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Copper Woven Wire Market

Copper Woven Wire Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Copper metal is often recognized as the center of technological advancements in a broad range of fields. Copper woven wire exhibits properties such as ductility, malleability, and thermal, and electrical conductivity. Copper woven wire can effectively withstand electromagnetic interference. It is a widely preferred material for shielding of electronic equipment. Copper woven wire is non-magnetic and anti-sparking. It is also resistant to atmospheric corrosion, brine, and salt air.

The copper woven wire market can be segmented based on type, application, and region. Based on type, the copper woven wire market can be divided into red copper woven wire, phosphorous bronze wire, and brass woven wire. Red copper wire is also termed as shielding net. It offers non-magnetic properties; therefore, it is used as shielding net. Phosphorous bronze wire offers good ductility, wear and tear resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. Red copper wire is used as shielding net in electronic devices, military installations, power, and aerospace. Phosphorous bronze wire is used to filter various powders, china clay, grain, and glass. It is also used as filter for liquid and gas. Brass woven wire possesses good tension stress, wear & tear ability, and bending and expansion forces. It is used in oil & gas, chemical labs, and papermaking industries. Copper woven wire is used in power generation, power distribution, telecommunications, electronic circuits, power transmission, and various types of electrical equipment.

Copper woven wire is a good conductor of electricity. These wires possess creep resistance characteristics. This reduces loosening at connection ends. Copper woven wires are easy to install. They are also used in medicinal purposes. Copper woven wires require low installation charges in the oil & gas industry. New innovations and advancements are emerging for the development and cost reduction of copper woven wires.

Restraints of copper woven wire market are due to its poor resistance to abrasion and common acids and low tensile strength. Development of fiber optic cable is challenging for the copper woven wire market in terms of cost. It has shorter life expectancy due to its susceptibility to oxidation. Copper possess properties of high ductility than other alternative metals with the exception of silver and gold.

In terms of geography, countries in Asia Pacific such as China, India, Japan, and Australia dominate the copper woven wire market due to rapid industrialization and urbanization. Demand for copper woven wire is expected to rise significantly in North America, led by the U.S. Government’s plans to refurbish and redevelop its existing infrastructure. Demand for copper woven wire in countries in Europe such as the U.K., Germany, and France is rising owing to the growth in automobile and industrial sectors. Demand for copper woven wire is estimated to increase in countries such as Mexico and Argentina in Latin America due to the rapid industrialization. The copper woven wire market in Africa is anticipated to expand in the near future owing to the rapid urbanization.

Key players operating in the copper woven wire market are Boegger Industrial Limited, Haarländer GmbH, Screen Technology Group, Inc., Brown-Campbell Company, and Aurobis.


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