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Tetrapropylammonium Bromide Market

Tetrapropylammonium Bromide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Global Tetrapropylammonium Bromide Market: Introduction

Tetrapropylammonium bromide is a white crystalline solid. Its cation holds four propyl substituents around the central nitrogen. Tetrapropylammonium bromide is a quaternary ammonium bromide salt, which is widely used as a phase transfer catalyst. It is used in various applications in the chemical industry. For instance, it can be used as an emulsifier, medical intermediate, inhibitor, and cellulose solvent. Tetrapropylammonium bromide is also used as a sterilizer, catalyzer, antiseptic, and antistatic agent in laboratory applications. It is employed as a structure directing agent for zeolite synthesis.

Global Tetrapropylammonium Bromide Market: Overview & Segmentation

Increasing demand for ammonium salts in various industrial applications such as synthesis of phase transfer catalysts, is likely to propel the global tetrapropylammonium bromide market during the forecast period. Using tetrapropylammonium bromide as a phase transfer catalysts enables the use of inexpensive inorganic bases and other reagents. Phase transfer catalysts aids the movement of a reactant from one phase to another phase during a chemical reaction. These catalysts are used in various biphasic organic transitions in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing process, and their use improves reaction rates and reduces energy costs. Demand for tetrapropylammonium bromide is projected increase at a substantial pace from the global pharmaceutical industry for its use as a phase transfer catalyst.

Upward trends depicted by the ASEAN health care industry are expected to garner significant attention from the tetrapropylammonium bromide manufacturers in the next few years. For instance, multinational investors are increasingly investing in the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. The Government of Philippines is aiding the pharmaceuticals sector to grow by increasing accessibility to low-cost generic medicines and exploring several drug price controlling mechanism. Based on application, global tetrapropylammonium bromide market can be divided into: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and others. The pharmaceuticals segment is projected to hold a dominant share of the global tetrapropylammonium bromide market during forecast period.

Global Tetrapropylammonium Bromide Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of region, the global tetrapropylammonium bromide market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is likely to remain leading region for the market by 2027. Significant prospects from the regional health care industry is expected to support the tetrapropylammonium bromide market growth. For instance, health care investment accounted for as high as 17.9% share of the total of GDP of the U.S. in 2017.

The market in Asia Pacific is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast span. China has been experiencing a shortage of essential drugs, despite its continuing efforts toward reforming the drug approval process and its health care sector. The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and a number of other government agencies have been investing in drug innovations. China is refurbishing its drug regulatory system to simplify the introduction of newer treatments for its increasing aging population amidst the rising incidence of chronic diseases. Such indicators in the regional pharmaceuticals industry are likely to create lucrative opportunities in the Asia Pacific tetrapropylammonium bromide market by 2027.

Global Tetrapropylammonium Bromide Market: Key Players

Key manufacturers operating in the global tetrapropylammonium bromide market include Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., SACHEM Inc. and Merck KGaA. Few other significant industry players are: Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., TATVA CHINTAN PHARMA CHEM PVT. LTD., Mahadev Pharmaceuticals, Changzhou Xinan Chemical Institue, and PACIFIC ORGANICS PVT. LTD.

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