor market. LDMOS transistors are largely used in military applications for working in radio frequencies.
  • In the defense sector, LDMOS transistors are mostly used for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, various military applications, communications information warfare, multi-band communication systems, surveillance radar, and distance measuring equipment, which is likely to propel the growth of the LDMOS transistor market during the forecast period.
  • The telecom & satellite communication segment holds the second largest share of the global LDMOS transistor market due to the rise in use of RF LDMOS transistors in RF power amplifiers for cellular network infrastructure and wireless infrastructure network.
  • In May 2019, Ampleon, the global semiconductor manufacturer based in the Netherlands launched a 2KW RF power LDMOS transistor namely ART2K0FE, for ISM applications. ART2K0FE is a 2KW transistor that operates at a frequency of 0 to 650MHz having air-cavity ceramic packaging.

Asia Pacific to Lead the LDMOS Transistor Market

  • In terms of region, the global LDMOS transistor market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.
  • Asia Pacific is anticipated to dominate the global LDMOS transistor market throughout the forecast period, as a large number of manufacturers of LDMOS transistors operate in major Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Taiwan.
  • Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth in the LDMOS transistor market during the forecast period due to increasing industrialization in the region, a growing telecom and satellite communication sector, rising infrastructure-less networks, and installation of 5G and 6G in the region, which increases the demand for LDMOS transistors that operates in radio frequencies.
  • North America holds the second largest share of the LDMOS transistor market due to an increase in demand from aerospace & defense end-use industries.
  • The LDMOS transistor market in Europe is expected to expand at a substantial rate during the forecast period. On the other hand, the market in Middle East & Africa and South America is estimated to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period.

Key Players Operating in the Global LDMOS Transistor Market

The global LDMOS transistor market was highly fragmented in 2019. Major players operating in the global market are focusing on technological advancement and expansion to meet the rising demand for LDMOS transistors. Moreover, manufacturers are undertaking mergers and acquisitions for the development of innovative products.

Key players operating in the global LDMOS transistor market include:

  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Ampleon
  • Infineon Technologies AG
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
  • Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation
  • Integra Technologies, Inc.
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Advanced Semiconductor, Inc.
  • Polyfet RF Devices Inc.

Global LDMOS Transistor Market: Research Scope

Global LDMOS Transistor Market, by Product Type

  • Pulse
  • CW

Global LDMOS Transistor Market, by Applications

  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • ISM
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Telecom & Satellite Communications
  • Radar
  • Other
LDMOS Transistor Market

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