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Jasmone Market

Jasmone Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Jasmone is a natural organic compound that exists in two isomeric forms: trans-Jasmone and cis-Jasmone. It is extracted from the volatile part of the Jasmine flower oil and is found in the form of a colorless or pale yellow liquid with fragrance of jasmine. Jasmone can also be synthesized by the metabolism of linoleic or jasmonic acid through the decarboxylation process. Jasmone is used primarily in perfumes and cosmetic. Furthermore, it is used in the reformulation of synthetic essential oils. Other applications include or repellent for various insects.

In terms of demand, cis-Jasmone is expected to be the dominant segment of the jasmine market, as the demand for natural perfumes has been rising since the last few years. This trend is anticipated to continue in the next few years. Jasmone contains natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes and generally doesn’t contain synthetic aroma compounds such as phthalate and paraben. Jasmone is preferred in commercial fragrances for mainstream perfumery, aromatherapy, and cosmetics. Being derived from botanical ingredients that include flowers, fruits, seeds, plant skin, tree barks, leaves and roots, it has evolved as a mainstream business in the personal care and cosmetics industry.

Rising demand for natural perfumes over synthetic ones is considered to be the primary driver of the Jasmone market. Synthetic content in cosmetics or perfumes results in maximum absorption of its chemical content in body tissues and blood. Prolonged usage of these synthetic products can cause various allergic reactions, asthma attacks, nausea, and even skin cancer. Consumers are becoming more aware about the adverse effects of chemicals prevalent in personal care products. They are looking for eco-friendly alternatives. Therefore, demand for Jasmone is expected to increase due to its characteristic features such as alternative to synthetic counterparts. It is also eco-friendly. Apart from usage in cosmetics and perfumes, Jasmone possesses pesticidal properties. Thus, it is also used as repellent, protectant, and stimulant. Emphasis on improvement of crop yield and implementation of stringent laws related to synthetic pesticides are estimated to hamper the demand for synthetic pesticides. This, in turn, is likely to drive the demand for Jasmone during the forecast period. However, availability of Jasmone based products is limited due to the seasonal harvesting of natural resources. This is estimated to increase the manufacturing and selling prices of Jasmone based products, thereby hampering the demand for these products.

Globally, the market for Jasmone is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. The market in China, India, and Japan is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace in Asia Pacific in the near future. This is primarily due to the increasing urbanization and rising disposable income, which are anticipated to propel the demand for perfumes. Furthermore, changing lifestyle, higher spending propensity, and increased importance on personal grooming and appearance have boosted the sales of Jasmone based products in Asia Pacific. In Europe, Germany is the major market for jasmine in terms of sales of perfumes and cosmetics. It is followed by France, Italy, and the U.K. The U.S is the key market in terms of demand and sale of organic perfumes in North America. Introduction of youth-oriented and celebrity perfumes and exotic floral fragrances is anticipated to propel the sales of Jasmone across the globe. Demand for perfumes in the U.S is expected to increase significantly in the next few years. Demand for Jasmone based products in countries in Latin America such as Brazil and Argentina is also anticipated to rise strongly in the near future. 

Key players operating in the Jasmone market are Lluch Essence, S.L, Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Penta Manufacturing Company, Zhejiang Bohua Chemical Co., Ltd, Anhui Primechem Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou New Sino Biotech Co., Ltd. 

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