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Chemical & Materials Market Research Reports

Chemical & Materials Research

Chemicals, the building blocks of the world, represent one of the oldest and largest industries globally. According to American Chemistry Council, the global chemicals industry breached the US$5 trillion sales mark in 2013. Much of these gains in sales can be credited to the escalating demand for chemicals in developing economies. This also makes the chemical industry a growth engine for emerging economies. However, the lack of product differentiation is a key factor preventing large and small chemical companies from achieving better growth. 

The next phase of growth in the global chemicals and materials industry will be brought about by renewable and biobased chemicals and materials. The other trend that has been instrumental in expanding the scope of the global chemicals industry is the discovery of shale gas reserves in the United States. Growth markets such as China, Brazil, and India stimulate demand for basic chemicals whereas in developed regions, chemicals formulated for specialized applications will see a progressive rise in demand. 

Chemical & Materials Market Research Reports

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