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Semiconductor & Electronics Research

The semiconductor industry is rapidly becoming an innovation battleground. The contract manufacturing trend has pumped in millions dollars into emerging and developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil while offering cost savings to electronics and technology companies. The growing aerospace and defense, healthcare and medical devices, telecommunications, and consumer electronics sectors are all embracing miniaturization, making it imperative for the semiconductor and electronics industry to respond actively. 


However, compromising performance at the expense of cost is not an option in a highly competitive semiconductor and electronics industry. This has compelled companies to invest heavily in research and development. As the need for memory chips and processors to solve specific issues becomes pressing, larger companies are now turning their attention toward niche markets, leading to an uptick in the number of mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor and electronics industry. The future of this industry will thus be dictated by changing computing and communications needs. 

Semiconductor & Electronics Market Research Reports


Published Date: 2016-02-04

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) equipment market refers to the tools and equipments used to detect, dispose and provide protection during explosive disposal operations. The global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) equipment market has been segmented by equipment type, application and geography. 

Published Date: 2016-02-01

Optical position sensors are used to measure the position of a light or an object in one dimension, two dimensions or multiple axes as per the user’s requirement. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow due to ongoing technological innovation which is leading to the development of smaller and efficient chipsets and modules with added functions. 

Published Date: 2016-01-20

Stainless steel control valves (less than 2 inches) are primarily used for controlling pressure, flow and liquid level of fluid systems, by either partially or fully opening or closing the valve in response to the signals received from controllers. Their resistance to corrosive fluids and ability to function in wide temperature ranges are primary reasons for their applications across various industry verticals.

Published Date: 2016-01-07

When compared to normal antennas, smart antennas offer the advantages of capacity enhancement, coverage extension, increased transmission bandwidth, reduction of multipath fading. These antennas have two basic functions, namely: estimation of direction of arrival (DOA) and beam forming.

Published Date: 2016-01-04

Smart textile is embedded with electronic components which are interconnected with each other, thereby offering particular size and flexibility. The smart textile consists of components like sensors, actuators, control unit and many more.

Published Date: 2015-12-30

This report aims to provide a comprehensive strategic analysis of the global glass door refrigerators market along with the market revenue, volume, and growth forecast for the period from 2013 to 2023. Proliferation of supermarkets, hotels, and cafes, changing food consumption trends, and increasing food safety and quality regulations are some major factors driving the global glass door refrigerator market. 

Published Date: 2015-12-14

Passive optical network (PON) is a fiber to the premises (FTTP) network structure. The goal of the network is to provide a solution which is easy to install, maintain and upgrade. This is done by using optical splitters in PON which enables a single fiber to deliver services to multiple premises. 

Published Date: 2015-12-08

In-flight autopilot systems are nowadays finding application in all kinds of aircrafts in order to enhance the operational efficiency during the flight. The major usage of in-flight autopilot systems is to guide and control an aircraft without any direct assistance from the pilot.

Published Date: 2015-12-04

There are three types of electronic components namely: active electronic components, passive electronic components, and electromechanical components. Active electronic components rely on a source of energy (DC) and inject power into a circuit. Active electronic components include semiconductor devices, display devices, and others. 

Published Date: 2015-11-30

The global structured cabling market is predicted to experience a steady growth during the forecast period of 2015 to 2021. Structured cabling is a set of cables and associated connectivity products that facilitates integration of various management system to enable faster transmission of data, video signals and voice from one point to other or from one server to other. 

Published Date: 2015-11-27

Power tools are primarily used in manufacturing and construction industry for the purpose of reducing workload and increasing the output. These tools have several types of operation such as drilling, chiseling, sanding and screw driving among others. 

Published Date: 2015-11-23

Circuit breakers are electric switches that protect an electrical circuit or electrical distribution systems from damage caused by overload, abnormal voltage fluctuation or short circuit. These devices are used to detect malfunction and interruption in current flow. 

Published Date: 2015-11-23

Lighting fixtures serves the purpose of illumination or lighting by utilizing different source of lighting technology. In 2015, general lighting industry commands about 20% of the global electricity consumption.

Published Date: 2015-11-19

The measurement of liquid or fluid movement is flow measurement. Different types of flow meters are used in measurement of the movement of the fluid. Flow meter is used for measurement of mass, volumetric, linear and non-linear flow rate of fluid and gas.

Published Date: 2015-11-17

The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the applications, end-usage industry, and in-depth cross-sectional scrutiny of the NVDIMM market across different geographical segments. Non-Volatile Dual In-Line Memory Module (NVDIMM) is a module integrated into the main memory of the computing platform (server), performing the workload at Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) speeds (DDR4).

Published Date: 2015-11-16

Nanosensors are defined as any surgical, biological or chemical points that are used to convey information about nanoparticles to macroscopic world. These are mainly used in biomedical and healthcare sector and also help in manufacturing other nanoproducts such as nanorobots and nanoscale.

Published Date: 2015-11-13

The research study titled “Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2015 - 2022” provides strategic analysis of the global photonic IC market along with the market growth (size in US$ Mn) forecast for the period from 2015 to 2022. 

Published Date: 2015-11-10

Smart glass and window is made up of special glass which changes light transmittance properties across a spectrum. The characteristics of these glasses can be varied depending on the ambient conditions with the help of heat voltage or light applied as per needs of the occupants.

Published Date: 2015-11-10

Commercial refrigeration equipment are refrigerators with remote or self-contained condensing units. These refrigerators are designed especially for commercial use with a wide range of temperature control (typically from −18°C to +10°C). Commercial refrigerators are largely used for food and beverage storage and merchandising purposes.

Published Date: 2015-11-04

Industrial agitator serves the purpose of mixing two or more materials in various proportions and also of different viscosity to attain a desired level of uniformity in end products. Industrial agitators primarily serves various mixing application needs in manufacturing industries including chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverages among others. 

Published Date: 2015-11-03

This report provides strategic analysis of the global graphene electronics market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the graphene material types, applications and in-depth scrutiny of the graphene electronics market across different geographic segments. 

Published Date: 2015-10-26

The global LED Driver and Chipset market is expected to experience stable growth throughout the forecast period from 2015 to 2021. LED Drivers and Chipsets are transformers that are either fitted inside or outside the LED devices and converts high voltage alternating current to lower voltage direct current for proper functioning of LEDs.

Published Date: 2015-10-23

Magnetic field sensor is a device which is used for studying the field around electrical devices, coils and permanent magnets. These sensors were previously used only for direction finding or navigation by sensing the Earth’s magnetic poles. However, the application of magnetic field sensors have expanded vastly as different industries have adopted a variety of these sensors to detect the direction, presence or strength of not only earth’s magnetic field, but also from magnetized soft magnets.

Published Date: 2015-10-20

Surge arresters are used to protect electronic appliances and machineries from damages caused due to sudden voltage surges. The surge arresters are attached on the conductors just before it enters the electrical equipments. The market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to the increasing demand for electronic appliances in households across the globe.

Published Date: 2015-10-19

Relays are used to control circuit by low power signal. It controls several circuits by one single signal. These are the electrically operated switch that uses electromagnet to operate the switch mechanically. They are used in different application including automobiles, military and industrial automation among others. These relays are used to prevent the circuits from overload and faults. 

Published Date: 2015-10-16

This market research study analyzes the smart surfaces market on a global level, and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD million) from 2015 to 2021. It identifies the drivers and restraints affecting the industry and analyzes their impact over the forecast period. Moreover, it highlights the significant opportunities for market growth in the next six years.

Published Date: 2015-10-15

The research study titled “Power Banks Market - North America Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2015 - 2022” provides a strategic analysis of the North America power banks (exceeding 20,000 mAh) market along with the market growth (size in US$ Mn) forecast for the period from 2015 to 2022. 

Published Date: 2015-10-07

This market research study analyzes the automotive transmission market on a global level and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD million) from 2015 to 2021. It gives a comprehensive overview of the automotive transmission market from all the important strategic perspectives. 

Published Date: 2015-10-07

The major purpose of body armor is to provide a protective clothing in order to absorb, deflect, bludgeon and penetrate attacks. Body armors have applications in various fields such as defense, law enforcement protection and civilians. The global body armor market has been categorized on the basis of types, application, material types and geography.

Published Date: 2015-10-01

This market research study analyzes the automotive sensors market on a global level, and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2015 to 2021. It recognizes the drivers and restraints affecting the industry and analyzes their impact over the forecast period. 

Published Date: 2015-09-22

Industrial personnel and burden carrier (electric) plays an important role in the reduction of operating cost, improving operational efficiency and better utilization of raw materials within the factories, warehouses, ports, and manufacturing hub among others. Industrial personnel and burden carrier (electric) helps to achieve more efficient operations, better equipment handling, transporting materials and people within the factory premises.

Published Date: 2015-09-21

The major usage of control valves is to control conditions such as pressure, temperature, flow and liquid level either fully or partially closing or opening the valve in response to the signals being received from controllers.

Published Date: 2015-09-18

Service robots are the fully autonomous systems that have the ability to carry out the services without or with human assistance. They are used in different sectors assisting human in performing duties that are not possible for humans to perform. The service robots are segmented into professional and service robots based on their product types. 

Published Date: 2015-09-18

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are data storage devices that contain no moving parts/components and instead use an assembly of integrated circuits (ICs) to store data. Most SSDs use NAND-flash memory chips, which retain data without power. SSDs are used as alternatives to hard disk drives (HDDs).

Published Date: 2015-09-08

Aircraft seat actuation systems are used to providing comfortable seating for the passengers in commercial and private aircrafts. These seat actuation systems are automated and have the ability to let the passengers adjust their seating position as per their comfort level.

Published Date: 2015-09-07

This market research study analyzes the In-car entertainment and information system market on global basis and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD million) from 2015 to 2021.

Published Date: 2015-09-03

Process manufacturing industries primarily includes chemical, healthcare, oil & gas, food & beverages and power among others. These industries employ different methods or processes to produce end products. Industrial control for process manufacturing solutions is aimed to carry out these methods and activities efficiently and consistently.

Published Date: 2015-08-19

An embedded system is a combination of software and hardware which together facilitate the accurate functioning of a target device. The significant characteristics of an embedded system are speed, power, size, accuracy, reliability and adaptability. Embedded systems can be defined as application-specific, special purpose systems and they are designed typically for meeting real time constraints.

Published Date: 2015-08-13

This market research study analyzes the Circuit breakers and fuses market on a global level and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2015 to 2021. It gives a comprehensive overview of the circuit breakers and fuses market from all the important strategic perspectives. 

Published Date: 2015-08-04

Machine vision is a technology that helps the computer to visualize the work environment. This technology is used to automatically inspect the images it captures and analyze them. It helps in robot guidance, process control, and automatic inspection in the industry.This technology is rapidly replacing manual inspection and measurements with image processing and smart cameras.

Published Date: 2015-07-30

Digital forensics is mostly used to collect, identify, extract and analyze evidence from computers, hard disks, mobiles, laptops and other digital devices. This technology is implemented in civil and criminal court cases along with different other private organizations for internal investigations. 

Published Date: 2015-07-24

This report aims to provide comprehensive strategic analysis of the SEA freezer and beverage coolers market along with the market size and growth forecast for the period from 2014 to 2022. Key factors driving the growth of the freezer and beverage cooler market include increase in packaged foods and non-alcoholic drinks, growth of modern grocery retailers and tourism industry. 

Published Date: 2015-07-20

Bionics is the study of biological functions and the development of artificial organs and body parts that are used as a replacement of the original part or organs. The bionic organs are designed in such a way so that they can imitate the functions of the organs in order to operate properly. 

Published Date: 2015-07-17

Semiconductor lasers are made by semiconductor compound. In these lasers, light amplification is done by using active semiconductor materials. Semiconductor lasers are rapidly becoming indispensible part of modern lasers based systems and replacing conventional lasers in range of applications.

Published Date: 2015-07-10

This report provides strategic analysis of the global System-on-Chip (SoC) market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the types of SoC, applications of SoCs in various industry verticals and in-depth scrutiny of the SoC market across different geographic segments.

Published Date: 2015-07-09

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has laid down rules that cover more than 80 categories of major industries that include oil refineries, chemical plants, steel mill, and aerospace manufacturers. These rules are expected to cut down annual air toxic emissions by approximately 1.5 million tons. These rules implemented by the EPA are expected to drive the market for toxic gas measurement technologies. 

Published Date: 2015-07-08

Focused ion beam systems have been used extensively for more than two decades, most significantly in the semiconductor industry and also in various biomaterials and materials science fields. Focused ion beam set up is a scientific instrument which resembles a scanning electron microscope or SEM. FIB systems coupled with SEM are used commonly to prepare samples for transmission electron microscope or TEM.

Published Date: 2015-06-19

Power banks i.e. external batteries have become popular as the battery life of smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and laptops is beaten by the amount of time people spend using them each day. Batteries of such electronic devices drains in a short period of time thus justifying purpose of power banks.

Published Date: 2015-06-19

The industrial control network is a system of interconnected equipments that are used to examine and control physical equipments in the industrial environments. An industrial control system helps to control and remote industrial automation equipment and decrease process lead time. 

Published Date: 2015-06-18

Passive optical network (PON) ensures connectivity from one access point to multiple end users. It is a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network and therefore rise in the number of FTTH subscribers coupled with increasing demand for energy conservation are bolstering the growth of PON equipment market in India. 

Published Date: 2015-06-18

Fiber optic connectors (FOC) are used to mechanically connect two optical fibers, thereby permitting light to transmit from the core of one fiber to the other fiber in order to link the fiber optic connection equipment. The global fiber optic connectors market has been segmented on the basis of types, applications and geography.

Published Date: 2015-06-11

Smart transportation uses information technology and artificial intelligence to efficiently manage and coordinate transportation systems. The application of smart transportation network allows the travelling population to have better knowledge of the traffic for better coordination. In addition, the use of smart transportation also ensures safety for the drivers. 

Published Date: 2015-05-26

The global consumer electronics market is classified on the basis of product type into televisions, handheld devices, personal computers (laptops, desktops), cameras and camcorders, audio/video devices (portable MP3 players, set-top-box, music systems, accessories), personal care products (shavers, hair dryers), and gaming consoles.Handheld devices product segment includes various products such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, personal digital assistants, and calculators.

Published Date: 2015-05-25

Large power transformers connect electrical networks or systems of different voltages to allow power exchange between them. Large power transformers are used for power generation, power transmission, electro-intensive industrial applications and consumer applications. 

Published Date: 2015-05-22

Refrigeration is the process of transferring the heat from one location to another. In this case the heat is taken from the foods and other edible items and transferred out from the refrigeration units. The commercial refrigeration equipments are primarily used in the hospitality industry. 

Published Date: 2015-05-22

Optocouplers or opto-isolators are electronic devices used to protect components that require low voltage inputs. Optocouplers isolate a lower voltage section from a high voltage section in the same circuit..

Published Date: 2015-05-22

The report provides a strategic analysis of the global GaN industrial devices market. The global GaN industrial devices market has been segmented on the basis of types, applications and geography. Furthermore, GaN HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) has been bifurcated on the basis of their application areas. 

Published Date: 2015-05-22

This report provides strategic analysis of the global dissolved gas analyzer market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the extraction types of mineral oil from power transformers for the DGA (dissolved gas analysis) and analysis type being used during dissolved gas analysis process. Moreover, the market has also been segmented on the basis of power rating of power transformers for which dissolved gas analyzers are being used.

Published Date: 2015-05-22

This is a market research report which undergoes an in-depth analysis of automotive wiring harness market from a global perspective and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2015 to 2021. Comprehensive analysis of the automotive wiring harness market from all the different dimensions of the market is provided in the report.

Published Date: 2015-05-04

Smart lighting solutions are offered by coupling various lighting types powered with different control components and connecting technology. Smart lighting solutions enable remote controlling of lighting systems using wired or wireless technologies. The smart lighting market is primarily driven by the increasing demand for energy efficient lighting systems for reducing energy consumption cost. Moreover, technological advancements of sensors and wireless technologies in the field of smart lighting is driving the growth of smart lighting market. 

Published Date: 2015-04-21

This market research study analyzes the automotive thermal system market on a global level and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2014 to 2020. It gives a comprehensive overview of the automotive thermal system industry from all the important aspects of the market. 

Published Date: 2015-04-20

Proximity and displacement sensors are used to detect the presence of nearby objects without touching them physically. These sensors are embedded in machineries for machine vibration monitoring.

Published Date: 2015-04-17

This report provides strategic analysis of the global Power Distribution Unit (PDU) market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the types of PDU, power phases, applications of PDUs in various industry verticals and in-depth scrutiny of the PDU market across different geographic segments. 

Published Date: 2015-04-10

The report offers strategic analysis of the global body-worn temperature sensors market. The global body-worn temperature sensors market has been segmented on the basis of types, care setting, patient demographic, applications and end-user industries.

Published Date: 2015-03-05

Wearable sensors are Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMs) based sensors which can sense and process the surrounding environment. Wearable sensors are embedded in wearable devices to monitor bodily activities which include blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. The market is primarily driven due to the rising awareness of health and fitness, where wearable sensors play a major role.

Published Date: 2015-03-05

Electric wheelchairs are the battery powered wheelchairs which do not require any external human assistance for mobility. The user alone can control the movements with various input devices such as joysticks, touch pads and other devices. Electric wheelchairs provide multiple functionalities to assist the user in both indoor and outdoor activities with nominal human effort. 

Published Date: 2015-03-05

This market research study analyzes the FPGA system market on a global level, and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD million) from 2014 to 2020. It recognizes the drivers and restraints affecting the industry and analyzes their impact over the forecast period. Moreover, it identifies the significant opportunities for market growth in the next few years.

Published Date: 2015-03-02

In addition, the precision electric motors (brushless) offers easy installation and no maintenance cost. The market of precision electric motors (brushless) is expected to grow at a slower pace in North America and Europe. The demand for precision electric motors (brushless) is expected to rise due to the replacement of out-dated low efficient electric motors with highly efficient precision electric motors.

Published Date: 2015-03-02

This report provides strategic analysis of the global bulk material handling products & technologies market. The bulk material handling products & technologies market has been segmented based types of bulk material handling equipment and end user application sectors and cross sectional analysis of the market across four broad geographical segments have been covered in the scope of the report.

Published Date: 2015-02-27

This report provides strategic analysis of the global SCADA market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the components, technology, applications and in-depth cross sectional scrutiny of the SCADA market across different geographic segments. Global market for SCADA systems has been covered under the scope of this report. 

Published Date: 2015-02-25

The laser cutting machine is a machine which uses laser beam to cut materials such as acrylic, plastic, wood, fabric, and many other non-metallic materials. The laser cutting machines initially casts laser beam on the surface of work piece, melts it and finally evaporates the particular area of work piece using the energy released by laser.

Published Date: 2015-02-06

This market research study analyzes the photonics market globally and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2014 to 2020. It recognizes the drivers and restraints affecting the industry and analyzes their impact over the forecast period. Moreover, it identifies the significant opportunities for market growth.

Published Date: 2015-01-16

With technological advancements in several developing countries across the globe, home automation solutions are evolving continuously. Modern day home automation solutions utilize high end digital technology for providing better performance and efficiency.

Published Date: 2014-12-30

This report provides strategic analysis of the global LV and MV switchgear market. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the product standards, components, voltage ranges, insulation, applications and in-depth cross sectional scrutiny of the LV and MV switchgear market across different geographic segments.

Published Date: 2014-11-03

Wires and cables form an integral part of the modern day industries. South Africa, a developing nation holds a significant potential for the wire and cable industry. Wire and cable form the backbone of the present information age, providing users with power, light and communication. 

Published Date: 2014-10-31

Humidifiers are the equipment or a system that adds moisture and increases humidity in the air so as to retain humidity at desired levels. Humidifiers are generally used in data centers, cold stores and agriculture production units, and other areas where environment (humidity) critical products are processes and packaged.

Published Date: 2014-10-30

Significant growth in the usage of laser diodes across various end-use markets owing to a number of advantageous features offered by this technology over conventional technologies is a key factor driving the laser diode market globally. In addition, the rapid growth in automotive and electronic manufacturing across the globe particularly in the developing economies of Asia Pacific and Rest of the World region is further propelling the laser diode market.

Published Date: 2014-10-14

Bearings are machine elements that are primarily used for reducing friction between moving parts. For instance, in case of a roller bearing, the rolling elements in the bearings withstand the load, allowing the device to spin smoothly. With technological advancements in several industry verticals such as automotive, construction, and oil and gas, the applications and functionalities of bearings are evolving continuously. 

Published Date: 2014-10-07

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is an optical remote sensing technology that use laser light to examine surface on the earth to find variable distances on the earth. LiDAR is comparable to radar in certain aspects. However, LiDAR uses waves of shorter wavelengths unlike radar, which uses radio waves for measuring targets. The LiDAR technology uses waves typically in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared range.

Published Date: 2014-10-07

Failure analysis is an engineering approach to determine how and why equipment or a component is not functioning in a desired manner. The goal here is to understand the root cause of the failure so as to prevent similar incidences in the future.

Published Date: 2014-09-24

Laser technology is used for different industrial processes including cutting, welding, drilling, marking and engraving. Laser processing market is expected to witness high demand during the forecast period owing to the wide applications of laser technology.

Published Date: 2014-09-17

Dehumidifiers are the equipment or a system that remove moisture and decreases humidity in the air. Dehumidifiers are generally used in areas such as attic and basements, and crawl spaces to prevent musty odors, mould and damps. Additionally, these are used for comfort and health reasons in residential and commercial sectors.

Published Date: 2014-09-17

The rising demand for industrial robots across different industry verticals, regions and applications is propelling the industrial robotics market during the forecast period 2014 to 2020. Globally, Asia Pacific is analyzed to be fastest growing market largely due to the research and development infrastructure growth in countries such as Japan, Australia, China and India.

Published Date: 2014-08-26

The market research report on the printed and flexible sensors market segments and analyzes the entire market based on technology type, applications, and geographical regions. This report offers research-backed insights into trends that will tangibly impact the market for printed and flexible sensors, while also providing forecasts for each of the segments within the market.

Published Date: 2014-08-12

Passive optical LAN (POL) is a Layer-2 transport medium, built with passive optical network (PON) technology, which provides converged data, video, and voice services at gigabit speeds over a single strand of fiber to the user’s location. These solutions make use of a number of passive optical components.

Published Date: 2014-08-07

The concept of protecting electronic devices from power surges or spikes is known as surge protection. Surge protection devices allow multiple components to plug into a single power outlet. A power surge is a significant increase in voltage above the designated level. If power voltage rises above the standard voltage, it is likelay to damage the electronic equipment.

Published Date: 2014-08-05

This market research study analyzes the Advanced Driver Assistance System market on a global level, and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2014 to 2020. It also covers the drivers and restraints affecting the industry and analyzes their impact over the forecast period. Moreover, it identifies the significant opportunities for market growth in the coming years.

Published Date: 2014-08-01

Pressure sensors are typically used for measuring pressure of gas or liquids. These sensors usually act as a transducer and generate electrical signals as a function of the pressure imposed on them. Pressure sensors are also indirectly used for measuring other variables such as gas/fluid flow, water level, speed and altitude.

Published Date: 2014-07-31

Harmonics in an electrical system/equipment occur due to fluctuations in the current or voltage. The propagation of harmonic frequencies in the electrical system is frequent cause of power quality problems. Harmonic causes heating in the system, torque fluctuations and misfiring in variable speed drives.

Published Date: 2014-07-22

Substation automation is an integral part of electrical system for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The combination of devices used to change the characteristics of electric supply such as voltage, p.f. and frequency among others is called substation. Substations are used to receive electricity at high voltage from the transmission and decrease the voltage to the appropriate level so that it can be used for local distribution.

Published Date: 2014-07-16

Improving financial position is motivating market participants to invest in the medium and high power motors market. Due to rising electricity consumption countries across implementing stringent regulations and motivating use of energy efficient electric motors through incentive plans for replacement of less efficient electric motors. This is increasing the demand for energy efficient medium and high power electric motors.

Published Date: 2014-07-10

The wearable technology market in Europe comprises a number of cutting-edge wearable gadgets, namely Jawbone UP, Nike’s Fuel and wrist band, among others. This market is poised to experience a number of shifts with the rise in demand for products such as Sony’s wrist watch, Google’s smart glass, etc. 

Published Date: 2014-07-07

he market research report on the India harmonic filter market talks about the two types of harmonic filters and their varied applications. As per the report, the India harmonic filter market is anticipating significant growth due to the extensive demand from the IT sector and data centers, which offer potential opportunities for major companies in the India harmonic filter market. 

Published Date: 2014-07-04

Electricity as an alternative to conventional transportation energy is becoming a near-term reality for several countries worldwide. Electric vehicles are expected to promote sustainable energy development at the same time addressing the climate and air quality changes.

Published Date: 2014-07-02

Passive components are the foundation stone of optical network systems. Most of these components such as optical cables, optical power splitters, optical couplers, optical encoders, optical connectors, patch cords and pigtails, optical amplifiers, fixed and variable attenuators, optical transceivers, optical circulators, optical filters, wavelength division multiplexers/de-multiplexers and others can now be found in use in the current data networks and FTTH applications.

Published Date: 2014-06-30

The biophotonics market has grown over the years owing to rising applications in the fields of medicine, life science, environmental science, and agriculture. The rate of investments and research in this field has been remarkable and for this very reason, North America is by far the largest market for biophotonics in the world. 

Published Date: 2014-06-27

Security is one of the major concerns of governments and individuals. Security concerns prompt governments, financial institutes, corporate and residential buildings to install better security systems. Electronic Access Control systems market is among the leading segments in the overall security market. Electronic Access Control system refers to a method of using electronic or electromechanical hardware to allow restricted access into premises.

Published Date: 2014-06-24

The commercial air conditioning market worldwide has witnessed considerable growth over the past two years. After going through a phase of sluggish growth during recession and in early years post recession, the industry has entered a new phase of growth. One major reason which contributes to its growth is revival in construction activities and enhanced focus on energy efficiency technologies and products.

Published Date: 2014-06-23

Major printer technologies include inkjet, laser and dot-matrix printers. The African economy is experiencing rapid growth spurred by high investments in energy, and information and communication technology sector in the recent years. According to the African Development Bank, more than one third of African countries have a GDP growth rate of more than 6%. 

Published Date: 2014-06-16

Efficient industrial refrigeration systems are developed through proper design, using premium energy efficiency equipments and the installation of proper system controls and regular maintenance. Industrial refrigeration is a lively business of significant size which serves a crucial role in industry and society. The growth of the Latin America industrial refrigeration equipment market is primarily driven by changing consumer lifestyle and food habits resulting in increased consumption of frozen food items and items which require refrigerated storage.

Published Date: 2014-06-05

This report provides strategic analysis of the global quantum dots market, and the market growth forecast for the period 2013 to 2023. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the applications, products, raw materials and in-depth cross sectional scrutiny of the quantum dots market across different geographic segments. 

Published Date: 2014-05-27

In recent years, environment compatibility, energy efficiency, flexibility and cost reduction have emerged as critical global issues across the semiconductor industry. Over the years, the electronics industry has been launching various power semiconductor solutions, such as insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and super junction MOSFETs (metal oxide field effect transistor).

Published Date: 2014-05-16

This research report provides analytical insights on the ‘Europe commercial refrigeration equipment market’ with focus on regions such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Scandinavia, and rest of Europe. It covers commercial refrigeration equipments used in food and beverage production, food and beverage retail and distribution, and others. The study gives market evaluation in terms of revenue and volume and forecast for the period 2013 to 2019.

Published Date: 2014-04-30

Technological advancements are shaping the dynamics of the global power management IC market. Innovation in terms of configurability and programmability of a system is driving the global power management IC market. 

Published Date: 2014-04-30

Home energy management systems (HEMS) are devices that allow home-owners to monitor and manage their electricity consumption wisely. The global home energy management system (HEMS) market is striving to meet the basic demand for a universal platform that solves the problem of interface and complexities involved in installations. 

Published Date: 2014-04-29

The report published by Transparency Market Research indicates, global UV disinfection equipment market will expand at a steady rate as the need from the food and beverages industry continues to grow. UV disinfection equipment market has also witnessed a rise as it is offers a residual-less operation, comes with low cost of installation, and is absolutely easy to maintain.

Published Date: 2014-04-28

LED lighting delivers high efficiency, high level of brightness, long lifespan and high reliability. LED lights are manufactured using semiconductor components and emit less radiated heat as compared to other products such as incandescent and fluorescent. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LEDs emit very less heat compared to incandescent bulbs (90%) and CFLs (80%). LED lights are used across various end users applications such as industrial, commercial, architectural and outdoor.

Published Date: 2014-04-25

Femtocells are low power devices that are used to improve the mobile network coverage. These plug and play devices use a broadband connection to connect to the cellular operator. Femtocells improve the transmission of both voice and data, thus gained attention of the mobile subscribers.

Published Date: 2014-02-25

Over the past few years, technological innovations have revolutionized the electronics industry. Electronic products serve a wide range of areas such as environmental protection, security, communications, food supply, health, education and medicine. The increasing demand for electronic products has led to rise in electronic waste. However, only a small percentage of the global electronic waste is being recycled, while a large portion is often dumped into landfills. 

Published Date: 2014-02-20

Failure analysis is an engineering approach to determining how and why component or equipment has failed. The goal of a failure analysis is to understand the root cause of the failure to prevent similar failures in the future.

Published Date: 2014-02-19

Gallium Nitride is a hard material that contains various chemical properties owing due to which it finds its suitability for manufacturing of semiconductor devices. Currently GaN semiconductor device market is facing a stiff competition from SiC semiconductor devices. Popularity of GaN semiconductor devices is expected to increase with the growing application areas of GaN semiconductor devices.

Published Date: 2014-01-15

The growing demand for energy conservation and energy efficient appliances is a major force that is fueling the global electric motors market. Increasing number of companies have been investing in this sector to benefit from the many advantages of electric motors. The report identifies and understands similar factors that influence the growth of the market for electric motors.

Published Date: 2013-11-27

Lithium-ion battery demand is expected to see a robust growth in the forecast period. This is due to its increasing demand across various application sectors such as automotive, wind, electronics, industrial and military. The market is currently driven by its usage in automotive sector in HEVs, trains and trams.

Published Date: 2013-10-28

The camera module industry is gaining traction as tablet and smartphone manufacturers are persistently developing advanced camera module technologies, thus capitalizing on the sector’s fast growth. With smartphones and tablets becoming equipped with advanced image capturing capabilities and continued thrust on enhancing the resolution of camera units on smartphones.

Published Date: 2013-10-02

According to the WHO, almost 1.24 million people die every year due to road traffic crashes. Traffic death toll in the U.S. alone has increased by 14% during the first half of 2015, as reported by the National Safety Council. These statistics highlight the fact that the world today is in dire need of technologies to improve traffic safety. Dwindling network topology of transportation worldwide.

Published Date: 2013-09-27

Ultracapacitors also known as supercapacitors or Electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLC) is expected to see a robust growth in next six years. This is due to its increasing demand across various application sectors such as automotive, wind, electronics, industrial and military. Currently, driven by its several applications in the automotive sector in HEVs and trains, this market is expected to emerge as a supplement and replacement to conventional batteries.

Published Date: 2013-08-26

Metrology has found increased applications across different industry verticals and is witnessing dynamic shifts in growth trends. It helps manufacturers to increase their efficiency by optimizing productivity without significantly affecting the resource requirements. 

Published Date: 2013-08-26

Distributed energy generation eliminates the need to build a transmission capacity, thereby reducing line loss. These systems find applications in residential, commercial and small industrial sectors. The great advantage in discovering distributed energy generation systems was to create amenities that meet growing energy demands satisfactorily.

Published Date: 2013-08-01

The commercial refrigeration equipment market report provides a detailed overview of the ongoing trends in commercial refrigeration equipment in Latin America. Further, the report provides an in depth analysis of the technologies used and the future outlook of commercial refrigeration equipment market till 2018. 

Published Date: 2013-07-24

The research report on the global gas sensors market provides in-depth analysis of the market based on its major product segments, applications, and geographies for the period from 2012 to 2018. The report provides complete understanding of the driving factors, restraints, and prevailing trends behind the popularity of gas sensors.

Published Date: 2013-05-20

Favorable regulatory conditions are expected to aid in increasing smart meter rollouts over the next few years. Initiatives from governments, other regulatory organizations, as well as electricity utility companies are expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Mandates are set by these legislative bodies in order to prevent energy theft, ensure secure electricity supply, and monitor and control power consumption in households, as well as commercial and industrial locations.

Published Date: 2013-04-29

Microcontrollers (MCU) are low cost devices which, coupled with enhancement in technology, is the driving force for their usage in a bevy of smaller products such as portable gadgets and LED lighting. The major areas in which microcontrollers are used are automotive, industrial, consumer goods, computer, and communications applications.

Published Date: 2013-01-25

The research report on “Energy Efficient Lamps and Ballasts market – Latin America Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 – 2018” provides detailed analysis of the Latin America energy efficient lamps and ballasts market and market growth.

Published Date: 2013-01-22

After the temporary setback because of economic recession, the world market for air conditioning systems is expected to see remarkable recovery due to increasing acceptance of air conditioning systems in households. This market is estimated to reach the value of 114.30 million units in volume sales by the year 2017. Growth in future is expected as a result of increasing adoption of energy efficient models, specifically, inverter based ACs, and rapidly growing replacement demand. Healthy demand from the Asian market is also expected to augment the growth of the air conditioning systems market. Improvements in consumer disposable incomes, increasing spending on power, and increase in construction activity in residential and commercial sectors are major factors spurring the growth of the air conditioning industry.

Published Date: 2012-12-18

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is an apparatus that uses automation to perform test on various units under test (UUTs) or devices under test (DUTs) to perform measurement and quickly evaluate the results. An ATE ranges from a simple digital multimeter to complex test instruments. ATE is capable of automatically diagnosing and testing faults in wafer testing, integrated circuits, system on chips and electronic packaged parts.

Published Date: 2012-09-24

The fluorescent lamps were invented by an American inventor Inman in 1938, since then fluorescent lights have undergone technological developments and have been structured in tandem with advancements in human lifestyles. Commercial fluorescent lamps are characterized by gas discharge, which uses electricity to excite low pressurized mercury vapor and other inert gases such as neon or argon, and krypton thereby stimulating phosphor material coated on the inner side of the tube to emit visible white light.

Published Date: 2012-06-12

This report is an effort to identify factors, which will be the driving force behind the U.S. lighting products and ceiling fan market (by major retailers) and sub-markets in the next five years. The report provides extensive analysis of the current market trends in lighting products and ceiling fans, industry drivers and challenges for better understanding of the lighting products and ceiling fan market structure.

Published Date: 2012-06-04

This comprehensive study on the Image Sensors Market in the U.S. presents key insights into the market forces, growth-driving and restraining factors in the United States. For the purpose of this study, the image sensors market in the United States is classed into the following segments: Charge Coupled Device (CCD) image sensors, n-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NMOS) 

Published Date: 2012-04-04

Organic electronics hold immense potential in the area of electronic circuits and display technology. Fueled by a combination of OLED displays, OLED lighting, and organic photovoltaics, the global market for organic electronics is poised to witness strong growth over the next three years.

Published Date: 2011-11-16

Improvements in the past few years in the area of solid state lighting and CFL are expected to boost the global energy efficient technology market. The report estimates the energy-efficient technology market to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% during the period from 2011 to 2016. The valuation of the market has been also estimated in the report.

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